December 9, 2007

And THAT… is what is wrong with me!

My dad had a nasty accident last week. One of those trucks that carry cement was taking a U-turn and decided to jam itself right next to my dad’s car causing a HUGE dent on the left backdoor, ruining the whole left rear with it, and according to my sister, causing the wheels to squeak.

I am glad nothing happened to my father; other than him probably yelling his heart out at the driver and having his day ruined. But I have to say I am grateful he’s not hurt, I really am. I showed my gratitude by giving him a Chandler-and-Joey-awkward hug. I guess I have become emotionally crippled; I am not even sure if it’s because I have those genes or because I have been badly bruised!

The good news is that the driver and the legal consultant from his company have acknowledged responsibility for the accident and wrote a document stating that they shall pay the costs of getting the car fixed. However, they asked my dad/his lawyer to make an official statement at the police station so that the insurance company would take care of the expenses.

After sending the car to Peugeot, they received a report of the expected expenditure which went a little bit above 20 K. So, they tried negotiating with my dad to have it done elsewhere for a lower price, which of course my dad did not agree to. So they refrained from paying! Therefore, my dad is suing them; all determined that his case is strong since he has both a written acknowledgement and a documented police statement.

So, I was asking my dad yesterday before I went to bed, what was up with his car,

He briefly answered: “it’s getting fixed”
I asked “in Peugeot?”
Him: “no, samkary”
Me: “who’s paying?”
Him: “I am”
ME: *a huge puzzled look with the bit of wtf*
Him: “oh they will pay the amount as stated by Peugeot plus reimbursement.”
Me: “so why did u not compromise with them, instead of going to court?!!!!”
Him: “because they should not bargain, they should pay for the damage they caused and apologize, politely.”
Me: “so why r u not getting it fixed at Peugeot?????”
Him: “to spite them.”

The strange part is: it totally made sense to me.

I’ve been raised by that man, who believes that when you’ve been wronged, those who wronged you have no right to negotiate your terms; as a matter of fact, they should be glad you were civil enough to sit down and talk and they should show signs of remorse and acceptance of your logic, not question it and expect you to make compromises. This is one of the things he had passed to me.

And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what is wrong with me.


SaRa said...

Well I am glad that your father is alright and everything went fine..
As for his logic it completely makes sense... I totally agree. but that is not what is wrong with you that is WHAT IS RIGHT WITH YOU :D
Take care..

insomniac said...

la la, it is what's wrong with the two of us (me and him)... i mean this man still believes in the system ba3d kol elly beyet3emel feeh!!!

he's almost 60 and he has the heart of a teenager with a cause...

da ANA 7assa that i am much older and i am starting to lose faith in justice in this world, we dah mostammer :) he's my rock, beggad. God bless him

still breathing said...

first of all Alf salama to your papa..el 7mduleallah that he is fine!

so both of you have standards; you know precisely what you want and insist on getting it.
If we're talking in terms of making progress in life, I understand that "good enough" is very different from "best".

So its actually a good thing afterall.


Яαgιи Яαvєи said...

Al7amdulellah 3ala salamto.

insomniac said...

wello, i can write endless lists of his standards, the problem is not with the standards, it's with believing they can be applied after that much disappointments... it goes beyond rational thinking :)

i just checked ur blogs, one has zero activity and the other has scary activity! will call u!

Thank you RR, Allah yessalemak... did i mention how grateful i am he's ok :)

Will E. said...

why does everyone here make so many promises and then renegotiate them when it's time to fulfill them?

Ma -3lina said...

1st of all 7amd alah 3la salmet el waled :))

2nd it's very strange en el company asln agreed enhom pay anything it does not happen that much nd kman write paper holding themselves responsibility is a miracle asln :))

3rd cant believe that Still breathing is still breathing and replied 3ndek coz she is away from her blog from ages , so it was nice to see her here

insomniac said...

will, another why i just stopped asking!

ma-3alina, 1st, Allah yessalimik

2nd, that's the thing, the driver was probably scared shitless because of my dad's size and loud voice and probably about-to-explode veins (i am glad i wasn't there, my dad freaks me out when he's that way) and signed the paper that my dad called his lawyer to have it written down (yeah, my dad has his lawyer on speed dial now because of my situation!)

so the people from the company had to come fix what the driver made since he mentioned their name in that document... moreover, the company name was written on the big truck

3rd, i was happy to see still breathing here to, i miss her :)

hurricane_x said...

Thank God ur dad is fine :)
I TOTALLY support what he did. If u r right so screw all.
u know if he accepted their terms, he'll end up with nothing.
I may have lost confidence in the system, but not justice, and there's a huge difference!
Don't worry, he'll win 2ensha2 Allah :)

insomniac said...

yes, THANK GOD he's ok.

if you believe in justice, then let me know your take on the next post. it's a bit contradictory for me.

and yeah, i too believe that when u compromise your rights, u end up with nothing... i know it first hand.

marooned84 said...

and that's exactly what is wrong with egypt I dare say.

now when you one come to look at it from a strict sense of justice, it's a kind of legal fraud. he's going to court and suing them on the basis that he had to pay 20k to fix the car and want his money back, right? now when the judge ask him, or even any of the lawyers, how much did you spend to get your car fixed? he'd say 20k.

I hope you don't get me wrong, but I couldn't resist making the argument and looking forward to your counter-argument for it.

insomniac said...

ok marooned... it would be a legitimate legal fraud in that case...

however, my dad uses a very strict no-lies policy! 1- because it's unethical, and 2- because lies are bound to be disclosed, in this case a request for fixing receipt of routine checking of records would do.

it's actually scary that he believes the court would give him the 20 K they should have paid because it's only fair plus more for whatever damage and time consumption it took... optimistic man!!!