May 27, 2009

One Fine Day

A couple of days ago, I posted that there were certain thing I was looking forward to and things I wished for among the Eight Tag. Little did I know that I would get some of those on the same day!!

Behold people, some joy for a change…

I took a day off, which would pretty much count as a vacation from everything. The fact that it was one day made it easier to dodge my mommy responsibilities for a while since the boys are ususally at the nursery during my working hours.

I met with Rasha, had coffee and breakfast, a few hours later, we went to the pool and spent the rest of the working day.

The hours just flew! Yet, I am grateful for every single minute…

Grateful for the time off from my daily routine…

Grateful for the early walk…

Grateful for the breeze brushing my hair and for actually releasing those curls where there was sun and air!

Grateful for Turkish coffee that helped me up all through the day…

Grateful for the tan (and I am so willing to go for more)

But most of all, grateful for the amazing company! Rasha, you ROCK!

Aaaaaand, today my car got some maintenance while I was getting mine :)

We kaman, my physiotherapist said my back was MUCH better alhamdulilah, and he actually seemed to mean it; he said it without that cynical indifferent tone of his! He said I should do more walking and go for swimming!!

Oh oh oh, and I think soon enough I will get to the whole hair-coloring thing, Rasha helped me decide on the color!

May is wrapping up nicely and sending me off to my birthday with a smile :)

I know it’s greedy, but I can’t help but hope for a good dream as I go off to bed in a while… we 3ala ra2y B “elly yela2y dala3 wala yeddala3sh….

Anyway, sweet dreams or not, I am grateful… الحمد لله


Mohamed ElGohary said...

One Sweet Day indeed :)

Wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

ٍSoooooooo which hair color did u settle on ?? :P


Sou-One-Canobee said...

Glad you had some off time you needed it girl and can not wait to see the tan.
And BTW, have to get from you details where that pool is can not wait to get a tan myself ;)

insomniac said...

chocolate brown with a slightly lighter glow... this would way it would still math my eyes and brows without looking fake or cliche ;)

i still need a recommendation on the place to do it because i really love my hair way too much to leave it to someone to ruin it!

gjoez said...

You are such an easy to please Gemini :D

insomniac said...

Sou :)

the tan is almost gone!!! takhayaly!!!!!! i am so going again for a more persistent one... ghaleban it was just the inital shock of sun-exposure :/

i was in shooting club, 2atameya branch have a woman only pool 7 days a week!


like only a gemini could guess ;)

but VERY HARD to impress :P

you should totally join some time you know!

Abdelsalam Rashad said...

Nice that you had fun...and changes are beginning to appear in ur life.. I am so glad you are feeling happy..Whenever you can, take time off of everything and do something new .. one always need a change in the routine of daily life.

insomniac said...

you have no idea how much i'd love to take more days off!!! akhla2y bazet khalas :)