May 31, 2008

On flowers...

Someone I know is not that much into flowers because they wilt and die. But isn’t that what happens to each and every one of us?! We grow old and die; we wilt and die at our own pace!! I don’t think it’s fair to hate something for doing the exact thing we do anyway!

I can understand though that we can resent things because we cannot resent ourselves. Moreover, we seem to share less postive things with flowers... things that are worth resenting if you ask me.

We tend to protect our vulnerabilities with layers of harshness and cynical atitude the way flowers –particularly roses- are protected by thorns...

Some of us have the looks but lack the character the same way some extremely beautiful flowers lack the the scent!

Some of us hide our malicious side behind fake glamour the way some flowers lure insects or other living things to devour them!

Like flowers, we need constant care in order to florish and blossom; otherwise, we develop anger and hate that would consume us the way weeds would surround flowers and feed on them!

But at the end of the day, I think flowers do it with more grace than us humans! They are practically dead the moment they are taken off their trees and put in a jar at the florist’s waiting for someone to buy them and pass them on to whoever receives them as a gift. We buy flowers when they have already died, yet they manage to still look beautiful and refreshing enough to convey whatever feelings we need to express.

Makes me wonder, how many humans do that? How many humans bring that much value into other people’s lives and take that little in return?! I think it’s something to think about when we come to consider our lives and our effect of other people’s lives, don’t you think?

I’ll leave you now with the song that inspired this post... Kamilya Jubran’s song, El Ba7r, lyrics of Sayed Hijab... here’s the verse...

بحب الورد فوق السور
و اعشق ضحكته الفانية
و احس فـريحته شوق مسحور
لناس حرة و حياه تانية

و احبه بين ادين عشاق
رسالة مهفهفة باشواق
و حتى و هو بلا اوراق
كتاب العشق ذكرى فراق

عمره فالهوى ليلتين
و عمره ما كان بعمره ضني
يرش هوى على الماشيين
و يتقاسمه مع الجايين

بحب الورد، احب الورد
و اعشق ضحكته و أنه
و احب الناس احب الناس
ماهم فيهم حاجات منه


gjoe said...

I had a dream about a big red rose ennahrda..It was hidden within a plant and when I looked closely and moved the "covering"..I saw the biggest most beautiful red rose ever!

It didn't have a scent though :)

Tefteker dah ma3naa eh ya sedna el shee7' :P

insomniac said...

oh! i am not into scentless roses at all... i mean roses' best quality is their scent!!

anyways, oddamek sekket safar... or whatever :p

Ran said...

happy birthday babay i heard ur bd is soon
best of luck in ur new year u deserve it :)

insomniac said...

hehehe ... 7elwa i heard de :)))

it's tomorrow actually :))

thanks hun!

hey u just turned 22, it says here ur taurus!! when was your bd???

Xero said...

Happy Bday ya gameel :D

gjoe said...

gjoe said...

insomniac said...

xero, gjoe, and Deeeeeee, cognitive soul, arima, embee, daylseeper...

you guys ROCK...

thanks a million... it really means a lot... i am smiling ear to ear and i think i will have good dreams for the night!!

thanks :)

Ma 3lina said...

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

we 3o2bal 100 sana isa :))

Hope all ur wishes come true isaa

hurricane_x said...

This post is just gr8 :)
Now, I feel kinda ashamed of myself when compared to flowers!!

Sue said...

I really liked this post, well done insomniac (y).

A beautiful birthday is simply a must, so hope yours is sprinkled with happiness dust!

insomniac said...



i think we should all feel a little bit ashamed that way :))


glad you liked the post...

and thanks for the birthday wishes :)

insomniac said...

ma 3alina,

thanks for your birthday wishes ya gameeela :)