February 10, 2008


On Roller Coasters…

Why do people get on them?? I mean, I for one have acrophobia, and my heart and chest simply hurt when the ride starts, right before the action begins!! I am not the type that throws up easily, but it happens from time to time that I just do after roller coaster rides!!

I am not the only one who’s like that! How come roller coasters are that popular?!!!

And why do I know I would get on the next ride?!! However, only outside Egypt because I do not trust the Egyptian standards of safety whatsoever.

P.S. Maat, I do reget not getting on that balloon, not because you said it was awesome, but because I know I would have loved it! Damn you Egypt for screwing my fun with your lack of safety.


Will E. said...

Roller coasters ignite feelings.. you can either hate the thrill or love the thrill .. but you won't be inert to a roller coaster, that's why people love it.

Ma 3lina said...

I really miss going to the funfair riding the roller coaster and all these taken breath games.

I don't blame u in not trusting the Egyptian stuff bs it deserves the risk :))

Maat said...

are you kidding??????? roller coasters ROCK!!
and yeah the balloon was more than great.
seriously though Insomniac, yes I understand how here in Egypt the safety standards may not be as good as some other places, but come on... this shouldn't be the excuse for you not to ride any of these stuff, if you're meant to die on one you would anyway, be it in Egypt or Europe or Florida.
Besides, like I said, the balloon thing is relatively new here (max. 10 years) so it's still kinda okay, give it 6 more years or so and then you can start to worry!

next time, i'll take you bunjee jumping :D i just have to figure out where i can do that here :D

insomniac said...

will, i think thrill is the key word, ppl r addicted to thrill whether they love it or hate it.

ma 3alina, i think being a mom made me more of a wuss, i would freak when my bomba is old enough to ride those... da oz3a aslan

maat, hey, i never missed a roller coaster, remember??? it's not about death ya phaylasoofa... u know how i feel about heights, fa low safety standards and i am a certified chicken :p

i don't see where we can do bunjee jumping, but i wouldn't do it with u! we can go parasailing in sharm, no?? at least water can break the fall (says the one who failed to learn ho to swim)

samurai girl said...

I love roller coasters!!!! They give me this rush... but now even roller coasters don't do it for me... I get on the ride and then when it's over I think "that's it?" hehe
I need something more extreme

and maat... if you ever bungee jump in Egypt, tell me where it is

still breathing said...

Safety is the one thing that is officially making life BORING.

With the whole world property-lined, speed-limited & zoned & taxed & regulated, with everyone tested & registered & addressed & recorded there's no possibility of real disaster, real risk, & so we're left with no chance for real elation. Real excitement. Real joy.

& seriously you don't like to be strapped to a machine that'd whip u back and forth, spin on an axis, & bob u up and down???

insomniac said...

samurai girl, there were a couple of times when i thought it was nothing after a ride... but now that i am more aware of my fears, i wonder "what the hell was i thinking!!"

eh ya wello, u disappear that way to come back with those big comments!! and honey, the way u describe roller coasters is exactly why i wonder roller coasters are popular

Яαgιи Яαvєи said...

As far as I can remember, Dream Park's roller coaster seemed pretty safe.
It wasn't as exciting as I hoped it would be, but when it comes to safety measures, I must strenuously disagree with you Insomniac.

Mesh kol 7aga nermeeha 3al masreyyeen we khalas ya Ins. ;)

insomniac said...

dream park's roller coaster is exactly why i doubt egyptian standards of safety! the rocket ride is not standard whatsoever!! it depends on the mood of the jerk in control!!!!

and don't get me started on the one roller coaster they had :)

mesh kol 7aga nermeeha 3al masreyeen... u would have made a better point if it wasn't for ur last post!!

(i am still willing to parasail in egypt maat!!)

david santos said...

Excellent posting.
Have a good week,

Congratulations Egypto!!!!!!!!

Deeeeeee said...

I have that safety issue as well(or actually my mom has it and I just inherited it!). Believe it or not, I've never been to dream park! I'm also afraid of heights. Did I mention that I get dizzy really easily? El7amdulellaah not in any way disgustingly. But a couple of years ago, I got on one of the toughest roller coasters in Europe AND I TOTALLY LOVED IT . Would do it again in a flash!

insomniac said...

yeah D, i think the whole safety thing was inherited here as well, until i experienced dream park and realized what it actually meant :)

talk about fear of heights! one small accident leading to a head concussion and i am an acrophobe... denial rocks though, i keep telling myself "enjoy how fast the roller coaster is and don't look down, don't look down".. it's not bad at all when i am in a plane, i somehow feel safe enough to look down!!