January 8, 2008

Nostalgic quotes… The things people told me… part two

Through college years…

you do everything way to much; you think too much and you care too much, you have to take it easy a bit before it does some serious damage to your brain
M… I was barely 17, but I think you figured me out before long before I did, which is strange cause all you ever saw about me was bright sunshine!

stop thinking; life is more fun when you stop analyzing the things that bother you
S… I tried! I actually did for a while and it was fun like you said, but you know better… if not analyzing bad things stops them from happening, bad things would have never happened to u… I wish your problems end.

did you hear what the doctor said I had?? Will you tell me the truth… by the way, I never meant to be mean to you, I really really love you, I just don’t know how to be good to those I love
O… I specifically didn’t want to know what the doctor said because I would have never been able to lie to you, yet I couldn’t bear to tell you the truth… FYI, I forgave you for making my childhood hell long before that day… now when I think of you, I smile and wish you the best :)

“matso2eesh zay el banat, soo2y 3edel
K… etnayel, ana basoo2 a7san mennak… ok, you’re a good driver, and you taught me how to stir the wheel like a guy, thanks :D

you’ll grow up one day to know how much your dad loves and appreciates you; this is his own way of hiding his mushiness, being too strict and tough!
Uncle O, thank you for telling me that… I didn’t believe it much then, but it made sense later… I wish you were still there, could have used your support… God bless you.

ed7aky ba2a, mesh kol ma2ool nokta tekbeseeny… ed7aky ladrabek
F… you did hit me, or at least you almost strangled me with the seatbelt while you tried to tickle me, and you wouldn’t stop until I almost poked your eye… I miss you, you did make me laugh despite the idiotic jokes, and now every time I am told a joke, I think of you and smile :)

you’re a good friend, you really are
F… now you know that I wasn’t that much of a good friend to you… I am sorry I let you down, but it was either you or M, and she needed me more!

one day, when you’re in love, you’ll know why lovers make one another miserable… and you’ll know why it’s hard to just let him go and move on
M… I always understood why it was hard to let him go, what I never got was why you let yourself fall for him in the first place… but who am I to judge you!

ok, this one likes you… but I don’t like him much
N… I married him!! You were right!! But then again, he was right about you!! and by the way, I did live up to my ethics and left him when turned into an obnoxious jerk.

watch out, he’s the type who would say whatever lies to keep you” followed by “you’re so lucky someone loves you that much that he’d do anything to make you stay
N… no wonder you had a complicated love life… and seriously, etfadaleeh, you two think a lot like each other!! He’s single now!

N is right about him you know, despite how crazy and twisted she is… we talked about you and him, and we both came up with the conclusion that you’re too good for him and you can do much better! We Kaman ana mesh 3agebny the way you do everything he says, it’s like it’s a different you… you were never obedient or submissive, but you never argue with him… this is not good, I don’t think he deserves that effort you do to please him… loves you or not, I don’t like him…ok, I’ll shut up now before you stop listening
D… why on earth did I not listen to you; I think it had to do with you agreeing with N!!! Idiot, idiot, idiot... that’s who I was around him; a complete idiot.

when I last saw you, I thought you were on the right track, all ready to be a fine young woman… it never occurred to me that you would lose your way!! You deserve better than someone whom his family does not accept you. do you know who your father is? Do you have a clue the respect people have for you just because you’re his daughter, how can you throw that away? Don’t tell me you love him, you will love someone else and then you will change your mind about it, you’re almost 20. Leave him now before it gets more complicated
M… you have no idea how much I cried that day because of what you said. You almost got through to me! I wish you did, now, I wish I never ever see you or run into you.


Nora said...

Hindsight is 20/20
Don't think about what people said and how you should have heeded the warnings.
There are certain mistakes that you are destined to make in life. Since you have made them, now you can learn from them...
Hope all is well babe!

embee said...

I love both the quotes posts. I can only imagine who hard it was to write 'em, since they're very much on the personal side. But thanks for sharing!!

insomniac said...

nora, it's ok... i am just reflecting.... i am not that bitter.... as a matter of fact i kow for sure that no words would have changed what happened :)

embee, thanks :) it wasn't that hard to write them considering how some of those quotes make me smile as i remember them :)

Anonymous said...

so you actually do listen!

This post and the previous are my favourites. Really.

insomniac said...

yep, it sounds surprizing, but i do!! i don't do as told though :D

glad you liked this post and the previous one :)