February 19, 2008


This was taken from two long phone calls that took place yesterday. I have no idea why the calls dragged, but it could be attributed to my bad bad flu and my lack of concentration.

Him: enty beted3y 3alaya??
Me: no!
Him: you must, my life sucks these days; everything and everyone is turning against me
Me: well, I once said “rabena yegazeeh 3ala ad 3amalo we neyetto”, so I am guessing 3amalak eswed!
Him: *bitter laugh* I guess so
Me: So what do u want? What are you calling me for? You know I am the last person who would feel for you
Him: I thought I could always find a friend in you; after all, you have always been my best friend
Me: I am not your friend, at least not anymore… and for what it’s worth, you’ve never been my friend, if you think you were, then let me tell you, you sucked at it! So now that we’ve established I am not your friend, 3ayez eh?
Him: 3ayez 2a2olek en 7ayaty bayza, yemken da yeraya7ek… rabena ba3atlek nas keteer takhodlek 7a2ek even more than you could have ever done it yourself
Me: *sarcastic laugh* there might be a time I would have been happy to hear that, but I realized that if it makes me happy, then I won’t be much different from you, and I would like to think I am…
Him: then why do I hear anger in your voice?
Me: this is not anger, don’t you remember what anger was like?
Him: so is it hate?
Me: I promised I wouldn’t hate you, you don’t deserve hate
Him: what is it?
Me: dismay I guess… you see, you’re not the person I would like to talk to, especially when I am down with cold and need every moment of rest.
Him: can I ask you something?
Me: whatever…
Him: do you not love me anymore?
Me: *laughing* (the question sounded funny really)… no, I am not
Him: ok, apparently you have moved on
Me: yeah, anything else??
Him: *sobbing voice!!* no, bye and good luck
Me: *hanging up*

I had this conversation in my head so many times, I didn’t actually believe it was happening!! Strange though how it didn’t feel as glorious as I once thought it would; wasn’t bad at all either :)

And oh oh oh, more good news, I’m gonna be an auntie (YEEEEEYYY)… my friend H is pregnant… I am so excited; this time, it’s not me who will give birth, hehe!


Deeeeeee said...

Reading that was like a deja-vu! I can almost swear I had that same conversation before! Your ex. so reminds me of someone I once knew! THE SAME DAMN EVERYTHING!

insomniac said...

oh 7abibty, my x is unique, lol

this conversation must have taken place 7 years ago or something!!

anyways, i kicked a$$ yesterday despite my flu... yeey me!

Ma 3lina said...

looool @ yeey and kicking ### :))

I liked ur intelligent replies that I think he was turning red while he was talking 2 u

Cong 4 ur frnd H

insomniac said...

glad i made u laugh...

my replies were not that intelligent hun, his questions were too dumb and insincere i suppose!

thanks, i am so happy for her :)

Ma 3lina said...

Well, I think he was too desperate and in the process of begging for some care....

Which astonishes me !!!

insomniac said...

it's hard to believe it was just that, i think he has hidden agenda... it would have mattered if i believed, it doesn't now :)

Will E. said...

You know.. it always comes too late these conversations.. but the funny thing is that they happen, just not at the time they would mean something to you.. after you don't need them.

insomniac said...

as right as you are will, the main reason it meant nothing for me is because i know he's not sincere, i know there is something behind this act!