November 14, 2007

Some people are just… scum!

Yesterday, I couldn’t find a place to park my car where I can see it up from my room, so I drove to the street adjacent to where I live and found a parking space where I left the car, planning to go out later and park it in front of the building when I was back. I forgot! This should be the end of the story, but nooooo.

Today, as I carried beano all the way to where I parked the car last night (he has a bruise on his left eye; hence, entitled to all forms of spoiling--- long story), I got in the car, fastened his seatbelt, and as I was sitting properly to fasten mine, I saw what appeared to be a duct tape on my wind shield blocking proper vision from my driver seat!!

I got out of the car to remove it, only to find out it was not duct tape; it was in fact, some kind of cheep brownish material glued with some kind of dirty super glue to my windshield. Across the street there was a double parked Cherokee and a Lanos. I think my car was taking the place that belonged to either one of them!!

What the hell?? They didn’t have to do that!! I mean it was an honest mistake, and I did mean to change where the car is parked! Moreover, strangers were parking where I usually park my car and I didn’t complain. I understand that it is the street and people who have cars may need to leave their cars there because they do not have the time to keep driving around until they find a proper parking space; it’s better than double parking! And for the love of God, there was no garage or even a note saying it was a private space!!

Would it have been too much trouble to leave me a note on my windshield beneath the wipes or something, even if it had some language in it!!! A few months back, I parked my car in front of the building right next to ours and found a note the next day asking me politely not to park there again; I never did. I would drive around the house for 5 minutes, and sometimes 10 with that parking space empty, but I would not park there because I was asked politely!

Now, I had to drive all the way to my kid’s nursery and back while constantly leaning to my right side and left side to make sure I have a clear vision. Almost hit a pedestrian who had probably just had fool for breakfast and expected me to stop as he decided to cross the street the moment I was passing by.

I really hope it could be cleaned up nicely because I don’t wanna get pissed off over something so trivial, but I know I probably will if the stain decides to remain for a couple of days.

So here is what I have been planning to do as payback on my way home. The brilliant idea hit me as my son was handling me his empty milk box to throw in my small garbage pack I keep in the car. Every weekend, I will empty my small pack right in that parking space!! I am not sure however it’s enough punishment, since my pack barely has empty candy wraps and juice boxes!! Ok, there might be some mucus infested napkin as well, but I think whoever did this to my car deserves more.

Any suggestions people?? I thought of getting some of mocha’s stinky poopy diapers, but I figured I’d be too disgusted to carry them all the way there. I don’t wanna do something that would harm anybody’s car, like scratching it or putting small nails that can ruin the tires or anything; I just want whoever did that to get pissed off and wish he could have handled it in a civil manner.


Deeeeeee said...

Thats one sick thing to do however I totally recommend against payback! Initially, you don't know who did that... it is only a guess and second of all you're a civil person; it shows because you refuse to park in specific parking spot closer to your house because you were asked politely! And I always believe that people get what they deserve anyway, whether or not you enforce it! On the other hand more people than just that pathetic sick person will suffer if you decide to trash the place! So 7asbeni 3aleihom, its not worth the effort, the zamb or even the thought!

insomniac said...

D, ur right!! i am a civil person, i've hated that about myself long enough until i learned to accept it (lol)...

no seriously, i respond to civil behavior... but i get blinded by rage when ppl take advantage of my polite attitude, so i turn rude and sometimes even obnoxious!!

i was talking to my sister earlier when i got another brilliant idea: i though i should hang a note on the tree there saying something like "don't park your car here unless for some jerk will trash it".. didn't come up with a catchy phrase yet :)

sounds like i have no life, i know :) i do have one! i just try to distract myself cause i don't like it much these days :)

Sue said...

If I were in your shoes I would just leave the note "3'adan sa2antaqem" with a photo of my car after the mess and leave the criminal worry about payback for a while.

insomniac said...

sure, ur funny :) u made me laugh big time... i am actually considering it, however, it's too late cause my car is all cleaned up now...

i can always park in the same space and put a note on my own windshield saying "beware, i have cameras in here, i will know who you are"... i still have to learn how to come up with shorter catchy phrases... "ghadan sa2antaqem" style :)) teach me!!

hurricane_x said...

I recommend payback if u were sure they did it!
can't think of anything, but wiping the windshield with poopy diapers is a gr8 idea!

insomniac said...

love the anger :D

sadly, i know which building, i just don't know which car... ana kabbart demaghy khalas.... bas if i ever need to park there again, i will and i will leave a warning note once i figure what to write on it.

i am open to suggestions!

Sue said...

insomaniac, it would be my pleasure to teach you some of my catchy phrases, the first five are free :).

insomniac said...

i'll hold u to ur promise sue... for starters, what shall i say in the warning note in case i need to park there again?

Sue said...

mmmmmm, u put me in the corner insomaniac. Whenever some small damage happens to my car I usually write "El 7elwa men domiat we 3aleiha 2a2sat" as my msn message, its a bit "balady" but maybe if u included this in ur note tes3aby 3aleihom :).

insomniac said...

to2 to2 to2, sympathy is not what i want... ana gamda geddan, we motashareda we mayhemeneesh, enty masme3teesh 3an ebny wala eh :D

aslan ana shakly moftareya we mesh ghalban khalas, they won't buy it :)))

it has to be something threatening