April 1, 2008

My April’s Fools

I generally like it when bad things fail to piss me off. It totally boosts my self esteem because it makes me feel bigger than the shit I am usually vulnerable to.

So when you called and told me to akhbat rasy fel 7eet two days after begging for reconciliation and making me thinking about how it would be if I consider it... it didn’t get to me.

Your plan to dodge the next legal procedure by expressing fake guilt would have been brilliant if I were that 20 year old shmuck who thought the world of you; now, it’s more like a silly April’s fools that made me shake my head and say “touché”, or like the sofaaj me says “bala waksa

From now on, the joke will be on you.


Daysleeper said...

images that come to mind:

*pinching pillow*
*lifting pillow*
*placing pillow over his face*
*more smiling*

waste of a good pillow though :))

good for you girl, i dont understand these manipulative asses. i mean self-destructive maybe i can get it-- but making other people miserable so you can feel better-- that i will never ever understand.

i know the whole fantasizing about murder scenario doesnt really prove that point... :)

but seriously, i could never hold someone down. i mean even for selfish reasons-- it takes SO much energy to keep someone miserable and there's no satisfaction in it

well not for someone like me i guess-- why can't he just let you go?

one of my best friends is married to an ass who just WONT let her go too and seeing all the crap he puts her through...it just makes me want to organize an outing or something to yell at these asses together


you're a strong girl for seeing past that though-- you're right-- to see that you were falling for something is the first step but you've gone full circle, you're never falling for it again.

power to you habibty :)

insomniac said...

yeah, waste of a good pillow indeed... there is always the raya we sekeena routine though :))

i never got such people who enjoy inflicting misery, and a lot of people don't seem to... where do these asses come from?!!!

thank you habeebty for the sweet words, you make me smile

Ma 3lina said...

I love "bla waksa" thing loool fe3ln to3ber 3an el situation

lol @ daysleeper but the pillow thing is not that painful y3ni

lol i huv many evil thoughts ... dont think i can share coz u will get frightened loooool

kovs said...

"Bala Waksa" ... LOL

i love the pillow idea!!! i've fantasized about it a few times before ... but may i add it has to a small one?
a small one would be great so u can see every expression through their eyes through the different phases of suffering until they're finally gone!

Damn the sadist demon in me is awake now :D

Another good solution can be what that sweedy guy did to that singer ... 30 something bullets from a machine gun ... turning him into a human strainer :D

i think i should stop now ...

insomniac said...

i knew the bala waksa thing would be a hit :)

and daysleeper is just brilliant :)

and ma 3alina and kov, u guys are scary!!

kovs said...


yulla ... el evil consultation el gayya befloos :P

insomniac said...

howa if i do by those evil consultations kan da ba2a 7aly :)

i am too decent :p

kovs said...

pay extra and have me do it for u?? :D

Will E. said...

bala waksa picked up.. who'd have known

Ma 3lina said...

U can be evil nd still decent !!

scary huh :))

insomniac said...

kov, tempting... very tempting!

Will, yeah who knew!! my bet was on sofaaj tho ;)

ma 3alina, i always thought that was who i am, but looks like i am not afterall! how disappointing, hehe