September 19, 2007

It’s been two years!!

My little prince ( aka playa’ ;) ) turns two today :)

I am such a terrible mom, haven’t arranged anything for the cake yet! Well, there won’t be a party; just us. Tomorrow isA I will wake up early enough to have it all prepared. I already have the balloons, so I will get some party stuff and will make him feel special.

I am in no mood for celebration but I will do my best to make him happy all day and I will try my best not to yell at him when he drives me crazy, just for today!!

YA RAB all goes well…

Happy birthday sweetie :) mommy loves you soooooooooo much you annoying you :) and so does each of daddoo, nanna, gaga, and gogo ;)


ZeRoCoOl said...

Alf alf mabrook my nephew turns three soon as well.......lightening bolt of energy.

Ma-3lina said...

Happy Birthday to ur son :))

masha alah 3o2bal ma ybker we enter school keda isa :))

kiss him for me plzzz

insomniac said...

aww, happy birthday to him in advance... whe is his birthday?

thanks girl, school eh bas, ana 3ayzah yekbare we yastakel :) i will kiss him 7ader, but i don't think he'll get it's from you :))))

thanks you guys

hurricane_x said...

Happy Birthday :)
rabena ye7fazo.

Maat said...

hehehe... it's "2agaah" not "gaga" though
luff himmmm

insomniac said...

thank you hurricane...

ya maat, i was trying not to give away her name ya fashla :) he lufs u bunches.... beyhebbek men zorro