May 13, 2008

Really flattered, but REALLY??!!

A couple of months ago…

R (as he walks in my boss’s office, he decides to stop at my desk): Good morning (my name) *a big smile*
Me: *smiling back, bigger smile* Good Morning R, how are you?
R: I’m fine, thanks for asking *maintaining the smile*
R (turning towards my boss’s office, then deciding there is more to be said, so he turns back to me): you know (my name), it’s always nice to start a day by greeting you, you have a nice smile and it’s a great thing to start a day with
Me: *definitely blushing, yet smiling* Thank you R, I’m glad you think so (then I realized I am too shy to maintain eye contact so I pretend to continue working as he finally walks into the my boss’s office)


R (lingering in the hall, waiting for my boss and another colleague so that they leave for a meeting, then he sees into my office through the glass and decides to walk in): Hey (my name), you know, you seem to be a very happy person *with his amazingly big smile*
Me: I do?!!!!! *smiling back, yet maintaining the puzzled look*
R: Of course! I did mention before that you have a beautiful smile; but I think there’s more to it than just that, you have happy air around you, and it makes your smile look radiant
Me: Thanks R, you really leave me speechless here (mumbling to myself: oh I wish you knew!!!)

I love R! I love it when he visits. He works in our office in Kuwait, he’s Canadian, and I think he’s one of the reasons why Canadians are known to be warm and friendly despite their cold weather, and he reminds me of my college days. He’s technically my boss, yet whenever I am sending emails that need feedback or simply for circulation, he always replies with a personalized “thank you” on his team’s behalf as well as his. And he’s a Gemini!

And no, he was not flirting; he’s my mother’s age! He’s just sweet by nature, which is something I find very refreshing. I think it’s the aura I see around him that makes me smile that way. He has good presence, and it’s contagious I suppose. It really means a lot that someone like him thinks it’s great to start a day with my smile.

Oh, and I am happy for the day… I mentioned so many times I was extremely easy to please; I think his words are good enough reason for me to change my mood from a dark shade of blue to shade of pink for the day.


Deeeeeee said...

I think some people are just thrown in your way to make sure you smile, oh and being easy to please is a good thing!

Ma 3lina said...

He is a adorable bgd.. u know it is always a bless when u find someone in ur office.. home.. college wiz an amazing smile and a nice spirit :))

Anonymous said...

for some reason i can tell u that you two are kinda similar :)

have a wonderful day

insomniac said...


i think so too :) and it is, it really is :)))

ma 3alina,

he is :) he so reminds me of a prof back in college!!


this is soooo sweet of you :) really :)

have an extra wonderful day yourself ;)

Jade said...

Of course Canadians are warm people.


insomniac said...

did i say otherwise ya joujou?


Maxxed`ouT said...

Big court day coming up.
Good luck...

insomniac said...

i need lots of that, i do!

thanks :)

the crazy jogger said...

we need ppl like these.. they are the gatorade for us who feel down

insomniac said...

true! u have no idea how uplifted i was despite my plans to remain depressed!