November 11, 2008

The upside of being sick…

I’ve been putting on some weight since Ramadan, not the significantly noticeable kind for others, but rather the kind that makes me feel guilty every time I am indulging a food craving. My work pants were getting a little bit tighter and a couple of my tops kinda felt tighter as well, God bless my boss for not saying a word about me going to work in jeans and dressed like a hobo!

Knowing me, going on a strict diet wouldn’t change much because I know my weight changes radically in short periods of time depending mostly on my mood, I was just hoping it wouldn’t keep going until I’m fat. Anyways, in a futile attempt to eat healthy I ate Greek salad, which didn’t really do me any good, not just because I ate around 3 slices of pizza later that day, but also because the salad was definitely contaminated (everyone ate from the pizza and thank God no one got sick).

Two days later, I think I have managed to lose all the extra weight I had put on in two whole months!! Of course I’ve also managed to drain all my body fluids in every way possible, of course I still feel dizzy and woozy, and still get urges to throw up, not to mention the embarrassing bathroom visits, of course my hair looks and feels damaged especially that I have not combed it since Saturday night, and of course my eyes look totally different… but hey, I lost weight! Who knew salad could have that miraculous effect!

This is my first day at work this week, and I think I will leave at noon once I make sure I won’t be needed. I can’t stand up for more than three minutes, and my colleagues keep commenting on how much weight I must have lost, which somehow makes me smile, shallow I know! I took my antibiotic, and I have right next to me a cup of tea (I hate tea) and some weird biscuit my boss gave me because “I must eat something”. Upon tasting the biscuit, it does not taste bad at all, wow, I still have it in me to taste food! However, I do not see salad-eating in my near future although I am a big salad lover, and neither do I see apples (I still taste my vomit after my first apple-eating attempt)

Oh, and a friend of mine and I were once contemplating becoming bulimic to lose weight… honey, don’t; all the throwing up is definitely not worth it.


The.I.inside said...

O! Poor you. I Once had myself a food poisoning but mine lasted 2 weeks and that helped me loss A LOT of weight. I think it's kinda early for you to go to work now, coming from the person who in the midst of it all went to the movies, and not any movie i must add, a war one with bombs explosions and limbs flying everywhere, don't remember a thing a bout it and can't think of it with our getting nausea . I am not making you feel better at all, so I'll just tell you.
Get well soon hun!

insomniac said...

i am feeling much better than 2 days ago... i still feel nauxious and i am waiting for someone to pick me up, but it does not compare to the past couple of days :)

question tho, why would u go to such a bloody movie, u like that genre aslan walla u were dragged?

thank dear :)

rasha said...

ana 2olt aseebek bera7tek bas keda too much and ana zoo2 bas mesh frozen ya3ni.
ana mesh bas literally very sick oo at home ghalbana and maskeena...ana kaman zehe2t men el post elly mesh radi yetghayar da :S
Come on girl!!!

insomniac said...


7ader :)

bas asl nothing is on mind and i am seriously tired of my x-induced rants... 7aram 3alaya a3sab el nas akeed :)

The.I.inside said...

I was too sick to care, I don't remember a thing about that movie thou, every time it comes to TV i flip the channel even thinking about it makes me sick