April 10, 2008

Coming to think of it, it wasn’t that bad!!

I was just commenting on RR’s about dreams where we lose teeth. Funny thing, I had another one last night!!

I dreamed I was driving, fast, on a highway; everyone around me was, until everyone suddenly stopped. I stopped too; only accidents seemed to happen all around! So I was lying there in my car trying to figure out if I was badly hurt or not when that man came, grabbed me and punched me in the face!! He practically punched my two frontal teeth out!!

There was no pain whatsoever, not even blood; just the state of shock and disbelief when someone hits you that way. Everything disappeared then, except for my best friend showing later and I was holding both of my teeth and looking at them sadly while telling her what happened. Random thing though, both of the teeth were like glued to one another, as if they were one big ugly tooth!!

Anyway, as I was telling a friend about my dream, I realized that the last time I had a dream where I lost teeth was the first night I spent at my parents’ upon being released from the hospital,
3 days after giving birth to Mocha. It was a bit different though.

The same frontal teeth were hurting like hell, I wouldn’t leave them alone or ignore them; instead I kept moving my tongue around them until they came off causing too much bleeding and even much more pain. I cried and I cried because of the pain, the more I saw blood, the more I cried, I remember waking up later to find tears on my pillow!

Anyway, everything also disappeared and I saw that kid, 6 years old, or the age where they start losing teeth for new ones to grow, he smiled at me and said I needn’t worry and that my teeth will grow back. I felt even worse as I told him that his would grow while mine wouldn’t because they were the ones to keep and that I was too old.

Remembering my dream from almost a year ago made me realize that it was the same two frontal teeth. All the other times I dreamed about losing teeth, it was either a canine or a molar; that time and yesterday’s have been about the same pair of teeth.

Last year, I lost a husband; not that I think he was any sort of loss, losing a person does not necessarily mean they were worth keeping. However, having someone no longer in your life can some how count for loss; the good kind of loss in my case. But it was painful, extremely painful, and I dare say it consumed me for a long time. الحمد للـــه .

Could this dream be about the x too? Could the punching be a metaphor for the fight and struggle for the divorce? Could the teeth being finally punched out be my divorce, only without the pain and the bleeding? يــا رب.

Coming to think of it that way, I don’t think it was that disturbing. Not disturbing at all. I like to hear other iterpretations if there is any though :)


Anonymous said...

Your intrepretation makes a lot of sense , really hope it is true. :)


Anonymous said...

losing teeth in dreams symbolize the loss of childhood innocence.
it is a message that an important milestone is occurring and urging you to face the inevitable.

Not that I interpret dreams for a living (I didn't charge you for that now did I?!!)
nah, I just googled it.

insomniac said...

R, yeah, i hope so too :)

Anon, mmm i've been losing teeth in my sleep i was 17 or something! perhaps even before that, i just don't remember :)

i have always thought it was about loss because something always ended that way, friendships, my nana's life, sometimes i actually had teeth removed!!!

anywhoo, if divorce is the "milestone", i am surely facing it :)

thanks for googling it..

NooNa said...

well i once used to dream about loosing teeth too and when i looked it up in a religious-interpetation-kind-of-book it said that loosing teeth was some sort of warning sign of "na2s fel imaan " or something good that u used to do and should not stop dng...
i am not sure if that works out for u.... personally i prefer ur interpetation :)

insomniac said...

well, perhaps!!

what makes my interpretation more appealing is that it is already identified; however, if we go by ur suggestion, it would mean i have to start figuring out more stuff :)

شريف الهراوي said...

Hi .. I really liked your blog .. I kind of envy you as i don't dream not even with nightmares.
Anyways, I'm new to this blogging thing. i got tagged and guess what ? .. So are you .. 10 Random things

Hoping to read yours

Jade said...

I dream of loosing teeth when I am nervous or scared of something...

I hate those dreams - quite disturbing...

Allah ye7fazek

insomniac said...

sherif, don't envy me man, be grateful if u get sleep aslan... welcome!

jou, i have too many reasons to have those dreams then :)))

well, it did come true in a way i guess, just had one of my 2 left wsdom teeth pulled out, and will have the other one removed when that side of my mouth heals!

sometimes teeth are just teeth i guess :)

alhamdulilah :)