December 25, 2007

Random Happiness… again!!

Yesterday was one good day generally!

It was brought to my attention that I never received my estemara 6 from my previous job. True! I had no idea one was supposed to obtain it from former employer; I always thought it was automatically forwarded to the employment office and then provided by the same to the next employer whenever needed. It just made more sense in my head that way. A friend of mine pointed on another note that I live in my own dream world, which I think was a compliment despite the sarcastic tone.

So, I called the Administration Manager, who is a retired lewa, a pretty grumpy old man who can be extremely nice to polite people such as myself, despite how obnoxious he is to blue collar staff! The man was of great help and told me he could even give the document to a friend of mine who worked there if I couldn’t personally go and pick it up to which I replied “la ya seyadet el lewa, ana lazem agy assalem 3ala 7adritak Kaman”. I have a friend who personally hates that man and who will have strong urges to call me names when he reads this. Sorry B, the man is nice to me; my late grandpa wasn’t that nice, so when people his age show signs of niceness, i respond!

I also happened to know while calling them that my colleague/trainer got promoted to Department Manager, which made me so thrilled to go give her a you-go-girl hug, so it wasn’t just to personally thank el lewa.

After miraculously finding a parking space, I stumbled upon a guy who worked in the Legal Department whom I barely even liked, and he was extremely nice to me, which made me think that now that I have seen how low people can sink (courtesy of my husband), I am able to see people as less obnoxious!

The moment I walked in on my recently promoted colleague, she greeted me so warmly as I congratulated her we kept squealing with joy like girls do, until people gathered. Those whom I worked with greeted me BIG time; all hugs and kisses from the girls and strong handshakes from the guys (which sounds extremely weird to non Arabs, I know).

I was instantly reminded of how warm it felt working with those people. How the only thing that made me wake up in the very early morning and endure leaving so late and the hectic work load. It simply was that I could joke with those people all day long. I felt warm and fuzzy inside, that my cheeks kept on blushing more and more with happiness, which made S (my former supervisor/mother figure whom I feel comfortable ranting to) tell me I especially glowed, despite her knowing of the loads of crap I am sinking under.

It was overwhelming how I kept running into people who told me I was looking great. It made me feel great! Yes, I hereby admit that despite not caring what people think of me, it did make a difference yesterday when people told me nice things either about my looks or how they missed “the joy my spirit brought to the workplace”.

I sat with S alone for a while and she gave me my so much needed dose of support/advice, then I dropped by my friend’s office, the one who got me that job who happens to be the sister of one of my two best friends, and also knows about the drama in my life. We kept talking about how the upcoming move to the new work location is going and I asked her which company they were dealing with in this regard. She told me it was the company the husband worked for; yes, the one where that person he cheated on me with still works! This brought us to talking about him. She told me the most amazing thing ever: “you know, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to restarting your life without him; money buys everything, everything is replaceable, EXCEPT good people, and he was not good. As for money, Rabina elly beyeb3atha la2enaha riz2 men 3ando, so don’t worry, things will be fine”

I told her how the only thing that sometimes made me a tad bitter was feeling that he never felt remorse for what he did, for believing his own bull shit. To that, she told me that he may never feel the remorse he should and that he may remain delusional about the whole thing; however, it will sting to see me moving on as if losing him was never a big deal and that one look at how my face was glowing would make him feel that way instantly.

These people have made my day. Damn it, they returned color to my face after I thought it had gotten too pale even for make up to revive. THANK YOU GUYS. I know it means nothing to say that when I refused rejoining the company. But the reasons I quit still stand, so let me just say, it’s been great.

Of course I went home to my mother to actually find her still talking about going back to him, but this time I was too happy to repeat my previous reply, and instead I told her calmly in front of my dad to repeat what she said, and he did the honors. Thanks baba, I LOVE YOU.

I am happy, at least for today, alhamdul’Ellah.

Oh yeah, MERRY CHRISTMAS and all.


Will E. said...

sounds good :)

Ma 3lina said...

Happy for u :)

Happy new year !!!

still breathing said...

that post made me smile

Nora said...

Hey Girl!
That is great!!!
I am so happy for you...

You should try to see those people regularly. You should feel that great regularly...

Oh yeah, I think the advice about just moving on being the hardest thing for your ex-husband to deal with is completely true. I hope you move on.. and I hope it kills him to see it.

I am happy for you.

insomniac said...

will, it did feel good :))

ma 3alina, thanks..s hny to u :)

SB, i am glad it made u smile... something to lighten up my dark blog :)))

Nora, it was great, even better than i could describe!

i do see them from time to time, and they always make me feel that way, they remind me of the cheerful person i can be... i think all i need to be that person again is good company :)))

i am moving on... the one thing that's holding me back is being married to him still! but yeah, i do hope it would be a big slap in the face of his super-size-good-for-nothing ego

thanks girl :)))) u rock!

SaRa said...

I am really glad that you feel like that.. it is really the little things that matters girl

insomniac said...

they do!

hurricane_x said...

That's great :)
LOL at (still breathing)'s comment,..I caught myself smiling too!
That's a big boost, so keep ur spirits up :)

insomniac said...

thanks man... but the spirits are down again.... going to rock bottom soon i suppose!

hurricane_x said...

why, 2enty le7e2ty ?!!
They all said u look gr8, so u really are. Don't let the negative thoughts take control again!

insomniac said...

negative thoughts take control when negative things happen

marooned84 said...

I know it's too personal what you wrote, but I enjoyed reading it as if it was fiction. I think you have the style for a novelist if you put your mind to it.

insomniac said...

thank you very much... i think i will consider ur suggestion one day, my problem is i don't think i have enough attention span to write anything longer than that!!