November 19, 2008


Despite that I am in a good mood, I have been piling up some rants about current events; internationally, locally, and of course personally. I planned to keep them for myself but Rasha hates how quiet my blog has been lately, so there…

- Barak Obama. mabrouk 3ala amreeca, I really mean it, but for the Arab world, ETWEKSO. All talk shows had nothing to discuss but that; analyzing the crap out the whole thing, hell even my x gave me his sick analysis through email! News flash people, the man does not owe you a thing, he owes whatever it is that he owes to the American people. Yes, America’s regimes do affect the world, I understand, but for the love of God and all that’s holy, stop analyzing something you can never experience, let alone achieve; you better work on things that you can actually do something about! Government officials and political specialists, analayze khebetko el te2eela or try do something about it instead of talking about things you have no first-hand knowledge of!!! And for the rest of the Arab world who just talk, 3ala fekra, da elly gayebko wara; el kalam wel faty el mas7oob be 3adam el entag… so, to sum it up ETWEKSO!!!

- I’ve been getting all sorts of enlightening suggestions through email about improvement of education since that poor child died (God bless him and his family), but again, seriously, why do we do nothing but making unrealistic suggestions. Most of those who can’t keep their pie holes shut have nothing to do with education and have no power to change things!!! I’m sorry for being a cynical bitch but unless there is something you can do, or unless someone asks you your opinions, keep them to yourself; it’s extremely frustrating to hear over and over and yet over again how crappy education is and knowing all the same that there isn’t much one can do about it.

- Noha Rushdy. I don’t get the controversy, I don’t! If she has been harassed, then I completely respect what she did and how she stood up for her rights, it’s really as simple as that. Her ethnic origin, whatever it is, should not be of any importance, and fellow Egyptians, Noha Rushdy is not how the el 3adow el sohyoony gets us, again, please ETWEKSO!!!!

- The court ruling regarding exporting Natural Gas to Israel. Do you seriously believe that ruling will be enforced?! Makansh da ba2a 7alna, this is not a transparent country with transparent politics and economics, and I really hate talking about those things because 1- I don’t know enough to say something meaningful, and 2- there is nothing I can do to change any of it. It just pisses me to see people cheering for an illusion.

- That statistics report about the Egyptian society and its notorious results. I find it extremely unprofessional that the specialists working on that report have failed to take into consideration something like Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions (which was taught in freshman year at college) when comparing awareness and satisfaction results of the Egyptians to those of other countries!!! It’s no secret theory and anyone who works in that field should be aware of it, mesh 3ashan kont ta3leem agnaby!!! And while I’m at it, how come no studies were done/regarded to understand the collective Egyptian culture before making any statistical report on the Status of Egyptians, and I mean the average mesel7y who walks the streets elly beykhaf mel 7asad we beydary 3ala sham3eto 3ashan tewala3 feeh we fe ahloh!!!

- The doctors in KSA. I’m appalled and it makes me angry every time I think about it. I know Egypt is rotten in so many ways, I know every country in the world is rotten in its own way, but the one thing that makes Saudi Arabia more obnoxious is that they inflict social and legal injustice using the name of religion which is just *insert sheteema*. I say social and legal injustice because I have serious doubts the same court ruling would have taken place had the doctors been of Class A nationalities or God forbid Saudi royalty. People who make such horrible things and hide behind religion disgust me. And I don’t give the least care if the are religious scholars because I still doubt their fairness and objectivity.

- My x sent me yesterday (the 18th) a text on my cell wishing me a happy 8 years and 6 months anniversary. Why does this person like to remind me of my lost years?!

Kefaya keda, I think that was too much ranting and I think I ended up doing what I just mentioned above that I dislike; giving my unneeded and unasked opinions about things I can’t change. Well, in my defense, I would have kept my opinions to myself had people around me refrained from providing me with theirs.


jessyz said...

I totally agree with Barrack Obama comment, most people have not even read anything on his policies. His energy policy states that he wants to completely stop importing oil from the Middle East and Venzuela in 10 years. Does anyone have any idea how that might affect the Arab countries, the countries who produce the oil and the countries who provide the workers for it? Someone should be looking into this and finding backup plans for the situation.
About education parents should send the kids to the best schools they can afford and be involved as much as possible in their education. SO they can catch a troubled teacher before anything bad happens. I too don't think the Natural Gas contract will be canceled. What's this statistics report? First time I've heard about it. Your ex fadi awi we tafeh shwaya?

insomniac said...

jessyyyyyz :)

- Obama, people just focused on 3 things: 1- he's not republican, 2- he's black, and 3- 2al eh he's from muslim origins! da 3ala asas en all the Arab leaders worship satan masalan, as if being a muslim automatically makes you a good person... mesh 3arfa de teeba menena wala sazaga!!! as for the man's policy, i wouldn't blame him, it's what's best for HIS country, yaretna kona benfakar keda!!!!!

- i totally agree with you on education, yes, send children to best schools we can afford, get involved and communicate, and make sure there is no physical punishment whatsoever.

- my sis was telling me it could be done in secret, asl ma7adesh haye3raf wala 7ad hayes2al...

- there was that statistical report done by the national institution for statistics wel bateekh, about egyptian, measuring their level of awareness and satisfaction, it was on al 3ashera masa2an yesterday, the results tefattas men el de7k if u ask me... for exaple, el mowaten el masry sa3eeed, yet in the same time, gheer rady 3an el wad3 el eqtesady le osretoh... nefso el 7okooma tesref 3ala el mo7afza 3ala el bee2a men gheer ma tedafa3o, yet agrees to takhsees goz2 men el darayeb lel mo7afza 3ala el bee2a... as2ela fada7et nafseyet el nas enohom mesh fahmeen el as2ela we beyrodo, and i blame those who made the questionnaire and collected the answers... they did not seem to have done the needed research before structuring that questionnaire!!

- my x is the king of tafaha, and it makes me realize i must have been the queen of tafaha for once loving him :)

Rasha said...

hehehe I love u rants el7a2ee2a :D
FYI, mesh barta7 lelnas elmaktooma :D
shoofy ya fandem...obama, is a total screw and ana ahoh wenty ahoh wezaman aho beina aho (7asan elasmar )
da 3ashan ana mohtama be saqaftek elfaneya:P
- Seriously, how would u want them to shut up unless they have some solution...ya3ni you wanna deprive alsha3b almasry their biggest and ONLY hobby?!! cruel Inso :D
- about Ms. roshdy...ya3ni what can i say...baga7a be grabbed like that oo leeha 3een kol elsetat yama 7asalohom oo kano fe montaha ele7teram wala kelma!!
- Akeed you know by know the following legal facts:1- A court ruling will be followed!!
2- there's always a way around it!!
The wonders of Law!!

-law sama7ty matgebeesh seeret mesel7y tany...plz...elragel fe 7alo oo beykhaf men khayalo oo 7amato oo 7adret elzabet mesh 7aykhaf men el7asad oo el3afareet?!!
you're really asking for too much...yet again, we can introduce him to a single mean of security and i can assure you he will turn into a mesel7'y...khawaga!
- I will not rant wala aswat wa alem ommet adam kolaha 3ala qeset religious scholars
on a side note...verdicts about heaven and hell and related issues...
have you seen the ad of aqem salatak...beautiful idea to remind people of allah...what really astonished me in the worst ways that in the " good guy " version, he died as well!!!
mayenfa3sh yeb2a 7elw enena nesaly oo 7ayatna teb2a 7elwa...lazem takhweef...lazem moot?!!!

- X??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now, you can see dear why i urged you to post...I thou have heat!!

Shimaa Gamal said...

your X is a masterpiece! :)

Thanks for making her write :)

insomniac said...

ya rasha...

ana mesh maktooma, bas i like being original, and people have been talking back and forth about all those things to a rather sickening extent in some cases, i thought i should spare readers... da taba3an gheer enny 2aleeta zay manty 3arfa :D

- momken teb3edy 3an thaqafty el faneya be 7asan el asmar, khaleena fel jazz :D

- ana kont 3arfa enty hatla3 we7sha 3ashan bataleb el sha3b el masry bel kalam el banna2 faqa, a3tazer!

- ma2darsh ahazar fe mawdoo3 ms. rushdy, i really respect her stand, and i wish i had it in me to behave that way :)

- mawdoo3 el gas, masr om el denya, and i meant it the bad way, masr 3attet awy!!!!

- mesel7y da ragel ghalban w fe 7alo we mota3ayesh ma3 el denya, masr elly wasaleto lel gholb da... yama ommahat kharabo beet weladhom, 3ady!

- mashoftesh el e3lan, men fadl rabena 3alaya...

- leeh ma3ala2teesh, 7aya2ek we adabek mana3ooki, sa7???

more posts will come on time, akeed fe 7aga hatastafezeny :)


yar7amkom Allah :D

insomniac said...

ya shimz, if you wanted me to post all u had to do was ask ;)

and yeah masterpiece, bas ana zalamt el masterpieces elly fel denya keda :)

sayed said...

If I was Mona ElShazly, I'd be worried about my job.

I'm officially nominating you as the new host of that show, I'd love to see how you'd say "Etwesko!" on screen.

insomniac said...


it's an honor you think that :)

and i promise if i ever host a show that tackles such issues, i will pause and take a moment to smile and say etwekso :D

The.I.inside said...

I agree with about 99% of what you said, by the way Obama is not Muslim, you can't even say he's from a Muslim Origin , although both his father and step father were Muslims, apparently his mom had a thing for Muslim guys, LOL , she was a christian and she raised him as one, what I love most is how people would automatically look to you like you are totally crazy and tell you, but his father name is Hussein,he's defiantly gonna be good. LOL

insomniac said...

what pisses me about the whole muslim argument is the assumption that just because someone is "muslim", he/she is a good person!!!

The.I.inside said...

It's true, just because someone is Muslim doesn't mean he/she is a good or a bad person , but I think what they actually mean is that he'll look after their interest i.e would stand with the Palestinian people , they wish!

insomniac said...

that's what i was just saying, he does not owe muslim arabs or any muslims for that matter anything... he owes americans (of all faiths) a better country and that's it... other countries and their interests do not count unless they help america be better, it's only normal and i think acceptable.... and let's face it, palestine and its cause is not of interest to anyone but arabs; it is OUR JOB, and if we can't do it, we shoul d never expect others to.... balash wenaby te2aleby el mawage3, khaleeny sakta :)))

Shimaa Gamal said...

Actually Inso, Palestine is no longer of interest to anyone. Even to the palestinians themselves.
It is now all about who rules ghaza. I even sometimes doubt that they will declare ghaza as a state, teb2a esmha gomhoryet 3'aza el et7adeya maslan.
el 2adeya el felstenya matet mn zamaannnnnnnn.
Now fakarteeny eny I have a theory and I should get it published abl ma yet7a2a2 LOL