December 31, 2009

2009, Adieu!

I think 2009 was a good year despite my major losses, disappointments (at myself), and recent downs!

No no no no, I won’t mope or talk about the bad stuff, I will list the good and show my gratitude because I sincerely feel it.

I got my divorce, and that actually felt like 2009’s gift to me!

I spent amazing days at the pool with the Roosh, and people; I think I know how to swim now!!! *gasp*

I got my best birthday surprise ever at the age of 28, and it was so worth the wait!

I travelled like I’ve been wanting for the past two years, and I was on a mommy break too… not a sister break though (:p)… next time, I’m travelling with friends!

I spent quality time with my jazzy friend :) and I refuse to see it under any shade of ka2aba!

I made a few new friends who seem to believe I can things I’m not even sure I can do!!

And, today isA, I will steal a few hours from all the family obligations at home and meet with Rasha for our end-of-year tradition to seal the year.

May 2010 be a better year!

P.S. Rasha, this post is for you, and you better make it today because I don’t wanna say goodbye alone, hay2oolo “el magnoona aheh


Rasha* said...

loool ghaleban ely 7ayshofona 7ay2oolo el maganeen ahom :D
may you have a blast fe 2010.
look at that number: 2010...sheek keda o style o 7arakat lol
HUGS b'tarateer*

Anonymous said...

Hehe you guys are soo cute.Hope you enjoyed your outing tonight.
Amazing 2009 really..You actually got me into typing my own blessing list before its too late.Definitly its a year to miss.
@ rasha..if you think 2010 is sheek then you'll enjoy this: Tomorrows date is 010110 hehe so binary!
Happy new year!

insomniac said...


fekrek el ragel elly geh bass 3aleena da 2al "maganeen"...

3al 3omoom ana ennaharda kont sheek we style, 3allala yetmar fe 2010!

tomorrow is my turn ;)


yeah, we rawa7na badry zay el ferakh!

and rasha doesn't care for the binary, heya basset lel raqam from an artistic point of view, i think!

Anonymous said...

lol in that case i take my notice back!=P
w 7elwa fera5 deh!
hehe...but tell me how is new years in its a bit dull..=(

Rasha* said...

Yes yes art is my thingy :D
bas da la yamna3 enno zeros and ones have their charm hehehe

you were cute jedan jedan :)

oo elmo3dela b2a (3ashan teb2y t2oleely ya wadee3 tany lol ) enny mesh fahma ur turn fe eh...been baqda7 zenad fekry and hubby's kaman :D

insomniac said...


you need to check other blogs to know about new year's here... i went to bed before midnight since i thought my night couldn't get any better! this is exactly why i said ferakh :))


betes7y badry leh lama enty mesh fay2a!!! i meant tomorrow is my turn, the song, kollaha!!! "no more doubts no more fears".... and i can imagine you waking hubby up 3alashan yesa3dek fel tafkeer, 2adra!!

and thanks, you looked cute too :D