June 6, 2008

On my last court session...

I am sick and tired of telling what happened. It sucked on a big scale; however, thank God I am still capable of seeing whatever silver lining I think there is!! I have a few questions though; general wonderings if I may...

When was it ok for a judge to use terms like “7orma” and “7areem”? I mean when did those terms become politically correct?!! I don’t care if he’s from Beni Suef or whatever; there are rules! And if he had a problem with the way people should stand when addressing the court because “el ma7kama leeha e7teramha” then shouldn't he be the first to use terms that are more appropriate??

That might make me sound too arrogant, but is that even ok that someone from a different social class and a different background gets to decide whether I am being a spoilt brat or not!! I mean if a judge comes from where it is ok to call a woman “7orma”, I do not think he would have that much respect for my person to stop and even consider that I do have a right to a divorce, no??

And why is it not ok for me to object?! When someone tells a big fat lie and I say “it did not happen”, how come I get yelled at that way? IT DID NOT FREAKIN HAPPEN YOU MORON, if I don’t say that how else will he know?!

Yeah and how about when a judge knows one of the witnesses belonging to one of the parties?! Shouldn’t he step down and have that case assigned to another judge?? I mean couldn’t him handling this particular case be considered a conflict of interest that way??

And while I’m at it, do judges normally change their mind? I mean, one moment he decides against postponing and goes one with hearing the witnesses, and then questions the witnesses 5 hours later only to change his mind and postpone the session until the other party bring witnesses!!! He could have spared us from the beginning!!!

So that’s more or less it; the judge assigned to my case is an ignorant pro-testosterone jerk who is biased against women due to his upbringing and who does not even seem to believe in women’s right to ask for a divorce; moreover, he probably thinks it’s made to be men’s way out “lama el 7orma men dool modetha tentehy” or whatever! As for the icing on my cake of crap, he happened to know one of my x’s witnesses; beautiful.

Nope, I am not worried! I am mostly pissed and appalled. I know there isn’t much he can do but waste time; but I also know that it is my x’s plan, to make me pay for this divorce by wasting more years from my life! It’s easy to rectify any suspicious legal procedure by another... but days, weeks, months, or even a year or two, will not be replaced.

I am not down or depressed alhamdulilah. I am just angry because I am disappointed at the judge! He should have at least pretended to be fair! I mean it’s their freakin motto; justice. Oh well, justice my...

I’ll go get me some sleep now, and perhaps have a good dream or two... I will daydream of a happier time for now hoping it would extend to my dreams and then extend a bit further to my reality.

Good night


Anonymous said...

Love your spirit (Y) keep it up girl.

btw ..that's what courts are supposed to be .... 7ebalhom taweela :S... hope u have the patience... i know ppl always get what they want thru courts only if they were persistence enough and never give up.

Best wishes.


Anonymous said...

women have expiry dates?!!!

I'm speechless!

Jade said...


Anonymous said...

Stay Strong, Stand Tall!

insomniac said...


thanks dear, i try!

i am not sure how long i can remain patient; it disturbs me to even think that THIS could take another year, but i guess it could if it's meant to be... rabena yostor!

insomniac said...


i am not sure he said that exact term tho, for the sake of being honest, but he sure as hell implied what felt a lot worse...

it would be out of politeness when i say he's very condescending of women... mesh 3arfa 2a2ool 3aleh eh!

insomniac said...


u know i thought of you coming and dressing up as a guy... but then i started thinking he'd probably start getting on ur nerves and then you'd start cursing at him... it made me laugh :)

wish me luck babe!

insomniac said...


trying to stay strong... i don't know about tall :)

anons: pick a letter for the love of God :)))

Nora said...

I am sorry this is happening. I normally try to leave comments that remind you of the possible bright side of things.. this time I am still trying to think of a bright side.
Well babe, at least it gives you something to blog about...!!

insomniac said...

nora :)

you just made me laugh!!

apprently, i am the only one hear still acting all optimistic about all this!!!

and seriously girl, i am not even feeling that optimistic, i am just too tired of bing upset i decided to not let any of the pending divorce matters get to me...

i wish i could blog some more about it but i've been having problems expressing myself lately... let's hope this makes blogging easier for me!

thanks gorgeous :)

Eventuality said...

Hang on in there we rabbena 3al moftary :)

Bas eih 7orma di, da 2aleel el zo2 awy!

Ana 3andy so2al if you may, howwa da tala2 walla 7'ol3?

Take care xx

insomniac said...


yeah, amen! rabena 3al moftary :))

it's tala2... he's trying to push me into going with 7'ol3 and he had me sign a lot of documents months ago waiving my financial rights... i think now he just wants me to pay him! cheap, i know :-/

Deeeeeee said...

Reading that post, narfezni geddan!!

Anonymous said...

anon@10:26's initial is M

rasha said...

I wish i was ur friend " for real " before all that mess started...i would've - inshallah ya3ni - talked some sense out of you to NEVER let this get to court.
remember my peaceful tactics?!
well, they are so effective my dear...it ended my thingie in three months without any trouble.

It's not about the Jerk of a judge u encountered...it's about the whole jerk gender that rotts the universe with their macho filthy crap ( with few exceptions of our dads and such )

I'm not anti men...at all, not even after being crucified more than once by that type...i'm just saying what i see EVERYDAY from their arrogance and false superiority.

I know i should've said nice words to calm u down...but, maybe being pissed off myself from ur coart experience would do good...somehow :S

insomniac said...


can u imagine how it felt being there?! grrrr

Thanks M :)


i am sure i could have used a friend like you :) however, trust me, it was not what i want or what my family wanted to go to courts!! but he kept changing his words and he did so many propostrous things that left us no other choice...

it's funny cause he keeps saying he wants out of courts, but every time i am about to believe him and i am willing to sit and talk and even compromise, he would take all of it back and tell me nice phrases like "eshraby mel ba7r"... i really wish i could sit him down and just try to connect with any decent size i doubt he has.... i would if could...

i know what u mean about being disillusioned in men... i stood there in the court room hearing things said about me and i just realized that i can never trust that a man wouldn't harm me this way again...


hey, i could use your help with peaceful tactics on the other blog for people who could still use them... if u want in, email me :)