December 28, 2007

One rational request!

I want people to pause –at least for a fraction of a second- and think before they open their mouths. If they still find those hurtful words worth saying, or if they really mean them, then they can go ahead and say them.

I dare ask that because it’s what I do. I have a lot of hurtful things on my mind I wish I could just say, but I am keeping them to myself, not because they are untrue for they are!! But basically because no good would come out of hurting those I would like to say those words to.

All I want is that much… and yeah, if those hurtful words are untrue, it’s just unfair!


Anonymous said...

What happened, may I ask, to put you in such a bad mood, after being happy at the being in a good mood earlier in the week?

Anonymous said...

sorry, I had some repetitions & errors in my question above.

insomniac said...

anon, what happened wasn't the first time, i am just sick and tired!

perhaps i'd post about it later... but seriously, ppl should spend more time weighing the shit that comes out of their mouths... it's only fair!

and never mind the error, u should see what i write when i am distracted by either of my kids!!

no nick yet??

Anonymous said...

if only we get things by just asking

Ma 3lina said...

I huv this bad habbit too, talking without paying attention to what I'm saying then regret it nd apolgize after the harm is already caused :(

However, how r u doing !!!

insomniac said...

anon, if only.....

ma-3alina, my only advice to u is to think before you hurt others, as cliche as it sounds, the scars left my hurtful words can be much deeper than you would think!

sorry for sounding too preachy!

hurricane_x said...

This needs a moment of thinking,...and people stopped thinking long time ago!
u ask too much, and we get a huge burden to think about not hurting others while they vomit their words without paying the smallest attention!

insomniac said...

i wish i could stop thinking too then!!

perhaps when you hurt ppl with words vomit, they'd realize how much pain they cause!!

well, naaa, been there, done that... i only end up feeling like shit!!! i wanna be like really mean and hurtful, mesh bo2 bass!!!