December 17, 2009

A Musical Week…

Sunday – I visited an old childhood friend with another childhood friend visiting from Canada. I was mostly silent while driving sinking in my own thoughts and moving my lips along with Fayrouz’s album Wala Kif (Ziyad Rahbany is GENIOUS). When I went home and logged on, I found a friend of mine had sent me this song!

انا مش فارس ولا فتى احلام
انا زحمة وربكة وشغل جنان
نصى بيضحك والتانى زعلان
انا شيخ فلتان
طيب شرير وجرىء وجبان
اوقات مشرق واوقات بهتان
وساعات سلم وساعات تعبان
مفترى جدا وكمان غلبان
شبابيك وبيبان توهه عنوان
انا من الاخر عفريت لابس بدلة انسان

It doesn’t speak for me really, but I liked something about it nonetheless, ok, the lyrics, the voice is not even remotely nice!!

Monday – once I went to work, I downloaded that song into the music file where I keep the songs that friend sent me, and glancing at those songs, I decided to re-listen to Supergirl! I didn’t remember being impressed by it, but somehow it made sense; after all, I am a supergirl :)
Tuesday – Roosh sent me four songs composed by Marcel Khalife and sung by Omayma. I already knew two of them; Ana ra7 sammeik and Love you more, they are two of my favorites actually, and I just loved the other two; Bekteblak and Ejta7. It just took me back to the oriental mood. On my way back Safer ghareeb el dar played and my heart lingered on this verse…
يا سكة الأحلام، يا مغلبة روحي
اشكيكي للأيام، ولا اشتكي روحي
علمت قلبي يميل، للحب و المواويل
و حلمت حلم جميل بالجنة و أنا في النار

I shared the song and the lyrics with my music companion whom I know is a sucker for lute music.

Wednesday – I went to a stationary store for an errand, and I found that handmade wooden lute; it reminded me of my friend and Ziyad Sahhab. I bought the wooden lute went back to the office and kept playing his album.

Then I went to Puccini’s La Boheme at Cairo Opera House, on my own. I sat there in the balcony, closest to the stage where I could see the orchestra. It was overwhelming! I was mostly taken by soprano voices especially that no tenor is as good as Bocelli, as good as the lead tenor was!! I barely followed the translation, I was mostly taken by the orchestra. I don’t walk around with a camera, so my mobile shots shall do!

Then Ziyad Sahhab took me home with more of Negm’s lyrics, which baba seemed to have liked as I picked him on my way home.


Today – My music companion sent me Chaza for Marcel Khalife, just violins, my favorite. WOW. My heartbeats are still racing, and every time I play it, I just have this “fear” that it would end!!!! What can I say, violins do that to me!!

I will drive to el Ein el Sokhna with the girls after work, and although I would willingly play any of the masterpieces I listened to through the week, I’d like suggestions people… you must have figured out the things I liked.

God bless music, and of course those who make it, and perhaps even those who share it too :)


poshlemon said...

Amen to that :)

insomniac said...


Mohamed ElGohary said...

Blacktheama are really a very nice band, I have a collection of their songs if you are interested

insomniac said...

thanks Mohamed, but I only liked the lyrics to the song, and mostly because they fit on a friend, sort of... but i don't think i'll be a fan :)