September 28, 2007


“You have sisters, you have two sons, do you even realize the impact of the label divorcee in this society? Your mom could die of grief and your father’s pride will be irreversibly damaged!! And for what? For some mistakes that can be forgiven? Let me tell you that, you will never find a husband that helps around the house and kneels before you begging for forgiveness? You see, there are four kinds of women: the young girl of 16-25 year old from a good wealthy family (whom I know you once were before getting married), who all guys want to marry, the divorcee from a good family who has no children from her previous marriage, the spinster who would compromise her social status to get married and get rid of the label, and the divorcee who has kids, who no one want to have to do anything with her, you see, she is expected to be irresponsible because she was too stubborn to see what’s in her best interest or in her children’s best interest, let alone failing in her marriage”

That was quoted from a man my respectful husband refers to as sheikh/x-judge/attorney/friend of my his late father’s who visited in an attempt to ‘fix things in a religious way’… of course he went on an on saying more crap that I would not know how to translate without losing the essence of his wisdom.

Did anyone else notice that the man didn’t even quote any thing from religion (I am thankful that he did not disgrace religion though)? Did anyone else sense the tone that is meant to intimidate me from considering the taboo aka divorce?

Excuse my French, WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS TO TALK TO ME THAT WAY??? My own father (who would love to start an anti-divorce association) did not choose that cheap way of argument!

Bala araf!!

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Anonymous said...

why why why why do they think tht our world as women simply revolves around getting a fucking guy?!
no seriously..see the 4 types of women, i would have never thought women were categorised along the lines of how men thought of them *shudder*
i guess the right response would have been, well if all men do categroise us tht way then i'd definatly prefer being the 4th type!
rebellious, has children, cool..erm remind me again why wouldnt i want tht? oh and men wouldnt want me..its perfect!
w b3dein el ostaz hubby fag2a eftakar religion? shouldnt he have remembered that b4 he actually can i put tht nicely..lets jst say betrayed the wife's trust?!
the nerve of them!!

Jade said...

Erm.... excuse what french?
Girl you need to get angry & cuss way more... believe me it is a relief ;)

Plus - the said sheikh did disgrace religion... when he thinks that the said husband deserves to be forgiven for... how else can I say it - loose his wife's trust (lol @R - she's such a cool chic I love her)

No seriously - this man has done you wrong in so many ways, why stay with him when just for a fucking label?

I back you up a 100%

insomniac said...

love ur anger and ur fury... i LOVE it :)) reminds me of when i used to get angry :)

bossy ya setty.. da ragel affak like i was telling a friend of mine... he knows nothing about religion he would only use it in the sense of "kalemat haq yorad beha batel"... the only reason i didn't bother talking back to him is that it's a complete waste of my breath let alone it would be interpreted by a "wahed men el se'eed" as set alelet adab (a big screw him regarding that matter)

i don't even get why he had to categorize me, did i subconsciously send any signals saying i wanted to remarry??!!! tooba aslan!!!

as my sister was saying, who would want a husband who would think less of my family just because i had a bad marriage and decided to get out of it...

yeah, i have always been the opinionated one in my family, the one who took no shit from any one... the one who ppl used to tell "take it easy dear, men do not like smart stubborn women"... i liked who i am, and the only reason i am being mellow right now is that i need my strength and i wouldn't waste it to end a marriage that is over as far as i am concerned....

as for the husband, i have no comment in this regard... i promised i won't bad mouth him!

thanks for getting angry on my behalf dear :)

insomniac said...


yeah i used to get angry and curse all i want, i just don't do it anymore!!!!! i think it has to be with being a mommy or something!!

and for that matter, cursing never helped, i felt bad inside about it!!! as for the anger, once ur angry, it never goes away, it gets bigger and bigger until i can no longer contain it.. been there :)

for the sake of fairness, the guy had no idea what my husband did... he's been told i had doubts about a colleague from work whom he went on a business trip with.. u see, he would NEVER admit it to anyone but me, every one thinks i am the magnoona wife who's consumed by jealousy!!! LOL he's a catch asloh :))

thanks for the back up girl :)

Anonymous said...

dont u jst love it when girls meet up for the simple reason of trashing guys?
lol, makes my day..u jst keep on fighting ya bet yally mabetnmeesh enty ,aka insomniac, wana w jade m3aky..zayy yousra bezabt fel mosalsal el 3geeb bet3ha dah!
who knows, maybe u'd be the one who'd change how divorcees(or divorcettes) are looked upon f baladna deh.
w teb2y da5alty mwsooo3et genius ya bet ya insomniac..lelelelleeleley!
(see..el mosalsalat me2sara 3alaia tho i dnt watch!)

Ma-3lina said...

4 categorizes !!!

howa human beings bitcagorized now loool tyb ana 3awza category law sam7ty 3lshan mosh la2it nafsy

excuse ur french !!! lol i was gonna skip the sentence 3lshn malish in french bs lai2tha english

R got that powerful attitude.. love it

makontsh 2aref en society still thinks that of divorced women kont fakra en e7na b2ina more developed we aware bs wade7 not

still u huv to make a dicision we estkhiri rabna to end this nightmare

easy saying i know :))

insomniac said...

2oom ya bent ya R.. (i really have no idea how to end a sentence that starts that way!!)... who said eny mabanemesh, 3eeeeeeeb.... i just wouldn't bad mouth HIM, i make subtle sarcastic comments tho :)))))

(did u notice the 'respectful' part???)

i never trash guys, i make fun of them all the time tho :))))

balash mosalsal yousra da, high dose of nakad we mostafezz awy aslan....

so i will change our society's perspective on divorcettes, ur such an optimist, lol... i don't care about society at all... coming to think of it, people don't guess that i am married aslan when i am out without my kids :)))) so i will wait till a guy proposes and tell him i am category #4 (this would probably be hilarious btw)....

u should check zerocool's blog to see how egyptian drama had influenced him, good stuff :))))

ma-3alina, ya benty as a fellow blogger and a friend of mine always says "da mogtama3 zokoory mota3afen", it would always misjudge a woman for a failed marriage as well as everything else :)

as for your category, send me your detailed status we haddeeh le sedna el sheikh :)))))

my decision is made; however, more istikharas are due... thanks for the advice