April 30, 2008

El magnoona aheh, aheh!!

Today I had another court interview, which I only knew of yesterday around 8-is! So my dad tells me his driver will drive me from work to the court in downtown and wait for me to drive me back to work so that I wouldn’t waste much time in finding a parking space. My interview was at 10-10:30, my mom called me 9:50 to tell me that the driver is no where to be found and that I should start moving!!!

Ok, cool, I’m a fast driver, and it was still early in the day and traffic was not expected to be a nightmare just yet. I drove all the way to downtown, Abdeen Square, drove into the street where the court is, and headed for that parking space where I usually leave the car (I find it sad that the dude in the parking recognizes me now). The parking was closed.

Almost 20 minutes and three rounds around the court house I started losing patience. I did not want to be late and have to apologize for it. Luckily a police officer noticed that I have been going all around so he pointed out a place a block behind, which was blocked by another car. He said that he will send someone to move it for me. On my way to the same place he pointed, just a block away, I found some man getting into his car, so I asked him if he was getting out, he nodded, so I told him that I will park in his place.

Like any civil person, I double-flashed, waited patiently until the guy started his car, and I could notice that every other person around was yelling “estana, hagy makanak”, but nooooo, this is my spot. As he left (FINALLY), I drove a tad forward to get into the parking space and baaaam, that idiot got into MY SPACE!!! And that was when I just “LA BA2A MAYENFAAAAAA3SH” in my loudest tone of voice, which basically came out sounding like a roaring wild animal right before it died (I have a bad cold that makes it sound a frog had died in my throat, that's what my dad said anyway)!!

YES, the guy backed out of the parking!!! Everyone in the street was practically telling him “etla3 etla3, seblaha el rakna”!! I heard random phrases questioning my sanity. I didn’t care, I got my space and I freaked a jerk who has no manners out of my space, yaaaay me. Apparently the phrase “hasawat we alem 3aleek el share3” has an effect, I think the jerk really feared I would do something of the sort!! I was happy it worked because my yelling was nothing but an expression of utter frustration, only my car window was opened and I was a bit loud!

As I got out of the car and slammed the door (sorry car), the guy started saying annoying crap, I took off my shades and gave him on long dirty stare and made it seem like I was about to walk in his direction, and just walked the other way into the court. I am almost sure he thought I was crazy.

Of course, I can barely say anything in an audible tone, sooty raaaa7. But it was totally worth it :))

So girls everywhere, want a parking space in Cairo, especially downtown, act crazy and start screaming like a mad woman, a guy or two are bound to freak out and give you their own parking space!! This is definitely a day where I liked being a woman :)


Anonymous said...

hehehe ... this is hilarious!!

insomniac said...

hehe, i know!! if i didn't have to keep a straight face, i would have burst with laughter right there!!! i guess being genuinely frustrated at the time helped!

Deeeeeee said...

That is so true! Just a couple of weeks ago, I was going home, and I was having a very long day. I flashed my hazards as soon as i took a right into the street where i live, with a car hot on my tail. 300 meters into the street, I found a spot and as I was backing into the spot, the dude (15 years old TOPS!) behind me decides to go into the spot. I backed up anyway, left my car half way in the street, pulled my hand brakes up took my keys out. Very quietly I got out of the car and told him "medeyak entezar min awel elshare3... zay mada7'altaha talla3ha ya 7ede2" so I'm more of a subtle psychopath but psychopathy is your only way to parking around this city!

insomniac said...

lol @ 7ede2..

here is the thing, where i live, no one would do that, they know for a fact that i have a psycho gene :)

man, it was liberating to yell in the street, magnoona or not :)

Jade said...

I can so see you
With your broken roaring voice
Good on you girl!

insomniac said...

yeah i wish someone was there to take a photo!!!

for some reason i feel proud!!

hurricane_x said...

besara7a 2elnas ba2a 3aleeha showayet galyata may3damohomsh :)

insomniac said...


ma3 en walahy i always let ppl take the parking space when they see it first!!

bas enta shaklak arfan men el nas be zeyada these days :)) 7a2ak ya3ne :)

Ma 3lina said...

That was hilarious looooooooooool

U screaming at the guy wiz ur froggy vice :))

Go Girl lol

I used to be that nice person we mekbera demghi min those stupid ppl but now im that insane one shutng at stupid drivers el bizn2o as if it is a race or somthng

Loved the title of the post :))

insomniac said...

etfadaly el title wel post kolo hedeya, mesh kefaya menakedda 3aleiky raye7 gyy, 7abba ta3weed :)

Maat said...

okay fakra when you were driving me and Loca somewhere and we almost had an accident? (taxi.... near korniesh... etegah el manial... Loca's neck) remember how you were freaked out and you jumped out of the car and banged your hands on the cab screaming at the guy to get out? :D That was scary man! I mean I wasn't scared, I was almost laughing, but the driver was definitely scared and I'm sure he was thinking "crazy woman" in his head! He kept repeating "tayeb ehdy" or something. He totally had it coming though, Loca's neck kanet da7eyya!

My point(s): 1- acting crazy with these people works fine, seems like the only way to get what you want.
2- Not your first time to be thought of as crazy!

Maat said...

LOOOL, almost forgot, it was so funny when that woman showed up out of nowhere to calm you down or something sa3et.ha, and then as we were leaving she was making sure you're okay and you said "seketek khadra"
looooool, that cracked me up!

insomniac said...

yeah i remember very clearly, the day we watched ocean's 12, i skipped work that day to watch the movie :)))

but hey, what did the taxi driver expect, da kasar eshara we khalany afarmel 3ashan makhbatoosh, wely waraya khabatny... OMG, i had soo much adrenaline in my system i actually chased him and cut him off!!!

the little shithead deserved it!! i would do it all over again... and yes i get more upset when ppl tell me "ehdy"... but i don't think i was thought of as crazy, i mean i had reason! today, the guy did not see it coming at all... hell, i did not see it coming it was so sudden and unplanned!!!!

LOL, ya 7aram el sett was sooo sweet and i was trying to find something appropriate to say but i was too tense and well, i am not good at those phrases aslan!!! and i almost cracked up myself as i heard the words coming out of my mouth!!

coming to think of it, was it the accident that messed up loca's neck wala lama a3adet ted7ak 3alaya... i love loca

Maat said...

heya aslan Loca breaks easily, el mafrood temshy b spare parts. Yeah that's the one, bas she didn't feel it then cause of the adrenaline, her neck stared hurting her later that night!

Ran said...

lol i love it !!! and its totally true .. i do it all the time myself :D balad te7ra2 el dam!!

insomniac said...

yeah maat, loca is loca :)

ran, i am glad u could relate ;)