November 21, 2007

More and more about my beano!!

Yep, another post about him :) ridicule me all you want; it serves me right for making fun of those obsessive parents whom I seem to have joined their club.

So his teacher told me there is a Costume Party tomorrow. It’s worth mentioning she told me so two days ago; only I have been busy with other stuff and planning to think of his costume today.

I am not familiar with stores that sell costume wear for kids’ parties and stuff, but I think I have a couple of places on mind that I can check. However, I would like to handle that thing as creatively as possible since this is as much challenge as I get, so I have to make the best of it.

So I’ve had a couple ideas that I discussed with Goody, Maat & Nephthys...

- Maat she really really really wants beano to dress as a pirate!! I have no idea how I can make him look like one, I know I can buy an eye-patch from a pharmacy, but that’s it. So Maat, if you have a clue how to get the rest of the costume, do it, you have my consent!! (oh oh oh, maat, we have that parrot thing, the one mocha plays with)

- I thought we could send him to the party as a cross-dresser… you know, he would love to wear high heels and a purse, and I am not sure he’d mind a skirt and make-up!! But I kinda think (actually I am sure) this could scar him for life, so pass.

- Goody suggested Superman, but instantly withdrew the suggestion when I started laughing for she realized the red underpants would definitely scar him even more.

- I also kinda thought of that nerdish look I’ve seen so many times in pictures for kids my son’s age… you know the one with big shirt with sleeves, the tie (we can take both from baba), the glasses (I can buy those from any kids’ store)..

- I also thought of cupid!! He still wears diapers anyways, so it won’t be extra embarrassing or anything! We can get feathers or even wings from wherever! He’d love to hold a bow too, he’s aggressive that way!! However, I think it’s too cold for that, may be in the summer…

- Finally, Maat came up with another suggestion: a Darweesh—(not sufi darweesh, rather magnoon darweesh kinda look)-- homeless darweesh… baba’s pj top (yeah it’s the cliche pin-striped ones in all Egyptian movies), we can tie a rope around his hip for an extra bahdala effect, and we have soo many seba7-- worry beads, and we can always put some dirt on his face, he’d love it! Let’s not forget that he likes listening to the call for prayers and he can do the whole act… hehehe…

I know I know, at this point, I am not even sure my sisters and I provide the best environment for either of my kids to grow up and become healthy adults.

So people, any suggestions… I know it is short notice, I should have asked a couple of days earlier, but that’s the case now! I could use any real suggestions before I go shopping tonight for whatever needed.



Maat said...

see when I said pirate I didnt just mean the eye patch, I also meant the big dangling ring on one ear, the huge pirate hat, the cross belt, the hook, the little sword... the whole thing!!

i like the darweesh idea but i don't think it will be publicly appreciated :D

hmmm... you can dress him up as a burglar. you know.. stripped shirt... draw a little scar on his face, give him a "shwaal" to carry and throw at his back, momken the little black mask around his eyes... and hima can very much look like he's just done something wrong... so there !

i'll let you know in person when i come up with more ideas

insomniac said...

so let me get this straight...
- u wanna pierce my son's ear
- u want a hook to replace one of his arms
- u wanna send him to his nursery with a sword (let's not forget the hook)

and u think the darweesh idea won't be publicly appreciated!!!

how does that make sense!

yeah, i know, he always looks like he's done something wrong... he has one hell of a big bat7a

call me if u get ideas through the day tho

Sue said...

insomaniac, u may find nice ideas here:

insomniac said...

thank you sue... it kinda gave me a few idea!! the duck was too much work for my laziness though :)

i'll let you know what i decide tho

SaRa said...

I love the nerdy look it is the one with the less scary effect.. With my nephew I send him off as the devil.. Two little horns.. Red outfit and a tail and he looked as cute as a button :) just a thought..

insomniac said...

aww this is cute!!!

little devil :))))

this suits my mocha when he's old enough to go to a costume party..

too late tho for bommba :) thanks anyway