November 6, 2008

Only my x could make the US presidency elections about US!!

And I thought my blog would be the only Obama-free blog! How delusional of me?! I can always count on my x to find ways to link us to international politics; I mean hello, he’s the same guy who managed to compare our situation to the Palestine Israel conflict!

This is what I found in my mailbox…

Dear (my name),
Obama won the elections,,,that means even Americans can
accept a black president ,,,,which always was subject to never ever
status ,,,that means always there is a possibility of change to
better....if we want ,,,,rabena m3aky we yehdeky isa.....
End of day evil
goes away .....slmely 3la el awlad el gomal el wehos el kbeera
, we ya rayet lw 3ndek sewar gedid lehom teb3teha by mail with
rabena m3aky isa

Seven words: You give political awareness a bad name!


Geddo Iskandar said...

loooooooooool - allah y7ezak ya shiekh :D

insomniac said...

lol, "ye7ezzak"!!! 3ala fekra de kheyana :)

we kaman ye7ezzak de fe3lan geddo-ish :)

ed7ak ed7ak!

gjoe said...


So the world revolves around your x?

Shimaa Gamal said...

walahy ya inso fi 7aga mesh adra aqawemha, howa el akh mesh bey2ra garayed wala beyshoof news, the word "black" isn't used anymore these days they go with esm el dala3 "African American" teftkery given the new status, he could be sent to gauntanamu for using this word??

ya rab, ya rab, ya rab

Dr-invisible said...

He is such a creative guy !!

I wonder why u left such a nice guy looooool

insomniac said...


he thinks :) but i wouldn't believe him if i were you ;)


oh my God! trust me, knowing what he's family is like, kowayes eno 2al black instead of the N word!!!

dr. inv,

the real creativity lies in how he would have managed to say something similar even if obama had not won!! as for why i left him, ma7abetsh a7rem el nas menno, my x mesh beta3y ana bas, da beta3 masr kolaha, heya kherbet men showaya!

jessyz said...

momken tebala3'i 3aleh el 7ezb el watani

insomniac said...


la la la ya jessy :) enty mesh wakhda balek... he is THAT flexible when it comes to mabad2oh... i can almost hear all scenarios momken ye2olha fe ay situation... ba2ollek he compared our situation to the west bank conflict, ADER!

rasha said...

ana ba3taref: i may...just 3abeeta and really basada2!! :$
7ateb3ati pics??

insomniac said...


tesada2y eny kont khayfa 3aleiky enty men doon el nas t2ery el post da...

sada2ty eh el marra de???

eh ra2yek, 3ala fekra ana law ba3at sowar welad tanyeen mesh hayakhod baloh!

rasha said...


The.I.inside said...

So, the US election inspiried him that anything is possible ? Kinda remind me with coca cola max commercials , LOL

insomniac said...

ana mesh fakra el coca cola max ads... bas 3ady, he has the tendency to make everything about him, seriously! the sad part is that i lived quite a number of my years making everything about him too, what can i say: kheiba :-/

The.I.inside said...

basically the whole idea in the coca cola max commercials is those people who think that since coca had done the amazing thing of making a sugarless coca with the same taste as the ordinary than they can do what ever they want to do (which is usually something totally cereal and stupid like a guy flying with feather wings)
after another thought maybe they aren't that much connected, but in my mind's eye i still connect them.
Love is blind, glad you can see again ;)