March 2, 2008

Yes, it’s true… some my friends are dumb!

Dumb is the least I can describe that friend with! I mean don’t get me wrong, I love her, but she can make me wanna slap her silly because of the shit she utters every time we talk about relationships!!

She is my age, our fathers are best friends since college, but we only became friends around 9 years ago! She’s so easy to talk to once you get past the harsh sarcasm and lesan taweel. And well, belonging to my family, I am pretty much used to it, so it only took me one night at their place to open up to her, and since then, we’ve been good friends. Da mayemna3sh enaha 7omara.

I mean she’s been there all that time!! She’s seen me falling for him; it is worth mentioning she was the only one in my friends who liked him, which I find disturbing especially that he never really liked her!! Her exact words were “now you can stop giving me crap about the way I act with my boyfriend, now that you’re in love”. She was dreaming; I gave her more crap.

She was the first one I talked to about my disappointment in him after I talked to D. Actually she was making a stupid comment about how she hoped she and her fiancé (now her husband) would have the perfect fairytale like I did, so I started laughing hysterically until my laughter turned to tears, then sobbing. This was how she found out, me crying and saying those words out loud after I promised D and myself I would forget and pretend it never happened.

Since then she’s been updated with the crap he did. She was with me on the phone when I was going to the airport to pick him up after his glorious return. She was there when I had lost hope, and acknowledged that my marriage was over, and she had the NERVE to talk me out of it and tell me that there still might be hope. I have him to thank for waking me up soon enough by being as obnoxious as ever.

She was stupid enough to leave me a comment after all that on the one family photo I still have on FaceBook with him and my older son, saying something like “rabena yekhaleeko le ba3d we ye7fazko men el 3een” thinking I wouldn’t be able to reply since not all of my FB contacts have a clue. Taba3an etshatamet.

Now she actually dares to have this phone conversation with me:

Her: so how is he?
Me: stop asking me about him, I don’t know anything about him anymore!! Try to understand that it is over
Her: come on, 7 years do not just end like that!
Me: they do… you actually saw how they ended, betetkalemy fe eh?!!!
Her: but all men cheat! I mean you should consider his other qualities
Me: enty habla wala shaklek keda, ok, let’s say cheating is a given, which u know I do not even buy, but what other qualities? Humiliating me to everyone, wel fadaye7? Insulting me? Walking out on me when I was sick in the hospital? Not checking on our kids? Calling me crazy until I almost believed it? Lying to me for seven freaking years because he loved me?
Her: yeah yeah I know, I am totally with you… but no marriage is happy; all married women complain, all married women do not like their husbands, but they endure them because of other considerations… in your case, the kids… perhaps law konty betoolek kont 2a2olek fe dahya
Me: (I had an itching comment about her and her husband only I decided to keep it to myself) ok, try to get that... I will not remain in this marriage because of my kids… I won’t even say it’s better for them this way, I will just say that I will not force myself to be miserable for anyone; I can’t make anyone happy if I am unhappy, 7awly tefhamy
Her: ana fahmaky wallahy
Me: ommal eh, ghatata? Walla ghabawa?!!
Her: but all women endure shit from their husbands, kol el settat bel nesbalhom egwazhom welad kalb bel keteer ba3d awel sana gawaz
Me: that wasn’t the case for me; he meant something all the time we were together until he ruined it!!!
Her: manty elly 7ala ghareeba, el nas el tanya heya el norm, enty 7ala shazza
Me: great… then let me remain the way I am and walk out of this while other women would choose stay… I will not listen to any of that, I am not like other women who pretend to be happy for whatever social reasons… he is not worth any of it, and I already wasted enough on him… not a bone in my body is yearning for him, so why should I go back, mafeesh qabool, isn’t that what it’s about… you say I was 7ala shazza because I was still in love with him after a few years of marriage, because I could still see something loveable about him, well, I tell you if I lost that, I have no reason to stay… and of all people you know I didn’t just run out of love, I also had resentment and hatred, you know all the nasty details and you hated him for doing this to your friend, so don’t stand and defend this marriage… gawaz eh el mo2ref elly yastamer based on that

I think the tone I said the last part with scared her off. If not, I can take the next ride to Alexandria and personally kick her a$$.


Ma 3lina said...

Ur frnd to7faaaaaaa bgd

Hia wakhda track mo3yen betetklm feh nd not listening to your replies.

Matz3lish nafsek :))

insomniac said...

lol, heya men na7yet tu7fa, heya mat7af :)

she was probably talking herself into staying in her own marriage! and i know i made it hard, but i also know she wouldn't walk out!!

ana mesh za3lana menha, yetze3el 3ashanha aktar :)

haijekov said...

that post reminded me of one of my best friends' blog posts:

بص يا سيدى....هو الموضوع..أيوه أيوه, مانا جايلك فالكلام اهوه..اصل ال..إيه؟! لأ, ركز معايا... أصل انت مش واخد بالك, الفكرة أساساً.. فى الأصل يعنى, ان... إيه جاب سيرة ده دلوقت؟

with the kind of day i had today i would advise you go to Alexandria :D

Jade said...

You know babe...
In this case in particular I feel that women advise each other simply on the fact of what they cant have themselves..
Yani if she is unhappy & she is mesta7melah a crappy husband - that's all you'll get "why not testa7melly gozek enty kaman"

Sad but true.

insomniac said...

haijekov, it was a lot like what u said, only in a disturbing way!!

and i am going to alex this weekend!! rabina yostor :)

joujou, i think at some point, we're all guilty of projection :) if she comes to me for advice, i would tell her walk out :)

that's to say ur right i guess :)