April 29, 2008


I just got over the phone with the x’s aunt. I was literally jumping on the couch as I was listening to her BS, while my dad was sitting right next to me to make sure I don’t blurt things out, start giving her attitude (I did give some attitude, but I think it was an ok dose considering baba did not give me the “look”), or cry for that matter.

As I hung up, my dad asked me about the things she said, all I could say was “ana men kotr el kalam ma ba2a mostafez mesh 3arfa aftekro!! Ana mesh 3arfa howa mase7lohom mokhohom be asteeka wala homa elly 3alemooh yeb2a keda!!

I think I have lost my ability to rant for now because it would include repeating what I have been listening to for the past 40 miutes, and it’s just exhausting right now!! I would like to think that I will get my ranting ability back soon enough, but until then…

Oh, I have a general wondering though…

When did people become so ignorant of what’s right and what’s wrong?? Yes, everyone can be subjective at a point, but when did it become the norm?? and when did it become an acknowledged fact that it’s ok to do wrong as long as you admit it to yourself, without having to rectify it or make up for it, and voila, you’re forgiven because you know you did/are still doing wrong?? When did people become so stupid defending themselves and their mistakes that they can literally contradict themselves within a short phrase???

Such people baffle me, and leave me with migraines and seriously disturbed blood pressure.

I guess I just ranted!

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