November 16, 2007

I’m turning into a paranoid overprotective mother

Ok, I’ve been having headaches over this among other things, and since I don’t wanna talk about the depressing $#it the husband is doing, I will talk about this hoping I would get some help from whoever reads this.

Beano’s nursery have arranged a trip (somewhere close enough and I know it’s a place he enjoys going to), where he is supposed to experience being with people other than his family members and have fun, and eat pizza (which is his favorite or the only kind of food he can actually say its name).

My parents are all for it, actually they were very enthusiastic about it. My sisters got excited, and as I was telling a friend of mine, she was like “that’s a good idea”. Then what the hell is wrong with me????!!!

Ok, I will try list my fears and concerns that I haven’t been able to share all of them due to my lack of concentration…

- He barely says words that make sense, so if he gets lost (yeah, in my head, there isa big chance he would) he would not be able to express himself; if he figured out he was lost to start with! For God’s sake, when asked his name, he smiles and says proudly “boMMba”.

- With all the kids with them, he might get himself hurt or something or get another bruise, which will immediately make me switch nurseries after killing the person in charge.

- I am worried his dad would somehow know about the trip or even be around the same place and takes him to cause more drama than there already is. I need to clarify that my son would do the “babaaaaaa”-and-throw-himself-at-his-dad movie theme.

There was one more point, but the headache and my mom yelling in the background is making it impossible for me to remember (SHHHHH mama, ufff ba2a).

So you think I am paranoid? I say I have quite a vivid imagination, and I can already see scenarios that end with me crying like hell and saying his name hysterically. I know the last point is a bit farfetched but hey, it could happen; I never thought his father would ever behave that way.

Ok, so I wrote all I could think of right now (considering that I have strong urges to go yell back at my mom, and I was chatting with D because it’s the first time we’ve both been online since two weeks ago). So, I will leave a poll up there and I will appreciate having some comments from people telling me to snap out of the crazy mom thing I am feeling before Sunday at 4 since it is the deadline for giving my confirmation.

I think I will go fight with mama now.


Cognition-sense said...

Ok I don't want to tell you to let him go, If something happened to him (lasama7allah) you'll blame me!

Well I donno I kinda have your fears too, If I was in your shoes I would've gone with him, but left him alone in the trip and stood away all the time, but in the same time kept an eye on him.

If such an option exists I would tell you to got for it.

Have a nice day.

Nora said...

Well, look. Generally. I would tell you you should let him go. Getting lost is a chance, but a small one. Nurseries generally know how to take care of a large group of kids on field trips. They are very organized.. even in Egypt.
So, getting a bruise. You have to face it.. you child will get bruised. It is better to fall down and get bruised and enjoy life while doing instead of him going through life watching from the sidelines and never getting bruised.
Accept that he will get bruised, and teach him to live life to the fullest.
Ok, so honestly.. the only valid reason to not let him go would be the one about your husband. If you really think that is an option than either shoot your husband or just do not let your son go on the trip.
What Cognition Sense said is a great idea.. go and hide this way you can watch, but he cannot see you. This way, he'll be growing up.. and you'll feel better knowing that he is doing it safely...
But don't get used to it.. there is a time when mommies have to stop doing that!
So, enjoy it.. you have a couple years of this left!!

insomniac said...

ok, i finally got some sleep, and i feel my head is a bit clearer now.. i kinda feel ridiculous!

thing is, i can't go because there is an important appointment at the same time that i wish i could postpone :/ even if i could, i would be totally embarrassed if seen and recognized by either him or his teachers!! let alone that i don't want 'momma's boy' to stick with him....

my mom said she'd do it tho, which makes me wonder if there's anything such as 'grandma's boy'....

so, CS, i can never blame anyone if any thing laqadar Allah happens, so don't worry, i won;t blame u :)

and Nora, getting lost is an extremely scary chance, but i would like to think i chose right place for a nursery, Rabina yostor!!

the bruise part, well, he could get bruised at home right in front of me.... so yeah, he should learn how to handle that anyways, while enjoying his life, ur totally right...

finally, let his dad just try to pull a stunt like that.... i will personally make sure he lives long enough to regret it....

so i will be overprotective through mama it appears! this will be one long day for me...

Anonymous said...

i'll jst add this bit maybe it would help, my mama works in a school, she's the head mistress. they have huge casses of divorce and problems between parents which leads to sometimes confusion for the admin about who will be picking up the child forinstance, so always among those couples, they make sure about who is picking the child up, if u say no one takes him but his mom, then the dad isnt allowed to come near him, they have no proof he is even his dad, for all it takes he could be faking his national ID.
u can simply ask tht he wouldnt be picked up except by u or his granny forinstance.
let him go, chances of his dad pulling tht stunt in this place are the same anywhere, for all it takes he can go get him outta the nursery...does tht mean u wont let him go?

insomniac said...

thank you anon for trying to comfort me :)

not that i have discussed it with anyone at his nursery, but i already know they have a strict policy regarding who picks up the kids... i also marked that his dad and i are separated, and when asked where he worked, i said abroad, and i was ready to give a relative's contact info if asked further!!

so it would be really funny if he goes to the nursery and asks to pick beano... the security would instantly take him out!!

my magnoona side though, says that the husband could go pick him from a trip since my son would recognize him and probably run to him! no nursery security then.... urrrgggghhh, i make myself sick when my imagination takes such turns :s

Ma -3lina said...

He should go :))

Well i understand your concern about him especially coz he is ur little boy but think from his point of view lol i mean y3ni i think that he would like to huv fun wiz his frnds and play with them

So, i vote that he should go nd if ur still afraid i would like to go their undercover to watch him nd also play :))

Will E. said...

Answer to your question if you're being paranoid.. hmm .. i was going to say yes, but i guess people worry and that's just their nature but this worrying nature shouldn't stop us from living our life.. so.. keep in his pocket a note that says 'Property of Insomniac, call 01x ... Hefty reward awaits, [note to kidnapper, child is very troublesome, he won't do you good on the market]' and that's it.. you've done what you can.

insomniac said...

lol ma-3alina... undercover!!

will, as brilliant as ever :) i already typed his name and my contacts in both arabic and english and i will have it laminated and hung around his neck. great idea :) though i think u went overboard with the note to kidnapper part :p THANK YOU

i wish i had time to make a custom metal tag at the pet store tho, next time it should be ready

Nora said...

You could forget the metal tag and get him a nice tatoo straight away...

Will help in the future when you have to turn into "a paranoid overprotective mother-in-law"!


insomniac said...

naaa, a tattoo is his choice... but how would it help if i end up as a paranoid overprotective mother-in-law??? i am curious, not that i will ever be one :)

Nora said...

Just letting the future woman know that he is yours!