April 12, 2008

Big day for me!

Today I had one wisdom tooth brutally pulled out despite the anesthesia and the good dentist skills. I have it in my purse until I figure whether I should show it to my son or not. Then if wishes do come true when you make them before throwing teeth that were pulled out, I am so making a divorce wish.

Anyway, I guess this is a literal interpretation of my teeth dream, especially that I am scheduled for getting the one wisdom tooth I still have, removed within this month or the next. Teeth can be just teeth after all I suppose. My jaw and my skull hurt a bit now though, but it is ok I guess.

Apparently, that was not enough action for the day; I went to the pool and floated. YES I DID. I was so proud of myself; I was gonna jump up and down yaaaying and all, except that I was all on my own and I tend to be rather shy in public. Yeah I know, hard to believe.

I did not float for a long while though, but it was somewhere to start; at least I know I am actually capable of doing it. It’s like a milestone I tell ya, and yes, it is so relaxing and rewarding.

Not a bad day, not bad at all. I am grateful, الحمد لله.


gjoe said...


Good for you (Y)

awalan 7ammdela 3ala salamtek..sanyan,you should go float more often if it makes u that relaxed..

ana dayman lamma abtdey aroo7 a3oom, bast3'rab awy enny mesh baroo7 3ala tool..bass ne2ool eh ba2a..kasal!

Anonymous said...


I'm so proud of you Archemedes :D

insomniac said...

gjoe, thank you sweetie :))

la maho gatly epiphany eny akhaleeha a weekly thing and take my kids we aflam... i get too optimistic when i achieve something :)))

kovs, yeah i am proud of me too :))
thanks :)

Daysleeper said...

mabrouk on the tooth and the floating!!! (i never thought i'd ever say a sentence like that in my entire life)

i make e-mail you girly :)

insomniac said...


u know what just occured to me... perhaps one day you'd be telling me "mabrouk on the divorce"!! now that's something i would never thought i'd love hearing, but boy will i be happy to hear it :))

Anonymous said...

I thought this wouldn't happen while reading any of your posts..
but you proved me wrong
I did smile!

A big wide one too :-)

insomniac said...

anon., i guess i am unpredictable that way :))

or perhaps... naaa, i am just unpredictable :D

glad i made u smile :)

Eventuality said...

ya alf mabrook for floating...and salamtek for the tooth. A couple of Brufen 600 should do the trick :)

insomniac said...

thanks hun... i am a panadol girl, but i think it's much better today alhamdulilah :)