November 19, 2007

Quick Update...

I just called the nursery!!

They are back safely, all kids present, and when I specifically asked about my cuteness, I was told he was happy and "meza2tat". YEEEEY *insert fireworks and such*

I can't wait till it's 4 so that I can go pick him up and ask him questions about his trip to which he would answer "aaannnn annn" or "aaah eeeeeh" or try to explain with his made-up sign language.

Counting the minutes... well, not really, I am too busy to even write the post, just wanted to thank those who advised me to send him... Thank you people...


hurricane_x said...

gr8 that he enjoyed his time :)
God bless him.

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

معلش مش قصدي اسخر
بس بحب قوي اشوف الأمهات وهي مخضوضه على اولادها كده
بتبقى مشاعر صادقه قوي

احساس الأمومه هو تقريبا اصدق مشاعر حب في الدنيا بدون اي غرض غير الحب

تحياتي ربنا يطمنك عليهم

insomniac said...

hurricane, he was EXTREMELY happy, he got to ride all the car games there was and to him, that is heaven :)

the moment he saw me he kept jumping up and down trying to explain that he had fun, adorable!!

and he slept until the next day. yeeey

Shankooty, i used to make fun of my friend at work when she called her daughter's nursery every hour to check!! not that i do that, but i understand it now.....

Ma -3lina said...


Good for him, kiss him for me :))