July 27, 2008

Risalatoho Al Akheera

A friend of mine sent me this amazing song by Amal Murkus.

This is the only way I could describe its effect on me: ka2en 7ad beyakhdo roo7y menny; not in a bad way although I am not sure there is a good that could happen!! I just couldn’t find a better expression… I just need to remind myself to breathe when I am listening to it!!

If this is not material to share, what would be?!



rasha said...

Thanks for this nice treat ya gameela...now that i've known your taste...we can relate in harmony ba2a :D
saba7o musical :)

insomniac said...

saba7ek music ya amar :))

glad you liked it ;)) flattered kaman!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to comment on the profile pic ...it's so nice..so you :)


insomniac said...

awww :)))

thank you so much R :))

i thought it was too small for its content but i really wanted to use it after i spent hours making it!!

means a lot that you noticed :)