January 9, 2008

a haircut, a mocha frappe, and random stationary item!

My day did not start off well... and even right now, it’s not going that well, which makes me think it won’t end well either.

However, I did manage to steel a couple of hours out of home, and got myself, a haircut, a mocha frappe with extra chocolate syrup and a new daily agenda that I sooo love; it has those verses written on it:

"يا قلبي إوعى تعــاشر الدون
و لا تكلمة بالاشتــراحة
تكلمــه الكـــلام مــوزون
تلقـاه يرد بقبــاحة"

ابن عروس

Luckily, I am easy to please although extremely hard to impress!


xero said...

hahahaha nice quote lol

Nora said...

What does the quote say?

Damn me for not learning to read Arabic!!!!

Ma 3lina said...


what a quote !!

Cong on the hair cut :)

insomniac said...

xero... i know :) especially that the word 'aba7a' always make me laugh!!

nora, ok i can give you the exact transliteration and explain to you what it means, but accurate translation is definitely not my thing... so here it goes:

"ya 2alby ew3a te3asher el doon
wala tekalemoh bel eshtera7a
tekallemoh kalam mawzoon
tel2aah yerrod be 2aba7a"

it's basically the guy warning his heart to not fall for scum and to not open up to them because no matter how much sense he talks to them, they end up insulting him...

NOT INTO TRANSLATION... this is the best i could do :) anyone who drops by is welcomed to give Nora a better translation people :) Adrasteia?????

ma 3alina, yes!! i knew that quote would be a hit :) i have to check who the hell ibn 3aroos is...

thanks girl, there is barely any difference, but my hair loves being trimmed :))

Maat said...

i love the quote!
i'll get myself 7aga keda... only i'm kinda running out of cash now!

Will E. said...

I personally liked the observation that you can be easy to please but hard to impress.

insomniac said...

maat, i think the weekly agenda i told u about had a different verse... we 3aleeha wa7da shabah el set el ghassala ely gebteeha abl keda!

will, i've always known that about myself! but i've been reminded by it a lot lately... so this means u agree?

Anonymous said...

I'll make a mental note of that. Next time shit hits the fan I'm going to have a a mocha frappe with extra chocolate syrup :)

Can't have a haircut. Not much hair left.

insomniac said...

anon, it has to be from cilantro by the way!

and don't underestimate the value of stationary items man, i bought colors and pens today and i feel fresh!!

Nora said...

The quote sounds cool!
It seems like it fits you nowadays!

I too am addicted to stationary items.. might be why I chose my career! :o)

insomniac said...

hehe i know! but it wasn't just that... i liked the agenda and as i was putting it back to check something else i had in mind, i saw the quote...

actually the tone of the quote was what made me like it... it was rather funny than sad!

i LOVE stationary... i don't have what it takes to be a teacher tho!!