April 23, 2008

You know you’re Egyptian when…

you have one of those convos…

on msn, after the heys and how are yous...

My cousin: how is your family, parents, sisters, kids, husband?
Me: all is fine… is your dad coming to egy this summer, I heard rumors!
Her: yeah, he most likely is, with his so called wife!
Me: she IS his wife, no?
Her: yeah she is, I just don’t like her, you’ll know what I mean when you meet her
Me: I asked because you made it sound like they haven’t gotten married yet, so called wife does not apply I guess, X is my so called husband tho!!(not knowing if she knows about my pending divorce, so I decided to test waters before I come out)
Her: yeah! So is it really a divorce???
Me: lol, so you know? hehe
Her: I kinda heard, just wasn’t sure
Me: how did u hear, I’m curious
Her: My brother S hinted it
Me: yeah it’s funny, he sent me a message on facebook asking me in the weirdest tone “r u ok” while he has been checking on every one else on their walls, I thought it was strange, but I didn’t dwell! So how did S know??
Her: I think cousin A told him
Me: lol, omG how did A know, we barely speak, I chat with strangers more than I contact him, and we exchange notes on facebook every now and then!!
Her: I don’t know!!
Me: I only told your brother O, and uncle G and just told aunt H a couple of months ago!!
Her: I don’t find it surprising, hehe, mesh awel marra!!!
Me: does your dad know tayeb, wala saybeeno ma7adesh 2allo?
Her: I think he does
Me: cool then; now I can ask him to remove X from his facebook friends and I can have all my family members who added him do the same :)
Her: but r u ok, you seem to be fine, r u?
Me: yeppp alhamdulilah, I am especially fine these days Kaman, will you be visiting with your dad?
Her: only if I can talk the husband into it
Me: hey come on, u haven’t vsisited since u got married, u know the way things should go, you bring him to meet the family here, they get to meet him and judge him and talk about the two of you behind your backs, then they give you their blessings and say “rabena yewafa2ek ya habibty
Her: yeah I can’t wait…

The rest of the convo is rather private!!

Living in the states or not, my family is holding on so tightly to their Egyptian heritage :)

It was a good chat though, catching up, jokes, and simply a good family moment! I hope she visits this summer with my uncle. Hehe, I can have stuff purchased for them to bring :)


Arima said...

LOL...I know what you mean, wherever you are Egyptians seem to find out exactly what is going on with everyone however *secret* the matter is and however unlikely it is for anyone to findout. I'm afraid we are awful gossips.
Did you sister not marry an Egyptian though? I would have thought if he was he would also be wanting to come back and 'show her off' to the family.

insomniac said...

ur so right, we live on gossip!!!

and i swear, we can smell secret and make our own assumptions and spread them, too bad we generally suck at intelligence tho!!

my cousin's hubby is syrian :) i never met him but i tend to think he's a sweet guy if she speaks of him that way, God bless them :)

Maat said...

I don't think this is only an EGYPTIAN thing (me again with that), families tend to do that, gossip and judge and talk, come on you watch movies, American movies, families do that! Why do you have to drag being Egyptian into everything? we have our own unique pile of shit, do not confuse it with universal ones :D

I think cousin A knew through your blog, which he probably knew through mine, and I have no idea how he knew it was mine :)

insomniac said...


the fact that they live in a different country and have their own lives to carry on with, yet still find time to keep up with the gossip in egypt is very much egyptian!!

we balash falsafa wel salam, u know what i meant by egyptian family and you know how egyptian ours is, seeby el kalam da le7ad maye3rafnash!!!!

so technically, A found out through you! ok, it's official, i am disowning u...

Ma 3lina said...

Lol wala te2olili vodafone wala etislat

Egyptians agde3 shabket communications fel 3alem :))

Ran said...

love the post :D
i've added your blog in my fav. blogs list in my new blog
hope thats ok with ya ?:)

insomniac said...

ma 3alina, ah ya benty... e7na odam awy fel mawdoo3 da :D

Ran, thank you sweetie, it's an honor u added me, going to check ur blog now :)

Anonymous said...

inso; people do talk all over the world..I think the way you were so eager to know who knows reflects how much of an Egyptian are you (according to ur own criteria) as much as the fact that most of your cousins know !

and cousin S heard rumors and confirmed them through me a month ago


insomniac said...


eh da, who are you anon!!!

G stands for your first name walla your last name??

in case it's a first name, how did u find out about my blog?!!!!

in case it's family name, this would mean we're cousins from my dad's side, which means there is a different cousin S who knows...... eh da... la ba2a, i wanna know

email or IM me!!!! please :)

and i never denied i was egyptian by the way, i am 100% egyptian ya3ne :))

nonetheless, my curiosity to know has nothing to do with my egyptianness, it has to do with all this concerning me!!

if you know me well, you'd know my interest in gossip is not that egyptian tho!!

Jade said...

So did it turn out to be that this G is a cousin & so you made your blog private?

Ma 3lina said...

Just Checking on u..

shaklk figured out who is the anony !!

insomniac said...

jou and ma 3alina

i am not sure yet who G is... but i am leaving him no choice but to tell me :D

and well, avoiding the family gathering that was about to take place on this blog :-/ aslena mesh benshoof ba3d keteeer!!

hurricane_x said...

Yareet teegy 3ala 2ellat wel3agn webas, 2el3amalya ba2et aktar men keda bekteer :/
mesh 3aref leeh kol wa7ed
may'7aleesh nafso fe7alw we7el 3an sama 2elnas 2elly ye3rafha welly maye3rfahash?!

insomniac said...

shakly geet 3al gar7 ya hurricane...

mesh wakhda mennak 3ala kalam bel 3araby ;)