April 16, 2008

An evening with my family*

Act I

People: My parents, my kids, my baby sister, and I
Place: In the car, going out for a late lunch

Random Information: My dad insisted on driving because he feels sick when he’s not. I said I would choose the music if he does, and connected the ipod, and chose an Arabic play list to avoid sarcastic comments. Hanine y Son Cubano was playing their version of "2alby we mofta7o"

Beem: *pointing at a kiosk selling pepsi* da bta3 mammy
Goody: noo beem, da mesh beta3 mommy
Beem: la howa pepsi bta3 maaammy ah
My dad: soot meen da?
Me: a Lebanese singer and a Cuban band
Goody: no she’s Palestinian
Me: Hanine is Palestinian?
Goody: yes

Me: strange, I thought she was Lebanese!
Mom: Hanine meen, sa7bet el kiosk??

Act II

People: My kids, my baby sister, and me
Place: Home
Random Information: My baby sis helping Beem wear his home sandals so that he’d go to my dad downstairs, as I was changing Mocha’s diaper

Beem: *mumbling stuff*
Goody: sam3a ebnek?
Me: la2, bey2ool eh?
Goody: gomla phalsafeya
Me: eeh
Goody: ana mesh enty

Beem: aaaaaAAhhh

*Maat was at the Marcel Khalife concert. I hate her for not getting me tickets. I was considering disowning her, but she got me Pepsi on her way home, so I reconsidered.


Sue said...

LOL @ "Hanine meen, sa7bet el kiosk??". My mom usually comes up with similar hilarious questions :)

insomniac said...

you know, i remembered today about the whole conversation we had afterwards as Marcel Khalife played, she had her own theories about his name and origin!!

only i am keeping that conversation to myself to preserve presteeji, it's too embarrassing to share... fel akher de mama :))

Deeeeeee said...

Looool!! Can we help it if all good performers have weird names? You should've seen the looks on the faces of everyone in my family when I was going to Lena Chamamyan's concert last September, it was in Ramadan on of those family gathering days, so it was double the mock and triple the sarcasm! Btw, I just found out that Marcel is Palestinian last night, I thought he was Lebanese cause of "Beirut-Pictures in Black and White"!

insomniac said...

marcel khalife is not a weird name, my mom is!!

i never knew he was palestinian!! according to wiki he's lebanese!!

anywhoo, ma confused him with noseir shamma, and assumed he was iraqi :)

and yeah, what's with the names... i can't wait to get baba's reaction when he hears of fayrouz kharawya :D boy will he have fun!

Deeeeeee said...

Marcel? Da wa7ed walla wa7da?

W Bey3'anni?

Rabena yehdeeki!

insomniac said...


This is more or less what mama said, she said marcel is a girl's name... but WE made fun of her being a name specialist and all :D

Anonymous said...

that was sooooo much fun to read!!

insomniac said...

thanks anon, glad u found it fun

Nephthys said...

Finally one funny post in your blog..
bas I laughed from the heart, Wallahy ur mom is zay el 3asal.. I have the same kind of family .. more or less ya3ny

Marcel is Lebanese..

insomniac said...

nana, matakhdeesh 3ala keda... this blog is dedicated to nakad and such :)

we ya habibty etfadaly mama, mateghlash 3alleeky :) 2al zay el 3asal... we lama heya same kind of family we zay el 3asal, eh elly meday2ek ;))

Ma 3lina said...

loooooool@ Beem

enty 3ndek koshk pepsi we msh te2oli 7ata ne3mlk advertising we negeee nenf3ek lol

ur mom is hilarious :))

by the way marcele is a female name nd I didnot know that he was a man

I always heard about him but neevr heard a thing for him "music songs or whatever he perform"

Nice post ... keep it up :))

insomniac said...

yeah, my son would snatch pepsi cans from people because "de bta3 maaammmyy" fa ma balek ba2a be koshk :))

loola en nephthys 7agazet mama, kont edethalek ya gameela :)

i am more familiar with marcel as a name for guys, but i am guessing it goes for both... and u should totally listen to him, his music is like "pieces from heaven" like my baby sister says :))

glad u liked the post

cheers :)

insomniac said...

oh and ma 3alina, check this post of mine, it has a song for marcel and its lyrics...


Ma 3lina said...

The lyrics r gr88 nd his voice kman

bs el 3ood will give me nervous break down non stop keda

I will search 4 other songs 4 him

Thx for the link

Pen Drive said...

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insomniac said...

mesh fahmaky ya ma 3alina, haygeelek nervous break down cause u like el 3ood wala 3ashan mesh bet7ebeeh...

3al 3omoom my two marcel favorites are "Rita", and "ya naseem al ree7" if ur checking his work :)

Nephthys said...

Insomniac.. maho ana law ma 2oltesh keda w aqna3t nafsy that they are funny I'll die of anger..

Cheer up.. yalla e3zemeeny 3la pepsi men el koshk beta3ek

Ma 3lina said...


Haigeli nervous break down min el 3ood 3lshan el tone bet3o did not change min awel el song till the end !!!

Got me ??

insomniac said...


khalas, lama teb2y 3an ay koshk pepsi, khody wa7da we 2olelhom ennek taba3y... or ashoofek orrayeb :)

ma 3alina,

asl i love the 3ood music, so it didn't bother me at all!!