November 20, 2007

Not good... not good at all!!

I have a serious problem!

Ok, not serious serious, but it is a problem... kinda!

Whenever I am spoken to in any Arabic accent other than the Egyptian accent, I get that very VERY stupid blank look on my face, like I was disconnected or something!!

I've had it in my previous job where I had lots of Palestinian and Jordanian colleagues, who usually ended up communicating with me in English to make sure I fully understood them.

English accents, I actually understand most of them, or at least I make that effort!

Even French, I listen well, and get the meaning when I fail to understand each word.

I guess my Arabic skills need to be worked on. Actually I knew that, I just did not expect to get that blank when a guy asks me in his own accent "How do you do? I hope you like it here."... I don't even remember how he said it! as in the Arabic/Khaleeji words for it!!

This does not sound right because I have lived in Egypt all my life! I have been to a school where people spoke nothing but Arabic outside the class, that whenever I spoke English outside the classroom (sometimes even inside it), I was ridiculed!!! Which makes me wonder how I got here?!!!


Cognition-sense said...

Inno ya3neh halla2 lamma ana i7keh ma3ik lebneneh ma7atefhameh 3alayyeh shi? :p

well yeah it happens..

You can practice other arabic accents with me iza baddik!


insomniac said...

u see, i totally understood u... but it was written, so i don't think i get extra points :) i guess i am better in written communication that way!!

and lebanese accent, specifically shami accent, seems to be the easiest!! perhaps because i am into fayrouz, so i am more familiar with it... i'm not sure!!! yet in my previous job, just to avoid confusion, we used english :))) some words just didn't get through!!

definitely easier than khaliji...

and don't get me started on the Algerian accent, i LOVE it, but it takes me ages to understand my son's teacher!!!!! hehe

insomniac said...

oooh oh and i forgot to tell u..

feel free to help me practice and let me know if u need work on the egyptian accent

Deeeeeee said...

Though I think my English is really good. Sometimes I go through that. If someone's English is strongly accented I freeze and panic for a few seconds, uh-um.. a couple of times before I manage to say soemthing that makes sense!