December 22, 2009

Trouble in mind…*

Trouble in mind, I'm blue...

Too much of that in my poor head; thoughts that battle with me one after the other, they mingle and tangle until I’m too tired to take any of them or figure them apart one at a time!

Trouble in mind, that's true
I have almost lost my mind,
Ain't never had so much
Trouble in my life before

In a futile attempt I try to trace everything back to where it began, hoping that by doing so I’d be able to understand, and perhaps find much needed solutions. Unfortunately, it’s too far behind; so I just take the lead from the here and now.

I am a 28-year old single mom who is basically judged by her own family whether they admit to it or not. Until now, my parents try to dodge being asked about my marital status and when they’re left with no choice but admitting it, they say it in a low tone of voice and while looking away! Instead of being referred to as the rebel and the trouble maker like before, I am rather the failure or the shameful disappointment, although they acknowledge and explain that it was the best thing to do!

My motherhood is questioned each and every day, not just by me, but by those who should know better about my needs and know nothing about motherhood! I mean, my dad’s job was to provide, I’m grateful he did more than that and shaped us in a way my mom would have never been able to… but I provide too, and I try to find the patience and the energy to shape my boys, problem is, I am still not exactly shaped myself!!! Ma, I… well… I see mothers in a lot of other women her age, but in her; I saw it in my late nana (Allah yer7amha), I saw it in S (Allah yer7amha), I see it in so many of my tants who perhaps think I am an ungrateful daughter because she complains all the time and because I get hurt silently and let my pride handle it by walking away. My sisters know nothing of responsibilities and living up to them; they want to chase their own butterflies, but they just don’t get that I was denied chasing mine. I am not envious, but they don’t get to tell me I should spend more time being a mother, because may be I need the previous butterfly-chasing experience to be a mom, and until they're better mothers themselves, they should just stop with the insulting advice and implications.

I did marry too young. I thought marrying someone for love would be the best way to escape all the control and suffocation at home and have a lifelong companion with whom I could just live my youth before I settle and build the family. It never happened, not for long enough anyways, because unlike me, he wanted to live up to whatever this society dictated, and well, we react differently, and his reaction sucked big time. Unfortunately, it gravely affected my life and changed it beyond any attempts to undo the change!

I wish I could just explain that forcing me to grow up will not make me a grown up, at least not as gracefully as I would like! But hey, everyone knows much better about that, even those who never even tried on my shoes! The arrogance! Why do I have it in me to listen to those who choose to block their ears to my explanations?!

I still can’t believe I’m 28! I still feel like 19 most of the time; my dreams since then never exactly came to reality; not that I want the same dreams, but I lack the fulfillment of having changed my mind because I chose to, rather than adjusted to the changes that took over my life.

I have the remains of a teenage-anger and the need to go all over the place and make things happen. I have a dreamer who’s constantly being told it’s too late to dream and it’s time to check in with reality and do as requested. The free spirited rebel refuses those words but it’s tied down and has nothing to show but anger and resentment.

Trouble in mind, I'm blue
But I won't be blue always…

But then, the optimist in me keeps repeating that all can be done; all can be achieved given time and patience.

I so want to believe it because otherwise, I will just lose… lose all the losses I have already lost over and over again!

'Cause the sun's gonna shine
In my backdoor some day.

In the midst of all my thoughts, I realize that tears are overflowing from my eyes like they haven’t in a long time. I touch my eyes and my face in the dark, and I pat my own cheeks as I whisper “it will be ok, it will be ok… no, it won’t be ok… but you will be ok, you will be ok

Well it's trouble, oh trouble,
Trouble on my worried mind…
When you see me laughin',
I'm laughin' just to keep from cryin'

I keep telling myself “you’ll be ok, you’ll be ok

'Cause the sun's gonna shine
In my backdoor some day.

* Song Tribute: Trouble in Mind by the amazing Nina Simone; I couldn’t find the version I have with all the lyrics on utube, but this is the one with the best piano by Nina, do check it out; it’s inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Love it..currently enjoying your other posts..i discovered your blog in a week or soo..have alot of reading to by mine and tell me what you think..:)

Anonymous said...

Inso :)

you never stop learning as long as you live ,it's not a matter of age the defines a wise man except how much he has learned.

Go on my friend and pursue your dreams ..I believe you can still have a wonderful life that way you wanted it..just don't give up on yourself.


Mindfull said...

Ah, the problem with your long posts is that they require equally long responses.

But for now, let's just say that using other people, regardless if they're close to us or not, as a measuring stick for our achievements and failures is not an accurate assessment.

Especially if, by your own admittance, your mother, and your sisters are both lacking experience in the very subject that they're judging.

Amo akhza, that would be like.....tb balash analogies elmaradi.

insomniac said...


glad you're liking it!! "love it" put a smile on my face actually :))

strangely enough, i was at your blog yesterday and earlier today and admiring the title and the art work!! you must share girl, i will need all the advice i can get if i ever move to wordpress!!

heading off to your place once i'm done here :)

insomniac said...


thanks for your kind words, as always :)

men bo2ek le bab el sama ya sheikha :))

insomniac said...


3ash men shafak!!

i am actually curious it would be like!!! waiting for the analogy!

Anonymous said...

@ insomniac
ohh thats so sweet of you...really flattered..but as u see im a blogger user too..lool...however if u need anything just drop a comment anytime :)

insomniac said...


i am so confused!! i was checking so many blogs that day, most of which were wordpress and ibhog is urging me to move to wordpress, so i confused your blogger account for a wordpress, because it's so pretty and all ;)

Anonymous said...

hehe...5alas ur forgiven!=P
thnx again :$