April 22, 2008

14 calling attempts later…

it’s true, el zann 3al wedan ammarr men el se7r!!

Me: *be7edda* na3am! Fe eh? What’s going on?
Him: *in his most cheerful tone* Ana bas bassaba7
Me: *impatient tone* saba7 el kheir, saba7 el noor, khalas?
Him: *the tone gets more cheerful* We 3ayez 2a2ollek 7aga Kaman…
Me: *the tone gets more impatient* kheir???
Him: ana olt afganistan eh webta3 eh, adawar 3ala shoghl fe masr a7san
Me: *trying so hard to contain the laughter* (tab mana 3arfa ennaha tamseleyea ya…) bera7tak, it doesn’t concern me
Him: *more cheerfulness!!* Ezzay ba2a, dana ha3od 3ashan ne work things out
Me: *still trying to contain the laughter, yet the tone also started to show impatience again* te work eh out, enta bethazzar!! (howa ana mesh hakhlas ba2a)
Him: ya (my name) dana a3ed fe masr 3ashanek, mastahelsh te32aly keda we tefakarry, tab 3ashan weladna
Me: (ya nahar sewed, da messada2 eno a3ed fe masr 3ashany) ba2olak eh, 2e2fel el sekka, yalla yalla, abl mate2leb ghamm
Him: tab (the nickname I gave him) habeebek mayestahelsh another chance, mocha turns 1 in a week or two!
Me: *getting really loud* BYE

*I hung up*

I rejected three more calls, and I have one addiotnal missed call to the earlier mentioned 14… UFFFFFFFF

اللهم إني لا أسألك رد القضاء، و لكني أسألك اللطف فيه... إشفي يا رب... أو خده


Anonymous said...

enty zoo2 awy 3la fekra... if I were u, I would have .... :D, I hope u'll learn and not reply to him again in the future.


insomniac said...

u really mean the zoo2 thing??

the only reason i try to be polite with him is that i don't wanna cross that line, preparing myself for when my kids are old enough to understand... mesh yesma3oony batkalem 3aleeh we7esh we keda..

moreover, he's already delusional as it is, if i start offending him less subtly, he will pull a cry-baby on me :)

i answered men gholby!! 14 missed calls wara ba3do wara ba3do, it gets irritating :)

Ma 3lina said...


That was hilarious el ragel dah comedy comedy y3ni

U can advice him to join any soap opera or sat com series loool

la2 we welya tal3a meno 2asl mooooot

By this rate enty hatdkholi el ganna isa dunn worry

insomniac said...

aaah ed7aky ed7aky, eza kont ana bad7ak!!!

2al weleya 2al, mesh el weleya de elly towalwel 3ala gozha... elahy awa... maaaaa 3alina

naaa, howa mesh comedy ana elly ba7ky el mawdoo3 be comedya, howa damo te2eel aslan :)

law hadkhol el ganna 3ala eedo, ok :)

Ma 3lina said...

I know his not that funny bs how he deals wiz u comedya as if nothng happens between u y3ni "got me"

nd yes ur hilarious :))

rabna ysabrek

insomniac said...

thanks hun


Eventuality said...

hehe aywa keda laugh ma7addesh wa7'ed menha 7aga ;)

Sue said...

I guess u should should call one of those silly numbers to your mobile to play "El ragel da 7ayganeny" whenever he calls u.

Rivendell** said...

bas so2al laih ma te7'la3ehosh?
why wait for him while you can do something about it

rabena yesabarek!!

insomniac said...


i am laughing.. arrabet te2leb be habal :)))


well, my current tone is khsara 3aleik by souad massi... ba2eet ba2ash3ar lama asma3ha :/


the reason i did not go for khol3 right away are not mine... but it's being considered as an alternative if this drags

Wawa said...
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Wawa said...

ok, Please don't get mad at me when I ask u this: Do u still have any feelings for him? I am asking u this silly question bec I sensed from your conversation together that maybe u miss his voice and that's why u answered your mobile. And one more thing, please dont hate me for asking u this , I just had an urge to do so, I didnt mean anything walahy.

insomniac said...


i won't hate you...

but people ask me that a lot these days, i am considering having the answer laminated and ready for presentation whenever asked!!!

noooo, i absolutely have no feelings for him... i know some people may find it hard to believe, especially those who knew how madly in love i was, but wallahy no more feelings... i am soo glad i don't because it makes moving on much easier :))

as for why i take the calls, so many reasons really...

- i am a stupid optimist who hopes he would be calling to say he'd do the right thing!

- i try to force myself to deal with him when i am more perceptive of the idea because i know that some day in the future we will have to sit down and talk, at least for the kids' sake... ba3alem nafsy men delwa2ty!

- sometimes i am plain curious and anxious about what feedback i'd be getting from him with all the upcoming court dates,

- it's silly but sometimes he calls right after i post something about him, it makes me wonder if he found my blog, and i answer so that i can tell from his tone

for whatever it's worth, i hate his voice, i hate the smugged tone, the cheerful one, and the angry one still gives me the creeps!!! rabena yekfeeny sharroh

and again, mesh za3lana :)

u never emailed me tho!!

insomniac said...

oh oh and for whoever's counting... he's attempted calling over 35 times today!!!

it's worth mentioning that when he keeps calling and it starts to bother me, i switch the phone for a while!!

that's to show what i mean be zZZannn

Ma 3lina said...

Can I add one thing:

Khyana kills love...

which is a bliss bgd !!

insomniac said...


gebteeha men el akher ya ma 3alina :)

and it wasn't just about el kheyana, ya retha gat 3ala ad keda :)

but i am really grateful, alhamdulilah, he made it easier to stop loving him

Ma 3lina said...

ay khedma :))


Deeeeeee said...

Okay.. so I'm a damn mean person!!Every once in a while, if you see his number two times in a row, divert to "nemret delivery boy beta3 your nearest supermarket" or better yet Pizza Hut! :D

insomniac said...

thank you ma 3alina...

u know what, ur not mean ya D... ur cool... i will consider this... thanks for the tip girl :)

the crazy jogger said...

he has all tht time to waste? for real?

insomniac said...

you'd be surprized how much time he has for all that... i am the one who does not have enough time to post about details :))