September 21, 2007

One more thing, ruined!!

I always like receiving emails and text messages --- not those forwards and group kinda messages; it’s basically because I have good friends who check on me or have something humorous to tell me. So I usually have a big smile on my face almost every time I check my email or my cell phone. A friendly name pops there and I am all anxious to read the content.

Now, every time I hear the message tone on my cell phone, my heart jumps (and not in a good way, like a cruel fist is squeezing the life out of it) and I think to myself “Rabena yostor”… now, it’s either an insult or a curse, or basically something that would make me smile sarcastically to hide more pain.

It’s pathetic, I mean I know it’s his only way of ruining my peaceful times. I know he knows I stay up until dawn and that he probably just got back or may be still out with friends and thought it would be a good idea to send me some of his precious pearls of wisdom in this specific time to shake me up a bit.

Khalas, balash messages ya Rab, mesh ayza la emails wala messages, wala hatta telephonat…. Ana ayza ana we mesh ayza had yesaheeny… insomnia sucks!


hurricane_x said...

There must be sth like Junk messages in cell phones especially for ppl like that!
Patience Insomniac, that's all u can do for now :/

Ma-3lina said...

Insomnia is a nightmare, can;t imagine that really

u know there should be like a filter in cell phones to block certain ppl sms and calls.

insomniac said...

hurricane, i am being patient! i am surprising myself aslan with my patience :))

and yeah ma-3alina, insomnia sucks when u wanna runaway from ur shit by sleeping because there isn't much else u can do!

there should be a rule against people sending you offensive texts... oh yes, there is! people just don't go by it :)