June 19, 2008

Judge a book by its cover, and you may never read me!

  • M: el net bateee2a awy awy awy el naharda, 3andek keda
    Me: *nodding* but I just restarted the router men hena, shoof keda
    tany… heya ba2et a7san showaya!
    Him: *almost out of my room, then remembered something and turned* 3amalty eh?
    Me: *innocently* 3amalt lel router restarting!
    Him: meneen???
    Me: men 3al pc hena!!
    Him: how did you do that?
    Me: ta3ala hawareek
    Him: *standing next to me to see the monitor as I showed him, then gasping and saying in a surprised tone* enty bete3rafy te3meleeh men hena!!!
    Me: yeah! Enta awel mara te3rafha?
    Him: I know it akeed, bas matakhayltesh ennek bete3rafy, the way you handle things just… *couldn’t find the words*
    Me: *laughing* that does not sound like something nice, but it’s ok, now you know you should give me a lot more credit than that

It’s true!! People in real life always always seem to get the wrong impression of me. On my blog I babble a lot and share too many things it makes it easier for whoever reads it able to guess what I am like in real life. In real life however, people don’t get to know what I am really like until I am comfy enough to share!

I usually keep a calm smile, and keep my opinions to myself until asked; I hold back sarcasm so that I wouldn’t offend people who have not yet gotten used to the fact that this is how I channel a lot of things.

People usually mistakenly describe me as: hadya, ra2ee2a, mehawda, talabaty 2olayela, and a3saby hadya!!! They simply don’t get it; when I behave that way, it’s because I don’t care about expressing my point and I have no problem not reacting to whatever it is they’re saying or doing! But once I am comfortable enough, or provoked for that matter, I show all shades of my true color, and I don’t care!!

Another thing, I don’t do a lot of things because I don’t feel like doing them. When I say I don’t know how to do that, chances are I never even bothered trying because I know someone else has the know-how and would do them smoothly without me having to take the time and learn how to do them myself. Usually when I decide that I should do them, I do them, and I do them well; I kinda am a fast learner!

Here are a list of things I always say I don’t know how to do, simply because I never thought I would need to do them, and I still don’t!

  • - Change tires… de el meeza el wa7eeda fel sha3b el masry, 7ubbo le mosa3det el shaba el me7tasa!! How can I deprive them of that? Seriously though, I would have it done and pay for it if I had to, otherwise park and leave the car and send my dad’s driver… I know I am a spoilt brat that way

  • - Bargain… I am against the concept; I believe in the seller’s right to profit, if I were the once selling something I would hate it when people deny me that… if I think something is over priced and I'm being ripped off, toz felly beybe3ha, snobbish I know!

  • - Set up any software on the pc other than the day-to-day kinda stuff and preliminary settings of printers and scanners… if it gets complicated I ask someone to do it, and they usually take some time to figure it out on their own, ya3ne mesh bastahbel!

  • - Read manuals before using anything… I rely on instinct, if I get stuck on something I check the manual, but reading the manual before trying is something I just wouldn’t do

  • - Speak better Arabic… ana batkalem 3araby kowayes geddan, homma kam kelma everyone I know makes fun of… I know how to say them properly, it’s just that I got used to saying them the way I do… ok, and I am really bad with some plurals… eh gam3 toktok masalan???

I can’t think of more now, but you get the general idea…

M has been working with us for less than a month now, but after this conversation, he realized I am not as ignorant to technology as I seem to be judging by how I told him I didn’t know so many things before as well as asking him to format my pc.

A on the other hand was just telling my boss “de 7o2na! de lama te7ot fe demaghha te3mel 7aga, khalas hate3melha, and in her own way, mayetkhafsh 3aleeha, wana elly kont ba2ool 3aleeha helpless we me7taga 7ad yakhodlaha 7a2aha!!”… I reminded him of when he used to say “qanoo3a we mesh betefre2 ma3aky ay 7aga, we ya batkht goozek beeky”, he said “and you are, mahonto keda ya borg el gawza2

It could be a Gemini thing… now I know there is enough Gemini bloggers here to tell me if it’s true ;)


Anonymous said...

I think its true- from one gemini blogger to the other :)

Gama3 toktok....hmmmm difficult one....tacateek??!?! toktokaat?!?!? Absolutely no idea but I always make stupid mistakes lama bagama3...hata law kunt 3rfa!

Sue said...

"They simply don’t get it; when I behave that way, it’s because I don’t care about expressing my point and I have no problem not reacting to whatever it is they’re saying or doing! But once I am comfortable enough, or provoked for that matter, I show all shades of my true color, and I don’t care!!"

All the above applies to me :D.

As for the plural thing, I guess eno gam3 toktok takatek. What about gam3 gornal? its garaneel right?

Shimaa Gamal said...

hmmm, toktok! maybe takteek :) totoks, takatek. Actually I overheard people at office calling them takatek, so I guess this is how the Egyptians are calling them in the street :)

gjoe said...

Ana fe ra2yeey enn toktok men el kalemat el olayela elly el single howa el plural. zay maslan kelmet..kelmet..mafeesh 7aga fe baly delwa2ty, bass we could have a subjective-plural, koll wa7ed leeh el plural beta3oh!

As for the gemini thing, esma7eely ya inso a2ollek enn this post made me realize that we have major differences. People would describe me as : out-spoken, knows what she wants, lamma bat3assab ao "ba2fesh bab2a zebala" and most importantly they always refer to my future husband fe 3elm el 3'eeb as "ya 3eeny yabny, he doesn't know what he is getting himself into".

Bass I too have a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE first impression eny mesh fahma 7aga w tenka fe nafs el wa2t.. (Dee could tell you an interesting story on that)..

Tab3an not to mention that "lamma ba7ot fe dema3'y 7aga, 3allaya enne3ma la3melaha" LOL!

P.S: el comment taweel awy!You can add verbose to one of my qualities ;)

Anonymous said...


I know very few gemini females, but i can tell they give the impression ennohom tayheen :D , but at the same time they're very charismatic ,enthusiastic and childish, and the few calm ones give me the impression enohom ash2ya awy but they're just not comfortable to their surrounding so they don't act like their real selves.


insomniac said...

Arima dear,

yeah i think being a gemini makes our personalities more challenging for others... i believe we're so worth it tho, no?



this is not the first time something i say applies to you ;) what's your sign???

Shimaa :)))

wade7 en el nas kolaha mohtama bel mawdoo3 beta3 tokotateekos da :))


ana mesh shayfa en feeh ay differences, wala 7atta minor... el awsaf elly betet2al 3aleeky de heya tebq el asl elly beyet2aly once i start getting comfy fe abtedy abayen el akhla2 el 3alya...

we share the same first impression ahoh... i get tenka da keteer awy!!!

lama ba7ot 7aga fe demaghy ba3melha... bas da law mazhee2tesh fel nos we 2arart en toz we mesh 3ayzaha aslan...


i totally fit into your description of geminis... and btw, some people may think eny tayha we mesh fahma, but if they ever bother looking right into my eyes hayla2oony merrakeza, sometimes i am just too lazy to show a reaction, and some other times i do it on purpose...

Anonymous said...

Gemini people are usually curious about everything... thats the first step, I think, that drives anyone to learn anything.
just knowing you're a Gemini, people should expect you to know a shitload of stuff asln.

& while we're at it, WHAT is a toktok?

insomniac said...


people don't even guess i am a gemini at first, unless they really know geminis... but one of the most common reactions i get when saying i am a gemini is "eh da, ma3 en shaklek 3a2el"... once they do, they attribute any sort of madness to my sign!!

but you're right, geminis are driven by their interest in knowing stuff, i am simply one of those who lose interest quite easily, sort of jack of all trades until i decide to master something!!

leh el e7rag da, toktok is hard to describe if you have never seen any! it's one of the egyptian inventions... i think it should be patented and protected as a unique design kaman... i will post a photo, i think my sis has one on her facebook account!!!

coming up just for you anon :))

Anonymous said...

they have toktok in India as well...Indians always protest to me that it is Indian and Egyptians just sold it- to be honest the only connection I see is British occupation so I conclude it is a colonial thing :-p

I'd describe a toktok as a kind of motorised rickshaw- whether that describes it well to anyone other than me is debateable tho :)

insomniac said...

looks like they have toktoks in thailand too!!

who knew!!