July 2, 2008

To Kov…

Reading his last post, I couldn’t help but remember something I once read somewhere that suggested the following…

Sometimes being brave is actually being the coward; the one who is challenged to be courageous because people expect him to, yet steps back and passes, will be condemned by all as a coward! If one chooses to be viewed as a coward when expected to be courageous; if one ceases to care about others’ expectations, one is considered brave enough!

Kov, I know it may not be of any relevance, but let me tell you that... close your eyes and shush all the sounds in your surrounding, listen to your instincts and to those little voices in you and do what they say! Don’t torture yourself by living up to other people’s expectations, or even yours for that matter; only live up to whatever your instincts are ready and willing to do. There, my 2 cents!!

Wishing you well buddy :)

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