June 2, 2009

Never Been Happier!!

I don’t think I can put in words, but for the sake of all the sadness on this blog, I should at least try! So excuse the incoherence and inadequate choice of words; I’m too happy to actually find the right words to describe any of it!

I knew Rasha was on to something when I saw two of my friends recently added to her list of friends. She hid the FB notification, but she couldn’t hide their becoming mutual friends from me; strangely enough, I stumbled on her profile accidentally!!!

All I wanted was to sit somewhere quiet where Rasha, D and whomever of my friends would join for a get together. I knew it was not that easy given how not all of my friends know one another and I didn’t even ask or say how it would be great. I told a couple of my friends to join so casually so that they wouldn’t feel urged to since it was my birthday and all!

I lost track of my doubts about Rasha planning something; she was really subtle, she was not too hectic or too nervous for me to tell. Actually, she was too calm and quiet and she managed to orchestrate everything and divide the distraction equally among the rest of my friends. I always thought I’d figure you out Rasha because of how nervous you get when you’re on to something!!!

Mayo & Dee called me on my way to go some scarf shopping and made me change my plans. I drove the kids home, met with the girls to do my scarf shopping, and planned to go to the hair dresser’s for some pampering! Dee claimed she needed to shop for a very specific top in order to stall, and Mayo was about to buy a hideous golden belt just to keep me distracted. We went to shops we never shop in and poor Dee actually tried on a set of hideous stuff and made me laugh until I got cramps!!!!!

Not just that, they made me try an outfit and had me buy it because it looked good on me. Mayo urged me to change into that outfit so that I’d be wearing something new on my birthday. I love the outfit and I’d wear it everyday to remind me of the evening I had!

Honestly, the girls did all they could to keep me away from Condetti until everyone was there to surprise me! They even arranged with my sis to buy me some time at home so that I won’t have to be home early. Really appreciated that!

Although I take pride in my ability to connect the dots, I must say everyone did a great job yesterday distracting me that despite all the signs I just stopped suspecting anything!

I still laugh at how I stumbled on Mayo & Dee all parked and getting out of the car to beat me to Condetti and surprise me after I had supposedly left them, yet I didn't pick on it much when Dee said she had forgotten her jacket in my car (which she did)! Or parking right behind Will’s car and thinking “doesn’t will drive a similar car?!” and then shaking it off!! 2al connect the dots 2al, ya fde7ty!

I was carrying my pillowcase of a laptop and walking into Condetti aiming for the non-smoking area when I noticed how the waiters had somehow blocked my way so that I’d head for the smoking area where almost everyone was laughing while waiting for me, (did you guys scream surprise, I honestly can’t remember!!)

I saw my sisters, D, Will, Mayo & Dee and I was shaken and shivering and mumbling stuff, I can’t really remember; all I remember is that I was actually surprised and happy!

Before I noticed, either Mayo or Dee placed the Derby Hat on my head while Will was giving me my birthday gift (thanks for the perfume, you know I love!) The moment I felt the hat on my head I asked about Rasha for I’ve been nagging for God knows how long for one!!(I wore it to work today)

I sat next to my D and my body couldn’t stop shaking from all the happiness and excitement. I never knew I could shake and shiver that way out of happiness; I have only tried it when I was angry! It feels AMAZING when you’re happy!

A while later, Rasha arrived.

I sat there feeling like I couldn’t possibly be happier!

A while later A joined and I just didn’t think he was gonna make it!!

And just as I thought that was it and was about to get comfy and adjusted to the amazing surprises, Ahmed joined!!! Now Rasha, that was beyond any expectations and I was SHOCKED, in a very good way.

I couldn’t believe how sweet and friendly Ahmed was… such a nice guy!

I kept getting hot and cold episodes which made me shiver; you see, I don’t think I am used to that much happiness!! Remembering it, I can still shiver!! A kept saying I was crazy complaining about how hot then shivering!

I ended up sitting on the couch next to D leaning on her shoulder. For a while there, I sat there and watched everyone talking, joking and laughing and I secreting wondered to myself “All those people gathered to make a remarkably good day! I must have done something amazing in my life to deserve that much effort out of each and everyone one of them” I felt loved, and it felt GREAT!

Ahmed said I should say a speech!

It couldn’t be any cheesier, but it was genuine!! Yes, I had no wishes to think of, I had all I could possibly ask for, friends who were there to make me happy and who would go to such measures to do it!

That was when each wished me something. I got sweet wishes and funny wishes, and even wishes that I was promised wouldn’t come true ;) not to mention wishes that got my sis hit!

Before Ahmed left he asked me to choose a song for him to sing me on my birthday. I had too many in mind but I thought I should ask for my “feel good song”; Somewhere Beyond the Sea. And he sang it :)

And then there was my “cake”… gardal Profitrole!!!

Rasha!! You managed to orchestrate a day made of my favorite things!!! And you had such a perfect team, even the ones who couldn’t make it were amazing.

I couldn’t be happier and I seriously couldn’t be more grateful!!

You guys are leaving me speechless!! How could I possibly do the same for you? I couldn’t possibly top what you’ve done for me even if I tried!!!!!!

I am speechless… I am happy… and I am eternally grateful…

This is by all means the best birthday I’ve ever had!



randomika said...

Happy Happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true begad. Be happy and make it stay coz you really deserve it. :)))

Abdelsalam Rashad said...

You simply deserve it..and happiness is always there we just have to grab it.and never let go.
Happy birthday again.

silent observer said...

happy birthday :)

Mohamed ElGohary said...

That post made me really smily :)

May Allah grant you happiness for always :)))

insomniac said...


thanks :) and thanks again :D


i agree that happiness is always there, but don't u think that sometimes it's too hard to grab it, it's A LOT better when it just comes to you!! THANKS :))

Thankoooo Silent Observer :)))) isn't ur BD soon!! something is so wrong with my memory lately i don't remember stuff, i guess i am getting old!!!

and Thanks Mohamed :))

Anonymous said...

I hope this happiness lingers and shines thru your days whenever you feel down...sometimes life is good , right?

I wish you took a pic of that cake (of course b4 the cutting :P)


gjoe said...

Koll Sana Wenty Tayeba Ya Inso.. begad I was very sorry that I couldn't make it.. now I am just very sad!

Bas begad I am genuinely happy that you had a greatest day!

And Yes, You Totally deserve it!

insomniac said...

all the pics are with Dee, da3awatek tefda we tedehomly.... and there was no cutting, kanet bel "gharf"

and yeah sometimes life is good, i never denied that! and for the sake of being fair, it was great on that particular day :)))

i do hope it lasts :)i think it will as long as i always have my friends there :))))

insomniac said...


i know you would have made it if you could... and i am equally grateful for the planning ya gameela :)))

i am only sorry you didn't have that much fun with the rest of us, enty w H :)

Rasha said...

I still owe you the followers that were planned to be your bouquet for the evening :)

Actually it was the team that mattered...they were all excited and ready to show their love to you, i just happened to be there.

Happy birthday...year....life :)

Love you*

Rasha said...

akeed mesh followeres hehehe

insomniac said...


ya rasha ya adra!!! tulips in june!!! the only think harder than that is iris in june!!


we you just happened to be there!!! you told them about the hat i've always wanted, you've even told them that i wouldn't mind walking around with it!!! you told will about my favorite perfume! and you managed to arrange for my favorite desert to be served!!!

and you were soooooooooooo subtle, ma3amalteesh shawshawnawnaw wala ay 7aga, we khaleteeny agarrab el profitrole lama konna fe condetti akher marra!!!! and you took me perfume testing!!!! ya moftareya!!!

you have no idea how much i love you all you guys!!!

oh and it took me quite the while and lots of drafts to finally write that post... i still find it cheesy we mesh mo3abber kefaya!!!

thanks hun for making a perfect day....

i know i might be asking for too much here, but since we're inviting celebrities now, you so know who's on my wish list for next year... oh let's make it when i turn 30 3ashan i will need a huge uplift!!

and yeah, before i find my true love :P

Deeeeeee said...


insomniac said...

eh el smile el baree2a de :)))

btw, you only get to share your "tale of finding the hat" if you re-activate your blog!!!

luf u :))

Anonymous said...


Rasha loves you so much =))) , I can't believe she tricked you like that :P , and the rest of the gang as well are great cooperators....the comments added so much to the post , I love the "behind the scenes" preparations stories.


insomniac said...

Rasha is such a beautiful beautiful person...

i don't think she believes she could do it!!! she still thinks i was too smart for it, bas khalas ana et7asadt!!!

and yeah everyone else was just amazing and brilliant!!

Mayo and Dee have tons of behind the scene stories!! and so does Rasha of course, el meistro!

silent observer said...

your memory is failing you :)
my birthday is in winter in february hehe

insomniac said...

i guess i AM growing old!


aquarius? wala fish?

i am guessing aquarius!

silent observer said...

why are you guessing aquarius?
its picses actually
i'm very picses btw
whenever i read anything about it I think that's me exactly!

insomniac said...

i don't know, like i said i am getting OLD!

i too find you very pisces, i just thought i'd go against my instincts since i seem to be out of shape, mentally so to speak!!

silent observer said...

wow nice profitrole cake

insomniac said...

and it was so damn yummy too!

مياسي said...

happy birthday for u

Gemini as me :D

u deserve it :)