November 8, 2007

Outsmarted and Tagged!

I was gonna pretend I didn’t read fad’s blog and ignore the tag, but he tracked me and sent the tag to my blog (very smart!)

And so, I am tagging all those who read my answer, if they feel like it since I try to not be pushy or anything… (yeah right)…

So here it goes…

1- What is your blog name?
My Oblivia--- a made up word from Oblivion

My screen name however is Insomniac

2- Why did you chose that name?

Oblivia-- Because I keep my thoughts here to get them out of my system where no one in real life has access to them (except for a few people whom I don’t mind them reading my blog). Before I started talking about my personal life, the definition was more exact, but now, it’s a crazy mix and thoughts don’t come here to be forgotten, rather recorded or something.

AND, I am a sucker for words that both describe my mood and have the letter “L”… it could be some suppressed memory from childhood or something. Oblivious was one; hence, Oblivia…

Insomniac-- Yes, I am an insomniac in real life! I have a messed up sleeping pattern as well, and I am a light sleeper when I finally get some sleep!!! I’ve come to choose it because when I first started blogging I’d write and publish my posts during my insomnia hours after midnight.

3- What does your blog photo represent to you? (Please post blog Photo)
Two white Tulips not facing one another…
Tulips are my favorite!! I kept thinking of things that I like and that would represent me in a way and I came up with a long list, but among them tulips had this very sweet memory.

Why two of them? I like having more than one item of everything, I am weird that way, or perhaps it’s my geminian nature or something!!

Not facing one another because I am two different personalities when it comes to strangers, here I am the real me, and in real life, strangers see a sweet quiet person who doesn’t share much of her opinions, until she gets comfortable and then they regret making her feel comfortable enough, like the rest of my friends do :)
As for white, I have nothing against the color, just couldn’t relate to other pictures of tulips the way I did with that one, and they only had it in white. Never gave it a though what my color of preference would be though!!

I feel like I have no real life (which my younger sister would gladly agree to) for putting that much thought in my blogging identity and actually take that much time to explain it.


Fadfadation said...

"putting that much thought in my blogging "

ususally deciding on such things takes much less time than explaining them. DOn't be so negative about it :)

insomniac said...

hey, i am not negative at all!!

i am a positive positive person... i've even become more positive than i;ve ever been since i started blogging!!

and yeah, i never took that time to pick all that, it just came to me, analyzing why i liked them was more time consuming and yet a bit surprizing!!

Adrasteia said...

you're very alive ms. insomniac.

and a lot of people who have the semblance of life are not living at all

you're aware enough to recognize you have at least two lives :)

insomniac said...

i don't think of them as two lives... it's one life... my mood and my perceptions; therefore, who i am tend to differ with regard to this one life...

so ur destiny post, does it explain that screen name?