November 5, 2007

NOT COOL, not anymore!!

I always thought it was adorable when my dad’s friends who haven’t seen me for some time recognize me and talk to me like I was 10 year old!! Oh, that was when I was 10 years old. But now, it’s a whole other story.

I try to look professional, for all I know I look my age, I even have two kids of my own, so when I run into an old friend of my dad’s or his friend’s son who happen to be like 10 years older, and they behave like I am barely 6 saying “OMG keberty awy” or “ana faker lama konty ad keda” and pointing to his knee length... not cool, actually, 3eeb awy ba2a, it’s not like you would enjoy it if you were in my place!! And it gets worse when it is mentioned that I have two kids, they insist “but it feels like yesterday when you were that tiny something”. One of them actually said something like “eh da, el mawadee3 lammet, 7atta el 3eyal ba2o mamahat”!! ok, he didn’t say it that way, I have full copyrights of the word ‘mamahat’ and in the guy’s defense, baba says that phrase a lot to people who are even older than me.

Now that guy walked in and I thought he knew my name because he had been told to expect meeting with me, and I am thinking to myself he’s extra friendly!! Then he introduces himself as Uncle… instead of Mr. … and I am wondering to myself, I don’t look like I still go to school or anything!!! Then he tells me the bonus phrase “salemeely awy 3ala baba we mama”… I think to myself “noway, 7araaaaaaam”!!

Ok, that’s much much better than my sister’s shorba.


Jade said...

Yo! Enjoy it while you still look young enough for them to remember your little girl face!

Play along girl! Ask them for a massasa bel mara if you can! Or better yet tag at his sleeve & say "amo amo ma3ak shokalata?"

You'll be the winner at the end of the day!

insomniac said...

i look nothing like the little girl i was!!! not older, just totally different!!! same eyes tho!! and this is why i get the "eh da keberty" thing!!

i could only do that with those friends of my dad's whom i really like and comfortable being around... but when a grown man tells me he used to carry me when i was in diapers!! there is a reason why we don't remember such memories man!!

have to admit, i kinda like it when they're nice people... when they're not, i just feel like barfing :)

Nora said...

I hate it too! I never know what to say...

Like when a man comes and tells you he used to throw you around like a little ball..

Worse yet is when they tell me that they used to change my diapers when I was a kid. I just hate it.. I never know what to say..
"hmm, ummm, thanks ya Uncle.. I guess... !
it is awkward!!!

insomniac said...

yeah Nora, the diapers part is just wrong!! this why i don't let friends change my sons' diapers...

i swear, when it's someone i know well who just says these things to tease me, i have no problem replying... it's very hard to do so when it's someone u have zero recollection of!!

Will E. said...

Eyes are the same since birth i suppose..

This kind of takes me back to the days when people were farmers and hunters and there were no offices and things were friendly.. So I suppose people were surrounded by their uncles and family and friends to work with.. The world really has changed.. (for everyone but you ya insomniac)

Cognition-sense said...

Hm it makes me think you're actually young..

hmm.. How Old are you? hmm.. am I allowed to ask these questions aslan? But c'mon even if I'm not allowed. How old are you? :D

I'm sure you'll tell me right? Yeah yeah you will, even though you didn't put your age in public, you will tell me, right? :D lol

I donno why, But I want to know what's your age. Sometimes I can be really curious. and that's how the case now. Yalla :D

insomniac said...

will, balash 2arr... i know i said it was embarrassing and all, but coming to think of it the way u just mentioned, makes me kinda appreciate it!! can i be any more fickle than that?!

but ppl always treated me that way even in my old job... i guess i am cute and loveable :p

Cognition Sense (wasn't it soul??) i don't think i am young!! i also think i look my age!!! but ppl beg to differ so i don't really argue....

since that wasn't of much help, i'll just say my age... i am 26. ppl find it hard to believe that i am 26, got married, had two kids and about to get a divorce... it doesn't feel the same way for me since i lived those seven years when all that took place!

nothing to be curious about tho... it's ok really :) he how old r you?

Fadfadation said...


Cognition-sense said...

It is CognitIVE Soul there in my page, but the username is Cognition sense.

Well.. you see you're too young for the age I've given you. Since you have 2 kids and all I thought you'd be 32 or something.

Well I'm married young too, I became a wife about 5 months ago, and now I'm 20. Deffinitely not thinking of having kids now.

BaTaBeeT said...

I know what u're talkin abt
bab2a nefsy a2olohom ento "bORTO2AAAAAAAAAAAAAAN"

fa normaly baboselhom baset el este7mar and barfa7 7ageb w 7eta mn el lips keda b 2araf... la2 ana kebert ya 7agg :D


insomniac said...

and i thought i was rude LOL, ghalabteeny

as it turns out i am a nice person, go figure!!!