February 24, 2008

Today he turns 59…

Him: *calling me on my mobile as I am driving home*
Me: *with utter excitement* Babayaaaaaaa, ezzayak
Him: ezzayek, feen bommmba
Me: he’s with Maat, she’s picking him up today, cause…
Him: *hangs up on me, and calls Maat to speak to bommbaa*

This has to happen at least once a week!! He hangs up on me every single time :)

In my last blog I wrote this long letter to my dad saying how much I love him; I won’t do it again; words are just never enough.

My dad is the one who passed to me my temper and my stubbornness (him and my late nana), my sense of humor, my love for driving long distances, my great sense of direction, and the stamina to be responsible even when I just would rather not.

Growing up around him I learned how one can have morals and ethics and actually live by them. As judgmental as my dad can be, he tried to teach me tolerance! He would always stop me when I start ranting and tell me "wouldn’t you be doing the exact same thing?", and as I start rationalizing, he’d smile and say: "well expect the other person to have the same reasons"!! Of course that never really happened when he’s the one with the fuming temper :)

The one thing people would never think my dad has, and it took me forever to actually learn, is patience. Yeah, despite his well known temper, he’s a very patient person. I mean to actually be patient and have that much faith that those who have done you wrong will eventually pay… WOW… it was always beyond me to understand, even now, I just look at him when he’s silently thinking and can't help but think to myself “I am so glad he is still in good health relatively, anyone in his shoes would have been suffering from some serious heart condition, not just the age related diabetes and blood pressure

When I was neck high in my own shit, and my belief system was all shaken up, all it took me was to observe how he would pray as regularly as ever, he would set his alarm to el-fagr and get dressed to pray in the mosque. The more shit life gave him (and I already know of too much shit), the more patiently he waited and tried to not let it change who he is. So if he snaps at mama or at the rest of us from time to time, well, who can blame him? :)

I love my dad, I love the times he makes fun of things quietly and I love it when he criticizes me and my sisters, and I love it when I see his heart just melting as he plays with beam and the way mocha looks up to him with that much love. I wish him a hundred more years to live… well, a healthy hundred more years to live.


Ma 3lina said...

Happy birthday 2 him :)) we 3o2bal 100 healthy years isa

He seems an amazing dad and I was touched by the way u talked about him

Rabna ykhliholk :))

Deeeeeee said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Rabena ye7'alleehoulkom, ye3eesh w ye2fel fi weshek! My daddy turns 56 on Friday and I'm very excited about his birthday! He hangs up as soon as he finishes what he's got to say, all my close friends know I'm bluffing when I say 'bye' or 'salam' before I hang up! :))

My parents make me feel blessed, so enjoy your blessing!

insomniac said...

ma 3alina, thank you.. he is amazing.... ameen :)

D, thanks :) rabena yekhaleeh we ye2fel fe weshy alright... u know he almost never hangs up on me, only when he wants to speak to my son, bey7asesny be emty awy...

Geddo Iskandar said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ... kol sana w "ure dad" tayeb (3shan ma7desh ye3raf ana 2a3rafoh mnien) :P

i'll call him 2day ISA for sure to say it to him my self w bel mara 2a7`odly kelma wala kelmtien f 3admy - last time kan bardan 2awy w ma3rfsh ydhomly :D

& btw, 2day zekra 2erayet fat7ety 3ala my wife - what a date mosh keda :)))

Epitaph said...

Happy birthdaaaaaaay... wish him years and years of great health, blessed with patience..and coloured with joy :)

Bongo said...

Happy B'day to him
i liked your post ..
it seems that your father 've got such a great personality ..

wish him thousands of years .. a healthy ones :)

my greetings

insomniac said...

leeeh ya geddo, enta te3rafo meneen... (7elw awy el seya7 control da)... so when u said it was ur fat7a anniversary, i freaked out because i got it totally wrong, hehe

baba 3ayan ya geddo, so mesh hayedehomlak, estana keda 3aleeh lama shams tetla3 we hatakhod kol elly fe nefsak :)))

epi, how r u :) thanks for the birthday wishes sweetie :))

bongo, welcome to my blog and thanks for the nice comment... he does have a gr8 personality :)

gjoe said...

Happy BDay To Your Dad!!

Inso, it seems that you and I don't just share the same sign, but your dad and mine ARE VERY ALIKE..I loved the post and felt very related to it.I inherited almost the same things from my dad, as you did from yours. My Dad has a temper, yet patience. My dad could be very lazy, yet is very persevering...I Do Love him, and he makes me go through every hardship with my head held high. My mom has to tell at least twice a day "mat3mleesh zay abooky" whether it is in his bitter sense of humor, or his snapping!
My dad is also turning 59 this year, but in early September.. (How about that!)

May Allah bless them both isA..w ye7'aleehom leena w ye7'aleena leehom :)

I always thought about writing a post about my dad, (other than the one with him reading me the newspaper) but on contrary to you, almost every family member reads my blog and I would be having a lot of "Tab wana?"

insomniac said...

happy birthday in advance to your dad :) he's virgo huh... cool :)

r u the first child??

the only person who would tell me wana kaman about posting about her would be mama, and well, mesh fe masla7etha that i post about her :)))

gjoe said...

Oh yes!! I AM the first child :)

mesh messada2a el coincidence/resemblence/similarity/familiarity
don't know what to call it :)

insomniac said...

ok, if u say u have two younger sisters, i will start thinking it's weird :)

gjoe said...

Besm Allah Arra7man Erra7eem..Rabbena yeg3al kalmana 7'afeef 3aleehom..

inso, I have 2 younger sisters!!


insomniac said...

ok gjoe, it's weird :))) at least i am 5 years older!! de ba2a mafehash "wana kaman" ;)