March 28, 2009

And when the anger subsides...

this is exactly how I feel; every note and every word. I feel tired, I feel old, and I feel sad. I don't know if it's causing my anger or caused by it, but I know it's how I feel now.

I will bounce back, I always do...

Until then, enjoy the music!


Jim said...

i loved the song , and i hope you'll snap out of that mood soon

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

هي الأغنيه مش شغاله عندي بس مش مهم
المهم فعلا انك متبقيش بالحزن والغضب ده
يخرب بيت اللي يزعلك

ويخرب بيت اللي يزعلني


اخوكي ايهاب

insomniac said...


Thanks :) and welcome here


mashy :)