January 6, 2008

Nostalgic quotes… The things people told me… part one

Through childhood and school!

inty el asl… el ba2y kolohom maygoosh feeky 7aga
nana, I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU…

mat3ayateesh, ana harga3 tany and we hanel3ab zay zaman
K… you did come back, and we always had fun like the old days… but you never grew up… I might have been 19 years younger, but I outgrew you enough to stop thinking you were fun! Nonetheless, God bless you and your family.

leh ten2asy kol el nemar de, zeyada 3annek eh elly beygeebo fullmarks?
Dad… they have one thing I always lacked; wanting to get high scores!! I never cared for grades and I never will!! I used to get pissed when you said those words, especially when followed by "you must be stupid", now I know it was your way to motivate me… FYI, wasn’t motivating at all!!!

she’s smart, she’s just too quiet to show it
Math teacher… I was never quiet, I just didn’t like you much to bother impressing you!

you’re probably the most stubborn person I have ever known!
D… liar! You’re way more stubborn than I am; you’re only sweeter, so people don’t notice it :)

yeeey, you finally have a crush, I finally have something to tease you with!
D… I know you were bummed I never called you after midnight to tell you about my fantasies, but a crush only meant “I think he’s cute, but I’ll never really know”…

don’t say you won’t fall in love, you’re still 16, you’re too young… when you’re in love you will know what I mean
S… I HATE you, I hate how right you were.

(To be followed by more parts.)


marooned84 said...

that "a7san mennek fe eh" thing is one of the least things in the world I like to hear, and I really get ugly when it's said to me and remind whoever said it that they were not exactly the top of their classes or even the middle! if everybody is gonna have full marks, why the hell would they make the pass marks 50% or 60%? and what's so good about full marks anyway? I honestly don't respect the fullmark guys until they prove they are not stupid heads who know books by heart and have to be reminded of the page number to recite!

insomniac said...

ok, obviously, i hit one sore nerve :)

what if i told you that up until the age of 12 my parents made me believe that the passing grade was 80%!! the sad part is that i believed them... doesn't say much about my IQ, hehe

i won't tell u the rest of the speech because i believe all egyptian students have heard it at some point in their lives....

my father is not the type that u can interrupt when he's yelling at you to remind him that he was a C student himself... i used to hear all had to say and go back to my room and cry :)

i am so over that now :)))

samurai girl said...

I like K's quote.... It's fun to never grow up... I wish I never have

insomniac said...

k has always been fun :)

as much as i would love to agree with you that not growing up is fun, i won't! in his case, it was tragic.

careful what u wish for :)

Deeeeeee said...

You reminded my of 3rd prep and high school. :)

My best friend and I would always make fun of the Arabic teacher who used to wear lime green pullovers singing "lamooony w lamo 3alaya", she always used to tell me "we're too faces to the same coin" (basically because i'm more outgoing), then I'd go home and waste time, till my parents gave me that same speech beta3 'homma a7san mennek fi eih? Howa enta betzakri 3ala lambet elgaz', and I'd call that same friend and complain for what's rest of the day (we had code names for my parents like Kosovo and NATO), and see her the very next day at school! :)

insomniac said...

oh oh oh... u reminded me of the hours i spent with D over the phone after i went home from school with mama telling me over and over "ento mesh lessa konto sawa"... and the code names.... i wish she were here :)

thx for dropping by :)

ihapoof said...

very nostalgic post .. really very nice although it is personal !!

el comment bta3 "Marooned84" fakarni b gomla qalha tawfee2 elde2en fe film ..
he said :"Lamma kol el nas b2o fetewaat .. ommal meen elle haytdereb ?!!" .. :)

nice blog & pleased to meet u

hurricane_x said...

ufff! What a burden being always stressed to get high marks, and when we grew up, we found out that "koloh m7asal ba3do"!!

I was always praised for being a quiet kid!

I like the things-people-told-me idea.
more,more.. :)

insomniac said...

ihab, the grades thing is national!! thanks for the nice words... keep coming there's more!!

hurricane, i hear u, bas i was smart to figure it out in high school... i didn't study extra hard and did not join koleyat el qemma my dad was fuming with anger and he almost suggested i'd go to med school in the states...

as for being quiet, it was only in school that i had that reputation.... at home i was always the sha3noona one cause maat was and is extra quiet...
both always pissed me off really, i am neither quiet nor sha3noona... i am just me damn it!!

if u like this quotes thing, make sure you check my blog tomorrow, there will be more :)

Nora said...

I love this post!


insomniac said...

thanks nora... i kinda like it too... remembering those words made me smile