November 25, 2008

Why is it so hard to understand?

So you did your thing; where you are too freakin’ persistent and pushy that I would eventually answer the phone to give you my feedback on all the emails and messages, good for you.

So you tried your cheap shots of placing the blame on someone from my family whom you refused to say their name saying they told you to keep me that way for perhaps I would reconsider the marriage. I told you there was no chance in hell I would go back and you said you knew that, fair enough.

So you gave your noble act the best shot and went on and on about how you really want to be there for the kids; sadly, you could only elaborate with financial offers by which you knew I would be offended, it’s ok, I gave you the toughest replies a man could get from his soon to be x-wife.

So you said you really wanted to sit and talk and reach an agreement, the best for our kids; alright, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt and seriously considering compromising some of my rights for theirs.

Apparently, you have mistaken my semi-calm, semi-emotional tone of voice and my pleasant attitude for something they simply not; so I just need to set a few things straight…

I am not your friend, and the chances of me ever becoming one are pretty slim to none; I can be civil and pleasant, but it really depends on which buttons you do not push…

There is no chance in hell I am ever coming back to you or even considering it, so I don’t appreciate the soft tone and the clichĂ© reminiscing; it’s juvenile and insulting. I do not miss you, or miss the way we used to be; if anything, I think I have blocked all the good memories, and thanks a lot for helping. I do not even miss love because everything about this marriage reminds me of how ugly love can turn….

Whatever it is you plan to do for the kids, it is your duty and obligation as a father towards them; it is not a favor or something for you to show off doing, and for whatever it’s worth, if you don’t want to do it, I will make sure they will not need it…

You do not get to take away the kids to “relief me from my burden”; my babies are not a burden, they are beautiful, and like all beautiful things, they are definitely worth whatever trouble I may go through…

Don’t you ever bring up what went wrong again; two can play that game, and I assure you, I will be the winner and I won’t be graceful or sympathetic; I will be mean, cruel, harsh, and extremely insensitive and I could even make you cry. No good would come out of that so just don’t!

And FYI, the “wisdom and calmness” you noticed in me are due to something you know nothing of; being mature!! Or at least something close enough to that, not to mention that it’s much easier for someone like me to be wise and calm when I simply couldn’t care less, got it?!!


W O R D S said...

Well .. i wont be giving u xplanations about why may ppl act like this .. the whole trial 2 make one's image better thing -even if ppl around just dont give a darn about that !
coz am sure u do know that already ..

I just hope that u get over the whole thing once its over - i know that it might sound much easier said than done-

Wish u the all the best ..

The.I.inside said...

I honestly believe that your X is the most delusional, in denial, crazy SOB. excuse my french, but common how hard it is to get "I hate you get the F*** out of my life and let me be."
lets hope your divorce get through so you over with this charade

Anonymous said...


thanks for your wishes :)

yesma3 menkom...

batates_777 said...

Strong Woman :) rabenna ma3aky :)
I really what that man could hv done on earth to bring that mad and anger I see in your words! but i am sure he did ...
I donno if just sayin If ..can forgive and let go ? not only for the sake of babies but for you too ! I know you may already passed it and got divorce now ! but I just think of the idea of forgiveness n letting go !
I m not so sure I can go for that though !

insomniac said...


blogger made my commen anonymous!!


u should have seen that "strong woman" 18 months ago :)))

what my x did to earn the way i feel about him is all over the blog, i am just afraid if you read through it, you'd hate him with as much passion :))

i am letting go already alhamdulilah.. i don't care for him, but i doubt he deserves forgiving...

Bebo said...
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batates_777 said...

Oh yeah , I noticed ..You hv no clue how much in time I spent on your blog today !! seriously !!
i was attached in away i didnt know why i was so ! not out of curiosity though ! as i figured out through a post or two what it was all about ! but you way of talkin and the so expressive way you talk about it, how you feel really captured me ! i wasnt enjoyin seein you sad though ! I know i dont know you in real , but i hv always ALWAYS hated betryals and just cant buy it , n i think no one can tell how you feel , and I always wonder if woman switch places with man ! would he buy it then ? n forigive ! am sure not !
anywayz , i wish if i can give you support here , i really prayed for you , hope you pass it soon , hope it will be real soon ..
cant say anything more but Rabena ma3aky ya rab , and insha2allah you will pass it ..
i will be followin your posts then :) you got one more reader here :)
wish you inner calm and peace of mind :X

batates_777 said...

Hi again , I tagged you in my newest post were my bias though .
be good