July 14, 2008

To my friends and those who know me…

I know I am not always a day in the park, unless the park is allowed to be messy and crappy and has some wasps flying here and there.

I’ve been told I can bring sunshine when I’m happy, that my smile can brighten someone’s day! But I am also aware how my temper can start storms of rage, and how my tears can be too depressing to handle; I make up for it by trying to stay quite when angry and smiling while crying; did you notice?

The sarcasm, it’s part of me that I love and cherish; I wouldn’t change it, so please bear with me. Better yet join me, it is fun, trust me, but just don’t make fun of others unless you can take it yourself!!

Depending on how well you know me, you might see me as a cynic. However, take a closer look, a deeper look perhaps; you’d see that I am believer in people and their potential of being good! I just remind myself that it’s only a potential because if I don’t I’d get disappointed more often.

Don’t let my weakness make you feel sorry for me or pity me; my weakness hides when I see pity in people’s eyes and fades when I remember the good things I have, the things that give me strength. But also, don’t let my strength fool you and make you think I couldn’t possibly be hurting, because I do, and surprisingly at the slightest things sometimes!

I am good with words, you must have noticed; I know which word to say in which phrase. Just don’t expect me to communicate verbally when I am troubled or when I am in need for something I simply couldn’t ask for! I lose words and I get confused in their meanings when I need to say them the most! Like the idiot I am, I expect, and perhaps wish people could read my mind and take that burden off of me; and like the idiot I am, I get disappointed when they don’t!

I know you might already know all that, and I know that you accept and appreciate me the way I am, because you’re still around showing your care and your support and enduring my numerous moments of stupidity! And for that I’m thankful. I try to do the same and I really hope I’m doing a good job!

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