February 20, 2008

Go to hell you spineless scumbag

Me: do the right thing, do the honorable thing, do what men do if you still remember how to act like a man; let me go and stop trying to humiliate me, because you know what, sooner or later I will be free, and you will never be able to humiliate me, not in this life time, not in another
Him: ok, then sign this last document and I will let you go
Me: *starting to yell* I am not signing a document waiving my custody rights in case I remarry
Him: then you plan to remarry
Me: no, it’s as simple as that, I will not waive any of my rights; you can’t make me, not anymore
Him: and I won’t let you remarry and have my kids raised by someone else
Me: which kids are we talking about? The ones you haven’t laid eyes on for the past 5 months??? Enta mesada2 nafsak, you wouldn’t even know how to take care of them
Him: they will not be raised by anyone else
Me: that does not give you the right to make me sign such a document, no law or religion says I should, I won’t sign it
Him: then I won’t divorce you
Me: then I will make you
Him: I will be leaving the country, ha3eesh 7ayaty and you will never get a hold of me, eb2y wareeny ba2a hate3rafy tetala2y ezzay, and..
Me: *DEEP BREATH* ok, when you figure out a better way to talk, don’t call me, write down what you are willing to do and give it to your lawyer to discuss it with mine, I am done talking with you… salam, on a second thought, you don’t deserve peace *HUNG UP*


Ma 3lina said...

I have 2 check on u first coz I know ur not in a good state now. I hope ur better now nd plz calm down.

That's too much from his side bgd he has gone too far. I dun know the law bs I think u can still get divorce when he is out of country or even khole3.

God wiz u nd hope for u the best isa

Anonymous said...

Dear insomniac,

Don't bother his words, he's only helpless that's why he's blabbering nonsense and just trying to dispose his anger on you cause apparently he can't stand the idea of you moving on while he can't.

Take care.


Deeeeeee said...

Insomniac, currently your EX. has the power to do one thing, which is get on your nerves, and you're letting him. Khalas, I think you already know ennoh waaty. So let me tell you that I think its not worth it from you. Ya3ni he can only do one thing to annoy you and you're letting him? No, you're way too strong for that, I'm almost sure about that! Do you know that nerve cells are the only non-renewable cells in your body? Are you sure you should be wasting them on him? I think you're waaaay too good for that!

insomniac said...

ma 3alina, i am fine alhamdulilah! there was a time the things he said would have gotten to me... nothing he says gets to me anymore... that's a blessing :)

yeah, khaleeh yeseeb el balad, that's gonna make divorce much easier for me :)

R, his words, those particular words is the one thing he has left to make divorce a no no from his side... u see, i had previously agreed to all his 'terms' except this one... so when he's that close to sealing the deal, and about to lose, he just brings that up... first time he did it, i cried, after that it stopped meaning anything!

D, he's not getting on my nerves like it seemed :) i mean of course i yelled, but i actually did it for kicks, i mean i have suppressed strong urges of yelling because it was 3eeb, yesterday i just enjoyed it, hehehe... kan 3andy showayet kabt... and by the way, i could feel him noticing that i wasn't pissed enough, so he would think harder of more words to piss me off with! he tried his best i give him that! he doesn't get to me :))

Ma 3lina said...


Pray that he does not c ur reply "khaleeh yeseeb el balad, that's gonna make divorce much easier for me :)"

3lshan mairg3sh fe klamo nd stay :))

Glad u huv high spirits and little yelling would not harm :))

MrsFadfad said...

ok, this is really really low & its infuriating!...rabena yesabbarik w yekhallassik.
isn't it amazing how that's the same guy who quoted the koran & said "al regal kawamoon 3ala el nesa2..."
oh and the kids NEED to be raised by someone else

insomniac said...

ma 3alina, i am praying he'd be out of my life for good, whichever way

Mrs. Fad, you know at some point i told him "we da ba2a yerdy rabena?"... of course he couldn't answer... he could never answer with anything but lies to begin with!

as for the kids, they definitely should never be with this kind of person!

Jade said...

Oh babe...

I cant wait for you to end this story & begin a new chapter in your life...
I apologize for not bieng around for you all of last week... But know that you were well remembered...


Anonymous said...

I've been reading you for quiet sometime now.
I am YOU 18 months ago.
It's not about logic or what's right.
The one with a longer breath is winning and in this case i can see that...you are!
Stay tuned...give ur kids as much hugs as possible.


insomniac said...

jade, when this chapter is over, i am starting a new book :) thanks girl ;)

R... 18 months ago i was in my early pregnancy, freaked out and trying to convince myself it was gonna work! i proudly practiced denial :)

i wish you the best, and definitely better than my last 18 months girl :)

Anonymous said...

I meant it the other way around..sorry.
I meant that 18 months ago i was EXACTLY in your shoes.
Anyway, Wish u all the best.


insomniac said...

oh ok, makes more sense :)

so i have 18 months to go!!!!! YAAA MOSSSAHHEL

Nora said...

Do not look at it as how much time is left...
He is sinking to unbelievably low levels.. which means that he knows that he is the loser. It seems that he only wants some sort of control over you.. which means he realizes that he has none...
You have already won the bigger battle...
Now just do not let him annoy you.. or let him but hide it EXTREMELY well and piss him off more!
And just remember that you kick ass!
When he calls you just smile and do not answer... or smile, answer, and have no reaction to what he says... that will piss him off more than anything!!!!!

insomniac said...

Noraa :)

i know he's acting out of desperation, which i can't hide makes me happy, despite 7ar2 el dam that might cause from time to time... the rat in the corner he is, tells me there isn't much he can do...

he could only harm me at a point and i am glad to say i survived it with the least damages (or so i would like to believe)... and that's what makes me feel like i can kick ass... and that's why i answer him every time i feel like kicking more ass :))))

and of course honey, he never gets to sense it when he starts irritating me... i wouldn't give him that for the world :) kefaya 3aleeh awy keda...

dark insomniac is so in these days :)