May 2, 2008

My Mochaccino <3

1- When he wakes up after a good sleep, he keeps opening and closing his eyes to check if I am there, then starts stretching with a big smile on his face… if I am still asleep, he sits up then throws himself at me causing me to wake up all startled!!

2- Whenever my cell phone rings or there is music, he’d sit up, starts moving his whole body while clapping! He also claps when asked to!!

3- When I’m taking him out (carrying him), he waves my sisters goodbye as he hears me saying “bye ba2a

4- When I come back from work and my baby sister is carrying him, he literally throws himself at me, and hugs me back when I hug him, it melts my heart!

5- When he’s bored of staying with me in my room and either one of my sisters walks in, he sits up and starts clapping and tries to jump so that they take him, just like a puppy!

6- When I am too busy cleaning up or doing whatever, he loves opening up the bag where I keep my socks and he knocks himself out playing with clean socks rolled around each other like small balls, just like a kitten!

7- When I am on my bed using the laptop and he’s playing on the floor right next to me, he keeps looking at me to check if I am watching him as he starts moving towards my shoes in an attempt to play with them, sometimes he stops and sometimes he just gives me a charming smile and starts playing with my shoes!!

8- When he’s tired from crawling and walking, he comes to my bed and leans and keeps making begging noise so that I put him on the bed next to me, then he squeals with joy and claps once he’s next to me!

9- Whenever any of us sits close enough with food on our lap, be it a sandwich or yoghurt, he starts making hungry noises and wouldn’t calm down until he is eating whatever it is!

10- I don’t think he likes cheese! He loves tomato, and would do anything for me to let him eat napkin!

11- He loves playing with all of Beem’s toys, especially when Beem is not home! Actually, he’s extra ctive and happy when Beem isn’t around…

12- When Beem is back from an outing, he smiles and cheers as he walked in and intentionally bumps his head to Beem’s as Beem rushes in to greet him, when they are playing together, their favorite game is crawl-racing, I like watching that!

13- Yesterday, as Baba and other family members were gathered to pray, he slept on his tummy on the prayer mat as to imitate them!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!

14- When either my sis or I are not paying enough attention to him, he keeps making peek-a-boo attempts until we notice him then he runs/crawls away :)

15- He sings himself before he falls asleep a long never ending “AAAaaaAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaasa” symphony :)


haijekov said...

happy birthday to him :)

w rabbena yebarek feeh ya rabb

Maat said...

you forgot to say that he has the most adorable "karka3a" when he's laughing! and of course that he eats anything off the floor... he doesn't pause to wonder what it is, if it's on the floor it goes to his mouth!!

i love him! Happy b-day baby Mocha!

insomniac said...

kov, thanks dear :)

maat, yeah i just think his "karka3a" cannot be described :))) and yeah, he eats filth!! the things i get our of his mouth!!!

i love him :)

Anonymous said...

cute :) , 3o2bal matgawezeeh :P


insomniac said...

R, mana 7atta el soora 3ashan badalel 3aleeh... 3arosto teegy tesheel men delwa2ty ana mesh lessa haraby :) we da bardu men masla7etha ;)

gjoe said...

Koll sana we Mocha Tayeb ya Inso!!

God Bless him!

I enjoyed this post very much..begad the best post I've read ba2aly fatra 3ala el blogosphere :)

LooL @ Anonymous's comment! ( Rabby ya 7'ayba lel 3'ayba )

insomniac said...

thank yo very much gjoe...

it means a lot that the best post u've read is about my mochalata :)))

we ana bas 3ayza as2alek so2al, how old r u, we gebty el masal da meneen??? lol!

Ma 3lina said...

Betdawerilo 3la 3arosa we ana mawgoda ?!!! mais7sh bgd az3al

He looks so cute mash alah fel pic adorable bgd

My heart also melts when read ur lovely post


sa7i7 feen pic of el BD's cake ??!!

Anonymous said... cute!! Happy Birthday to him!

Eventuality said...

Ohhhhhh masha2allah he's adorable, sokkar awy! :) Rabbena ye7meeh ya rab. Hope he had a wonderful B-day :)

You're such a lovely mother insomniac. I was really touched by that post, rabbena ye7'alleeky leehom, I'm sure they are going to grow up to be wonderful men :)

insomniac said...

khalas ya ma 3alina, walahy maho rage3... ana ya3ne hala2eelo a7san mennek ;)

ana hanzel ageeb el BD cake kaman showaya, entyelly lessa mesh olty bet7eby el chocolate wala el cream ya "merat ebny"... OMG it just hit me!!

thanks girl :)

insomniac said...

thanks Arima :)

Eve, thank youu, kattar kheerek 3ala raf3 el ma3naweyat da :)

we did not make the "birthday party" yet! my folks were out of town yesterday, but i took him out and got him cake and balloons until i arrange for the little party :)

Ma 3lina said...

Mmkn law sam7ty half cream nd half choclate :)

insomniac said...

aaaah 3al tanaka... tayeb bossy ana olt le maat tenzel tegeeb heya we tekhtar... shoofy ba2a enty we naseebek :)

still breathing said...

thats the cutest post ever ^_^

about the cheese part
if he grows up and starts expressing a sharp liking or disliking to it, please believe him!
till now I'd tell my mama I hate bananas and she'd say: "Don't be silly. you love them."

insomniac said...

i know walaa, i know!!

aslan i am not pushy at all when it comes to any kind of food, according to mama, it's borderline negligence :))

Sue said...

This is a very sweet post :). Mocha is so cute, God bless him, Beam and u insomniac.

insomniac said...

thank you sue, thank u very much :)

the crazy jogger said...

sweet! :D
masha allah..

insomniac said...

thanks :)

and welcome to my blog :))