November 22, 2007

Something I had to do!

Dear Customer Care Agent,

Further to our last communication, kindly be informed of the following:

I know that every time you see my name on your mail box, or hear my voice over the phone you wish you could have taken the day off, I know.

I even know that you may find my writing style in most of my emails obnoxious and offensive, and I know you sense the attitude and hostility in my tone over the phone as I go on explaining my point of view over and over and yet over again.

Nonetheless, please understand…

That if it were up to me, I would have chosen a different organization to provide me with this kind of service, and spared you the trouble,

That if it were up to me, I would have personally called the idiot who developed your organization’s lame @$$ system and gave him a piece of my mind,

Moreover, kindly be advised that…

I understand that you follow a system that you cannot ignore just to please me,

I understand that you cannot improve the service your organization provides all by your self,

I understand what it’s like to be in your shoes and have that much emails claiming to be urgent that you have to reply to asap but simply do not have the time to because people keep calling you in asking when you shall answer their emails! I’ve been there…

Accordingly, do not hate me or curse at me beneath your teeth as I go on and on saying how unprofessional and inappropriate the service your organization provides is; it’s not personal, and if you ever happen to meet me in person, you’ll know I am a much nicer person.

Kindly accept my sincere apology and acknowledgement for what you do.

Sincerely yours,

A pissed off client.


hurricane_x said...

but why customer care agents are so provoking?!

Ma -3lina said...


That's very hilarious coz i work in costumer relation unit for publishing company of scientific researches.

so the email is really marvelous nd yup it s very annoying how customers call asking about their emails mal ba3teen emails leh kona 2adenha phones min awel lool

same q as hurricane di what organization ??

insomniac said...

hurricane, the guy was too sweet, yet extremely slimy... i didn't know whether to be polite or start calling him names!!

i kept telling him that i understand why he couldn't help yet that the service he provided was NEELA, he would say the same thing over and over, like i am deaf or mentally challenged or something!! this pissed me off!

ma-3alina, in egypt phones r faster, however, everything has to be redone through mails for documentation purposes... evidence and all....

in my old job, emails were the only way, however, there were too much deadlines and sometimes clients called to make sure their business is well taken care of, but i was never the one who had to handle that; ironically, my manager did, and when he came to whine about it, i gave him attitude... i know, me, attitude, go figure.. hehe

Will E. said...

Customer care is like the corporate way of baby sitting the customers so that they don't go down there in person and vandalize office property because of how inadequate their services are at actually serving customers.

I feel sorry for customer care agents who have to cope with their stupid companies, but they annoy me when they stand up for their stupid 'system'..

I would be sorry for the employee working for that company rather than be sorry about complaining about how much their services suck.

insomniac said...

he doesn't allow me to feel sorry for him, for when i start giving him instructions and tell him in advance to avoid doing the same mistakes they keep doing over and over, yet somehow he manages to reply saying in that smugged tone: "but ma'am, this could never happen, we're professionals"..

this is when i try so hard not to hang up and personally drive there and %*^*@%$#... naaa, ana bo2 we bas :/... so i just become a bit mean by showing some attitude

Nora said...

The e-mail is brilliant!
Sarcastic and bitchy!!

Customer care agents are evil! They normally piss me off.. but on the good days I try to just go round and round in circles until I can get them to admit their stupidity!
Doesn't happen often.. but when it does it makes my day!

insomniac said...

thank you Nora, i'm a sarcastic bitch i suppose :)))

I could tell endless stories about customer care at Vodafone and Mobinil... they are the worst, after government officials of course... well, just to be fair, government officials do not have a system, and they improvise according to their brilliant thinking...

this was a Hotel customer care agent tho... it was a shock that such a reputable hotel hires ppl who wouldn't even know how to write a tactful email or realize how urgent a matter could be!! anyway, they have my name on their hate list now :)