April 14, 2009

A little bit of everything…

This keeps happening to me lately! That someone points out –either by implying it or saying it flat out- how they find it strange that I am one person!

Scene I - Last time At Dr. Magdi’s

That girl who was trying to analyze my drawings: *looking at Dr. Magdi* dool 7ad wa7ed bas rasemhom?!!!
Him: *smiling beneath his glasses while gazing at me* aheh oddamek aheh
Her: *looking at me* enty elly rasma dool kollohom???
Me: ah
Her: they’re full of so many contradictions we feehom 7agat mokhtalefa keteera sa3b el wa7ed yela2eeha fe shakhs wa7ed!!!
Me: I guess I am moody that way!
Him: Moody bas?! *smiling even more*

I have his smile engraved in my mind, I will so miss that man!

Scene II - Driving in my car with a friend and I kept pressing ff on the ipod, I drove him mad!

Him: *grabbing the ipod* do you mind?
Me: la khales, ekhtar elly 3ayez tesma3oh…
Him: ok, lama neshoof fe eh yetseme3 *after a while* eh el 7agat el ghareeba de?
Me: hehe I know, too many stuff that can’t be in “one collection”
Him: malhomsh 3elaqa be ba3d aslan! Elly ye7awel yefham shakhseyetek mel beta3 da ye2ool ennek akeed magnoona!
Me: *laughing* howa ana akeed mesh 3a2la! But if it helps, they’re not all favorites, sometimes I download soundtracks, or a discography of an artist for whom I like a few tracks and get stuck with stuff I don’t even listen to! I don’t delete them 3ashan yemken fe yoom ab2a 3ayza asma3 7aga ma3rafhash wab2a perceptive le something I didn’t like before…
Him: tab playlist!
Me: playlisting isn’t fun, I never know what mood I’m in or what matching song I would like to hear until it plays, I only know what I don’t want to hear so i skip it, we kaman I enjoy the little surprises my ipod gives me!

I actually playlisted that day to see if I actually have a consistent genre, but it was only a smaller list of too many different genres!

Scene III -
On my desk taking some notes while on the phone. My colleague walked in with some handwritten notes I had given him two days ago to review before I write a report.

Him: khody, tamam keda, just put me on the cc.
Me: ok *handing him the notes I had just written* khod dool, de el details beta3et el course elly hakhdo, we mawa3eed el classes wel mawa3eed beta3et el English proficiency test…
Him: *reading it, then looking at the notes he was just giving me* sanya wa7da, enty katba el etneen dool *holding both notes*
Me: *not even looking at him* yes
Him: (my name), bossy, it’s like they’re written by two different people!
Me: *looking at them and realizing he’s right* hehe, yeah, looks like I have multiple personality disorder or whatever any professional calligrapher would tell you!

The first notes were written in small italic letters that looked a bit cursive, while the second notes were written in rather far-apart up right letters with bigger emphasis on each letter!

And just a while ago, Rasha was commenting –out of the blue- on how strange she finds it that I can be friends with such a vast variety of personalities and like them all the same! I found it extremely funny because I had just writing this post when she sent me that msn message!!!

Looks like I am either one hell of a moody person, or I have multi personality disorder like I was telling my colleague, or I have a serious identity crisis, or I could just be a typical Gemini; too many personalities wrapped into one!


Slop said...

Are you sure you're ok, you sound like you're losing your grip on things.

Rasha* said...

hehe, mesh mawdoo3 liking different personalities all the same...mawdoo3 dealing with extreme opposites easily :D
if you ask me, it has nothing to do with all that titles u suggested...it's you having a broad spirit and broader mindsets or you don't really care much about how relevant is the personality of your friend is to your own preferences.
Either way...people live and die and wouldn't know of life but their own type...variety is rich...actually very rich.
Akeed variable tastes create valuable perspectives...and that makes you appreciate the tiny details about life more and look deeper behind things...
again, only in case it's not because of indifference :P

ana mesh fahma, disorder eh oo batee5 eh manty zay elfull ahoh :D
wennaby t'besame mucho :D heheh

Anonymous said...


I love gemini ppl , they rock ;) one of the best signs I get along with .

Hope you feel better dear (regarding the previous post) geminis are known for their flexiblity and high adaptation nature :)


Knowledge Seeker said...

it's really funny but you know Scene II is mine with same details including the friend comments:)

insomniac said...


this is strange, i was starting to feel that i am getting a grip!

honestly man, your comment kinda depressed me for a while there; i thought "how pathetic do i sound?!!"


i didn't mean to post it as a bad thing, i was being sarcastic!

thanks for explaining the comment, enty 3arfa how slow i occasionally get, especially around this time of the year!


did you ever mention your sign??? was it sag??? please do remind me :)

and yeah baby, geminis ROCK ;))

and yeah i know i bounce back pretty fast, i always count on that!

Knowledge Seeker,

mmm, sounds interesting!!! feel free to exchange music interests!!!

Knowledge Seeker said...

hmmm music interests... well to give you a hint you can find on one of my CDs the following:
ana mesh 3arefny for 3abd el basset hamouda, jets (80's arabic band if u ever heard of them), Queen, Tamer Hosney, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf, Fayza Ahmed, Dalida,Indian music....etc the list can go long
I like to make my CDs similar to radio, you don't know what's coming next

Anonymous said...

It's virgo hun 8)


Ice Queer said...

I relate to scene I but with different perspective, my Dr always tell me that what I write or think is much older than my age!
Et I totally relate to scene deux! Actually most of my friends think i've weird taste of music cuz of the diversity.

Anyway u r a chronic Gemini so get treated b4 it's too late =P

P.S: I missed this kind of posts by you

Slop said...

I was referring to your overall mood within the last couple of posts, anyway, I apologize if my comment depressed you.

Keep well my friend.

insomniac said...

Knowledge Seeker,

here are the artists we have in common: Frank Sinatra (this man is a mood setter!!), Edith Piaf and her intriguing voice, Fayza Ahmed (never listened to eny of the songs, i just have them for when my dad is riding), Dalida (another enchanting voice) and around four to five tracks of queen!

i addition to that, there are jazz oldies that make me want to dance my nakad away! and there are abdel wahab and kolthoum stuff that would make me dwell on it all over again!!! and there are stuff for when i want to scream and shout while pretending it's just the music!

insomniac said...


strangely enough, i never thought i got along fine with Virgos, but time proved me wrong!! and i have a virgo son whom i'm just crazy about!

insomniac said...


don't get me started on the age thing! i've heard it all; i am either too childish for my age in an "innocent" way, or too "wise" for my age! problem is, i never perceived myself neither as innocent nor wise!!! but i can completely see how my moods could shift too fast for anyone to catch up, not even myself!!

yeah thing is people don't get that we need the diversity and that it's mostly about our need for change, what could possible be so horrible about that, it's refreshing!! we kaman there is a consistency in one's taste for those who look really hard and understand the taste...

and yeah i am a chronic gemini and i do not think i should seek treatment for that :))) i am really in peace with all that i am, it's what life gives me that i need to accept!

i hope i can provide more of such posts :))

insomniac said...

Slop :)

you seriously do NOT need to apologize at all!!!!!

and you're right, i've been losing my grip since the end of March and it's been one "afa" after the other i am too tired... i'm counting on the turning of the wheels!

Knowledge Seeker said...

you can add fayrouz for sure to the list even i wasn't listing all my favorites
but in general i've a large appetite when it comes to music, i can listen to any kind based on my mode maybe with exception of techno & hip hop

Ayzi said...

I honestly did have time to read this blog post, but I came now to share with you a video that you might just like :)

Hope you enjoy it, and that it'd put a smile on your face :)


Knowledge Seeker said...

the video you posted is really amazing, it left me speechless for a while with many differents thoughts...

insomniac said...

Knowledge Seeker,

Fayrouz is the first singer that made me listen to arabic lyrics!

and yeah i don't listen to techno or hip hop either, and neither do i listen to the kind of rock that's all about screaming and crashing of metal!

Ayzi, it was sweet that you actually sent me that :) and i loved the voice a lot :))