March 16, 2008

Random Wondering!

A while back, a good friend once told me I was a mood setter; when I'm in my happy zone, I possess that energy that just brightens up everyone’s mood… that the happiness I feel is enough to be distributed among all those around me… that it’s a waste to mope around in depression when I can affect people’s moods that way!!! Thank you friend :) For what it’s worth, those words made me feel better when I needed to. Seriously though?!!!!

I am also affected my other people’s moods. The fact that I am a moody person myself can make me go round and round in circles all day long switching moods between rain, rainbows and sunshine!! I can start out laughing, then burst into tears, then just laugh in the middle of my tears as someone points out how crazy I can get.

My friends got the hang of it!! When I am in a bad mood and I have a frown on my face (which I am starting to realize does not last long enough for some people to notice anyway), all it takes is to point out the irony of something or make fun of the other and I join in.

Yep, I am a moody kookoo; I am surprised my friends like me enough to endure the huge emotional mess I can be, especially that between every grand gesture of friendship and the other, I am usually sarcastic, cynical, and too blunt with my opinions, and most recently, self absorbed and emotionally distant.

Which makes me wonder, who wants to be around THIS??!!!!


Deeeeeee said...

Its what makes you human, if you were always too happy or two sad... you'd be fake! If they cant handle THIS they probably don't deserve the contagious smile. It is a concept of friends vs. hang out buddies!

insomniac said...

D, ur so sweet :)

haijekov said...

The keyword here is sincerity.
I have friends that i would describe using the same adjectives u used against yourself here ... and i'm sure they could describe me in worse...
the thing is: all this is just mood swings or some facade we put on the outside ... it's our way of being sincere and covering it with a bit of irony and sarcasm ... it's much better than sugarcoating things and letting people hear what they wanna here ... cause that would be deceiving their trust in our sincerity.
mel a7'er: you're a sincere person ... a person whose friends would always run to confide in because you give them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Believe it or not, despite how unpleasant this sincerity might seem to you but it definitely makes people feel safe around you... at least i would if i had a friend like that :)

never let that go!!!

insomniac said...

haijekov, thanks... ur words made my day :)

Ma 3lina said...

Welcome to the club :))

Crazy ppl in which their mood changes every second lool it s really amazing how u switch from sad angry mood to happy yaiii mood

but the worse is how u get very gloomy with no obvious reason!!

Bongo said...

happens all the time ..

obviously it's a human nature ..

simply all ppl are like that , they change from one mood to another in no time n with no reasons ..

take it from u , you are normal or everybody else is crazy :D

Yellow said...

I don't ;)

My moods are enough!

insomniac said...

ma 3alina,

there is always a reason to get gloomy; i just think that sometimes we do not want to recognize it!


i do not think i am anything close enough to normal... and i also think each of us is crazy in our own way


i don't think i have shown u any grand gesture of friendship, so u get to have a choice to not be around THIS :) happy???